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I have 2 Crushes on this site..!

Maybe a few more than 2 but omg the 2 are just soooo... GOSHHHH.

The things I would do..


Awww Lele My Away Boo
Bre Bouta Be my home Boo.

Yall lil Kewt asses.

Kandy you no you got game

Nawww , they just can't help but to love me :)
I'm addicting *shrugs* lol jk

My mack is weeeaaak

Lele be putting her mack down i bet!

*jumps* oh my word

Yessss 19!!!! I'm not alone.

Exactly ! Err'body got game


Lele you are my friend girl!

*slaps your ass*

and I'll be 19 on Christmas!

Naw naw its cool I understand *trys to act hurt but giggles* I never been a good actress lol

Damn I feel ji yung right now but not too much.

Everyone has a Mack in them. 'Cept Me.

*Grabs Lele* get your ass back here.. you know what it is..

Im 22 Bre and You ?

My Mack??? I Dont Mack Im Me lmao

Damn .. I thought I was your friend *puts head down and walks out of post*


Me to!

Charm how old are you!

You .. Silly bunny lls !!!
Bre She bout to put her mack down watch out now !! Lmaooo

I'm just sicin stuff .. Dont mind me :)

Bre im serious.. lol

but naw fa real..! I need a new friend.. All i hang around are studs and guys :(

My baby daddy is just UGH.!

f*** Em..!

Whats so Funny Lele..?


Charm you silly!

Lmaooo !!! This is funny

Charm, I have no words for your baby daddy. I just dont. Smh.

And I done changed my pic like 4 times in the past 3 days.

I see you 3 times in black n white .. and i see alll them damn HIps..


s*** She is BAD...! Ima have to ummmm *Sssshhh* lol


What pic yall see!

Baddie alert!! I see you bre!!

Lls I'm already hippery !!! *skips off*

Lmao Hush Lele..!

*taps foot and huffs* ... I need something

Lmaooo !! thrice *slaps knee* but he a little b****

Ohhhh yeeaaaaahhhh !!! Its about to be poppin jk.jk lls

Yep check ya messages..

We gotta blow a L or two..!

Yeah im bi!

I choose not to deal with most niggas!

And yeah i smoke!

Girl we fight all the time.

My bro already beat his ass not once, not twice, but THRICE.!

He dont want it. Thats why he text to and didnt call he already knew what was about to fly out my mouth

Me too. and Me either..!


Like if I was in the D .. I woulda put dem paws on'em ya feel me?? Smh girl

on a lighter note ... I'm ready for a new picture but idk to what lol

Lmao... You silly.. we may already know each other Low key.