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I have 2 Crushes on this site..!

Maybe a few more than 2 but omg the 2 are just soooo... GOSHHHH.

The things I would do..


Uhoh !! I smell a hookup !!! Lmaoooo

Right Woahh.. I said the same thing. lol

and IKR. Then say you forgot. wtf. What if i was knoced out like i wud have been or phone wuda died or anything.. I wud have never knew. s*** but cuz I no him and cuz of the fact I do have a child i make sure my s*** is charged and on .. but UUGGGHH I wanna hurt him

Ooohhh annndddd You like females of In my messages you bouta be my new bestie..! lol

You smoke?

Whoa !! Bre you lesi???

f*** a woosah !!!! He can woosahh this d*** ...

Girrl you got me hype, I dont play when it comes to a child like at all

I feel you Charm!

I love my females!

And he wonder why i dont wanna be with him...

I already dont like his kind... Ugh..

I No thats right baby...!!!!

He CLEARLY got me f***ed up.. then had the AUDACITY to TEXT, not call but TEXT me and say sorry i forgot. b****HHH..!

*rubs behind my ear* Woosahhh

i juss called him and went the f*** off.

Thats that s*** I don't like .. Smh

Are you f***ing kidding me!!????

Who the f*** ??? What the f***??? Why would you leave your child at the school?? Baby please dont get me started this nigga .. *walks out of post* naw f*** that *walks back in

Take his limp d*** ass straight the f*** to court because all that yung ... *paces post to calm down* He on f***ing games. And you don't play around with "my" child. Hell f***ing no

Giirllllll.. I wanna GPS his ass rgiht nah.


Yo baby daddy just made me mad to!

Aww s*** f*** yeah. My BESTIE stay on Curtis and Stranbury

That was my Jeezy voice.. lol..

this b**** made ass yellow ass bright pink albino ass f*** face ass mark ass trick ass hoe ass nigga left my f***ing baby at school. Stupid ass b****.

he did all this hoopin and hollering about pickin him up today so he could spend the day with him and he left him.

Mind you he only offered the day because I asked him for 100 dollas to go get his boots. so he said he was going to take him and do it his self. Im not the typr of b**** who asks for money and spends it on me. I make enough my damn self to supposrt me and my baby. but he pushing my f***ing buttons. either u had the money or you didnt.. but he aint have to leave my f***in kid at skool.

You live close to me!

I probably seen you around before!

I live on Curtis and Evergreen!

What he done did boo?

Yo west side , lls

And I Just got pissed the f*** off..

Im Putting my BABYDADDY ON CHILD SUPPORT. Ol Ignorant f***er.

I just wanna go blow his f***ing house up.
Hes such a simple b****.

Wats Funny LELE..!

Lmaooo !!

Yes, I did. Not too long ago.


and West Siddeeeee!!!! 7 and Evergreen...

Charm i live on the west side!

Where you from girl!

I have to give you guys my best work and that takes time plus I got somethings to take of *winks at charm*

Hey girl hey *2 snaps and a swirl*

Cee what be yo real name?

Heyyy Kandyyyy boo... did you vote.

Hey Everybody

*sneaks behind Lele*


We like fiens here.

*stops in tracks whispers* s*** I'm busted

I ain't adding today guys . It will be up tomorrow though :)


Where you stay at ???

And right dont be backing Out ADD.!

My mom , had a gf b4. Sooo lol