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I have 2 Crushes on this site..!

Maybe a few more than 2 but omg the 2 are just soooo... GOSHHHH.

The things I would do..


Hey Charm!

And Lele don't be backing out slowly!


I was gettin so pissed with her lol like uggggh !!!!

Freaks !!!!!

Oh s***..lls hey nowwww!


YESSSSSS.. Tell moms look Straight people are becoming Minorities...

Just get with it.!

Im late AF,

Heyyyy BRE,

Lex did you sayy ORGY...! My girl lol...

*walks in, reads bre post ... Backs out slowly*

I willllllll :D XD

Ima try and put to chaps to each up today!



And Lele and Tram better be writing!

House nurse and Diary of a wimpy Chris!

I've been missin your stories sis :(

I would love that!!


Lex is crazy!

How would yall feel if i bought

Lucky me!

And Undifined back!

Honest question!

lol @lexi

Missed y'all morerer!!!!

Orgy at my place whoop whoop


I missed yall!

Im so bored here!


Having a debate about same sex marriage with my mom <<

Whats up with yall!


@CKF: no what happened was by the time u asked I had already changed my pic lol no malfunction

*sings to charm* girl let my love !! *does fancy cb two step from yo*

That SAT ish is pure hell

*walks in*

Hey yall!


My end then..! Sheesh

If you dont see that baby the its a technical malfuction on your end..

And OMGGGG She jumped on meee..! (Faints)

BORING!!!! I'm ready to graduate ugh, school is stressful. But you know I can't complain. Y'all I took the SAT & that test ain't no joke & the f***ery is the test was time, I hated that.

How is school ???

oh s*** lol www.cbw/ lmao

Ohhhh e was talkin about my pic before I changed of. It was of my lil Ricco ^-^

You Tra...!