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I have 2 Crushes on this site..!

Maybe a few more than 2 but omg the 2 are just soooo... GOSHHHH.

The things I would do..


Aaaaaweeee! * jumps on you naked * (:

Where you see a baby at?????

Nothing nothing just chillin & u?
@CKF:& me or CF??

Nothing nothing just chillin & who me or CF??

Awww is that her baby...?

Aye is that your baby..!?

What you been doing??

I'm sorry, omg sis I missed u :D

I miss you sissy!!!!!

Ohhh shiiiaaattt! I'm the lucky girl *pagent wave*

I have no problemo stating LMAO

LILI(Choclate fantasy)
Kay (overmydeadbody)

Sissy you are so nosey lol!!!

Are you gonna tell us?? Lol