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I VOTED! ^_^

bright and early as F*CK this morning.

uhhh.... i forgot to vote for da amendment 2 and not 4 by accident :/ lol hope it still counts!


Right..def going to Canada&&maybe I'll find me a light ngga like Drake/Laith

If Romney wins, I am def dressed in ALL BLACK tomorrow for mourning purposes!!

mad late but voted too

obama all the way f*** romney kkk ass

abortions im choice i think ppl should have their own choose especially women when it comes to their body

im already mad niggahs up here in ny tried to say hospitals couldnt give mother formula anymore that you HAD to breast feed TF?!? smhh

but obama 2termz

Im just going to move to Canada


Ughhhhhhh.... I will be moving to somewhere else.... far from this damn country.

lol i can agree with everyone lol

Eitha way it should be a choice in my eyes. Regardless

Romney a b**** nigga.

No, but on the real though I would not get an abortion...

But I'm just really upset that women won't have a choice anymore... but we not gon' get into that.


umm.. abortions is a tough controversial debate/topic so... idk i'm not gonna get into that!

NO more big bird, lots of protected sex..

Ill just stick with my ladies.. LMAO

Already had my kid.

He's taking away abortions & PBS!!!!! :'(

good luck

If he wins, I'm never losing my virginity!

I thought i was the only one for a second but thats good Nani!

Hell yeah I'm coming lol....

I voted

But if Romney win I'm gng to Brazil
Or Australia Bree you coming ?????


and yo michael jackson ass STILL gone be black lmao

I'm about to bleach my skin & dye my hair blonde lol.

f*ck romney
colleges gone be vacant as f*ck if he win

Im mad that romney is taking away PBS!!!


if Romney wins me and my whole family gone be homeless.

if you black, a hint of black, smudge of black, mixed with black, look black, black yo last name, YOU'RE F*CKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

if Romney wins, Im jumping off a cliff f*** it.

Mmmhmm..... but they know that, so they probably gon' try to cheat that Romney nigga in the White House. I don't trust their ass!

man what lol!

BO Got this..!

lol!@charm I'm not nervous cause Obama got me and thousands over others prayed up for em!

Hopefully it does count man....

I'm nervous as hell lol.


SIKE>>! =/