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Cast call for 'My Past'

Name: (first and last)(pic)
Personality: (your personality)
Man: (first and last name(pic)
personality: (mans personality)


Cast call is closed

Tramicia jackson*

Name: Tramicia Jay
Personality: optimistic, funny, always happy(even though ppl think that's weir xD), intelligent, sneaky, prankster, faithful lover.
Man: Laith Hakeem(pic): laith Hakeem
Personality: funny, loving, very protective of whats his, sweet, but also a bad boy.

Name: (Anastasia Jordan)[ <a href=" ">Clicky</a> ]

Personality: I’m an upbeat person who enjoys having fun, very random says whatever comes to my head if that means bust out in a song... I will do it lol. I have a lot of confidence, not c**ky though there is a difference. I Enjoy difference so anything to make me stand out I probably will do it. I’m super easy to talk to if you’re a stranger and you look interesting I will talk to you. I don’t tolerate bulls*** if it sounds dumb odds are I will tell you that.

Man: Tremaine Neverson <a href="">Clicky</a>

personality: goofy loving guy who enjoys fun and super sensual with a little bit of bad boy to him.

Name: (first and last)(pic): Rissa Jones, (India Westbrooks)
Personality: (your personality): Smart, funny, blunt, high, fighter, competitive, goofy, i don't take s*** to seriously, im a r.o.d to anybody that has my back, immature, athletic.
Man: (first and last name(pic): Tre Howard,(Duhwayne Richardson)
personality: (mans personality): Same as me.

Name; Charm Rodgers
Persona: Im a go getter, out spoken. A b****. but a sweetheart. I dont take no for an answer. all aboutm y cash and my family. Im bubbly and stern. I love weed. That keeps me calm.
Man: Tyga
His Persona: He loves his woman and his family. He's a business man and hood nigga after hours. Hes faithful and honest. hes also blunt and dont give a f*** like me. Hes down for any cause. Wants to one day marry and have a child.

<a href="">Charm</a>

<a href="">Tyga Tyrell</a>

<a href="">US</a>

Name: (first and last)(pic) Bre'Na Wells (Nicki minaj)
Personality: (your personality) funny, ratchet at times, sweet, kind stupid
Man: (first and last name(pic) Jalen Luckett (Chris brown)
personality: (mans personality) thug, only sweet to me, talks a lot of s***