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Okay so!

This girl I use to talk to just came over my house!

And she like "So I heard you moved on. I'm done you know I really loved you"

And I'm like "Okay you're point is"

And she like "What's this on my neck Bre. That's love"

She pointed to a tattoo of my name her ass chose to get!

Now my question is!

Am I wrong for not caring anymore!?


You're welcome Candy!

I'm always here if you need to talk!

I'll try.

Thanks Bre'Na.

Don't think about immediately finding someone!

Just do you and watch how quick someone just comes into your life and changes it!

I know there is, he know's there is.

Its just finding somebody else that can capture and keep my attention..

Take some time to yourself!

Just so you can really think!

Not about him but just to see is that what you really want!

Cause if he ain't acting right trust me it's someone who will!

It wasn't. But I mean we're still broken up. And every time I try to talk it out with him he says the same thing.

That he isnt what I need right now and I deserve to be happy. And he cant do that for me.

And I feel like s*** right now. I'm sick and then all our constant drama. I'm just lost.

Yall should just like really sit down in like to have a conversation like take a break from each other don't break up with anything but like just take the time to go back to bed at friendship stage of your relationship And tell each other how you feel what you would like and what you do not like about each other a just tell the honest truth in just bass y'all a relationship on the friendship that you're making now just let everything out don't hide anything don't think about the past because the past is the past and present right now in the future that's all that matters. And if he do not want to talk make him understand the reason y'all need to talk.

I'm sorry if that's a lot!

He claims that he doesnt deserve me. But I see the good in him.. even if he doesnt.

I just wish we were on the same maturity level emotionally.

What we've been going through is both of our faults. I just feel like we were doomed from jump.

If he had voiced the fact that he wasnt ready BEFORE we got together. Then I would have never moved that level of friendship. We would have stayed there until he was truly ready.

And its like I wanna wait for him but I dont wanna be emotionally sad while I do it.

If you think he's worth waiting for!

And maybe yall should just start fresh!

I try to talk to him. And all he says is that he's not ready. And that he cant be who I need him to be right now. But that when he is ready I'm who he wants.


I feel exactly where you coming from!

I had a relationship like that where we can happy and smiling and just in love! Then the next minute we disagree and she's off doing what she's doing.

And the thing that hurts the most is that you put everything into the relationship! But then to turn around and feel like it's a slap in you're face that you care that much but you don't it in return.

Me and her had to really sit and evaluate our relationship. Cause if we didn't I felt we would've ended on a horrible note!

Like me and my dude been having a rough couple months. Like we even broke up. At first I didnt get why. Then he finally he tells me that he was never ready for a relationship but he wanted to be with me and thats why he asked me out.

We were good at first. Then a lot of s*** started to happen on his end and he couldnt be there for me the way I needed him to be anymore. I feel like he just gave up on us. And I love his ole bucket head ass so much. We had even stopped talking for like a month straight.

And lately we've been communicating more but it still isnt the way I want it to be. And it seemed like we were kinda gettin back on track but s*** still hasnt changed. Dont be telling me you love me then calling the next b**** babe and s***.

And on top of that hes younger than me too. Last night we had a convo and I asked him why he loved me and he said all this stuff but what stuck out to me most is that he said he didn't deserve me and he never did. My emotions are just everywhere and idk what to do anymore.

What happened!?

I'm not serious. But I'm like really in my feelings right now...And I hate it

Lol Kay!

Kandy what's make you feel that way!

Sooo I have an announcement to make...

I think I'm gonna go lesbian... I just cant deal with guys anymore..

* Kevin Hart voice * You needa drop that zero & get with this hero .



Im happy I have opinions on this now!

Yeah... f*** her...


She cheated on me with my best friend!

*which was a guy*

And she thought it was ok!

Was she the reason you guys broke up or stopped talking or whatever?

Kandy why you say that!?!

Thank you!

'Cause she feels that what she did was fine!

And it's not!

An she thinks Ima take her back!

I'm not!


No you moved on

Nope. If you moved on & she knows you did.. Then theres no problemo (: