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I'm watching it and I PRAYYYYY obama make it. I'm more nervous then I was 4 years ago because today was my first time voting.

but on a positive note!
just got out of my x factor practice for my talent show tomorrow. I'm feeling really confident and believe that I can win this whole thing.
expect a YouTube video of me singing

Toni Braxton- Unbreak my heart


Me and Chris watching this s*** together tho... ughh.


All the same s***.

Fox is MUCH worse lol.

man Obama got this man! I aint even nervous no more.

CNN is biased.. So I'm not watching them..

That's true tho lol.

Thats what im saying! Im down for anything!
I'll bring the crisco & mechedie's ;)

im sticking to CNN
hell whoever win won't be in the house until 2013 anyway lol

Yeah, all these different channels have different numbers.

my mom just said nobody will kno who really won till the end of the week really cus this is just projections and that fox cnn and some other channel all got different numbers

but still im sayin obama betta win
if he dnt im chopping romney's head off blowing up the white house and posting his head on a stick in front of whatever is left
think im playin if u want tuh -,-


Man.... f*** that...... a nigga stressing...... lol

lol yall funny!

Yes.. I wanna feel rich too lol

Bathrobes to though Kay?

I don't use foodstamps anyway lol... I wish I did.

Stacey Dash WANTS attention! f***ing smut...

When I seen her tweet that I surprised..

Maaan f*** romney! If he wins im straight raping his fool ass with a strap-on.
Obama is the MAN! He's making f***ing opportunities to everybody! Mf's who lived in
the sewered are going to college. He's doing s***! Romney wants to live in this world where only
wealthy people exist. Well guess tf what romney:

If foodstamps go , Im robbing the white house for all they food & bathrobes!
Oooo im mad -.-

f*** her lol

Stacey Dash voted for Romney

lmao @ lexi

i understand!

lmfaoo but seriously im getting mad cus

im srry it is idiots rich ppl and rascists voting for romney lik who in their right f***in mind wud want that man to run our country hes basicly taking away everyone's rights lik are u f***in kidding me

and dnt get me started on ppl who been claiming they voted for obama FOH i dnt wanna hear that s*** cus if that many ppl voted for him s*** shud NOT b looking the way it is smh smfh

i love jesus and all and i have my faith and all but if he wins we're all f***ed not just blacks i mean the middle class and the poor we are f***ED

If romney wins Me & Chris are vandalizing the white house! Who's in?

Lmao WrongNotes.

lol thanks guys!

but...even if romney wins my ass STILL gone shine and be successful because of JESSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUSSS *runs and shouts*
alright... let me stop!

but seriously though!

I'm not watching CNN for the simple fact that these MF's are biased.

awww good luck sugar u got this

butttt bout the election

im nervous af and im not even running smhh
i swear if romney win im becomming a nun
cus im hearing he wants to take away abortions foodstamps condoms AND birth control
HEELLLLLL no i swear if he win this country coming to an end if he win i truly believe the world is gonna end this year ooooooooo if this white kkk ugly wrinkle pootie tang mormon f***in wins idgaf some body gettin f***ed up ima go around asked ppl who they voted for soon as they say romney im drop kicking they ass thats a certified ass whopping for real for real

Good!!!! Lol