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I miss you ladies ♥


What type of ideas???????

Sex in rehab ideas???? :D




but tht does givee me ideas


Ty birthday is November 19th.

And Tremaine birthday is November 28th.

lol whn IS Ty bdayy

ik Treyy bday coming up too
i believee

Ugh, I think I'mma buy this album and it comes out on my baby daddy birfdaee yes, I said birfdaee lol.



I can't wait to hear Christopher's part tho!!! LAWDDDD lol.

Pour it up is Thuggie Proof

Nobody's business im starting to feel it

But I do really like

What now
Loveeeeeee song
nobodies business up

Thas my G theme song

lmfao @Bree

but yeah truee Sophie

In my opinion Soso, I agree with you because you usually have a good ear for music lol.

But Idk... them songs kinda ratchet and you know how much d*** I'd get off that? UHHH A LOT lol

Rih should've just made a mix tape imo
...these songs are ok but on not hearing
Any number one singles

ijs tht i havent been to a book store
damn . .

Thats what im saying. I dont have one of those

Everyone don't have a damn Nook lol.

i read books on myy nooK

umm you can get t.i.'s books
theyre really good

Lmao, she exists on though...

But for Barnes & Nobles... I swear, I haven't read a book in a WHILE.


Hm, this nonexitence author seems to be non existant in Barnes and Noble


<em>Machiavellian</em> By Nonexistence.

That's a good book. So, I heard. Idk though.

Guys, I plan on making a trip to Barnes and Nobles.

Any good books you guys suggest.

Man, I wanna f*** to Numb lol.

Me too

I LOVE song && numb

Okay so far..... I LOVE Numb, Pour it up, Fresh Off The Runway, and Loveeeeeee Song


Nani have you heard the preview of Rih's album?

Yaaaayy i cant wait Sneak !!!

I feel you

yes i am @Juicee i just finished the preface.
im a post it in a few ;)

lmao @bree trueee fr