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I miss you ladies ♥


It was a very nice video... The song is not that hot lol, but when that beat drop and break it down tho... MAAAAAAN, my ass moves on it own lol.

Yes !!!
That scream had me weak

He was likee "i gotta go i gotta go she finna wakee up"


Sneak you wrking on it ???

"Happy birthday motherf***er!"

Lmao I was like damn.....

hell yeah and then he be whispering lmao ctfu i love it at the end how he scream when he gets pulled back .nigga is too funny with his wild ass. thats what the f*** they asses get for partying too damn hard lol

That's my favorite part lol.... He really is a fool for that.

@juicee i finally saw the everyday birthday video on wshh, lmaooo chris a fool for slippin out the bed like that man luda swizz and chris kray for this one

I rather you swallow mines first lol.


:P eat my d*** (:

Kay go away. This post says <em><strong> Nani..Bree..Soso..Dany..Lexi</em></strong>

I don't see <em>Kay</em> anywhere.....

Awww..... lol jk :P

NO! Dont kill DRAKE! :''''(

@trop yes you do! needa throw my ass in there so i can be the one to kill drake ole btch ass lol.

you shuld lol

I DO NOT watch that lol.

who watches the voice i already pick out my people who i wouldnt mind winning

<a href="">Mackenzie</a> #TeamCeelo

<a href="">Melanie</a> #TeamAdam

<a href="">Dez</a> #TeamXtina

<a href="">De'borah</a> #TeamXtina

<a href="">Trevin</a> #TeamCeelo

Ugh, ugh, ugh!


Actually I wasn't lol

Bree you hush

Uk you was thinking the SAME thing


Ladies calm your ass down! Lol

Too manyy fckng posts man
Do onee &| stick to it
Just changee the title && s*** damn



I come back in the morning and see all this s***?

Ima read it Soso!!

I need to do Part 2 of Erotica!!

oh... ok yeaahhhh

I mean d*** is free anyway lol.

reallyy Ana

no one ever pays me in free d*** :(

i lik that soso its pretty

I think she does.

Don't Soso deserve some d*** for that? lol.

I like it