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Obama`Wins - Chat`Roomskees

Ayhhh!! I`m not even American and I`m happy Barak Obama won, I really like him as a president aye.. (Leader of a nation) .. I just felt like he can make a change for good.

I don`t like Mitt Romney, He seems evil to me #JustSaying

My 5 Cents! Congratulations to Obama =)


GOOD lol



Ladies !
do NOT get preggers
it will fck your with your insidey parts lol

Constipated? lol

Noopee lol
i wish . . .i dnt even want him to look at me

it starts w/ a C

You're horners? lol

Idk man im confused

myy bck is killing me though
&& i feel . . .well i wont tell yall cause Bree
will sayy gross lol

I know, I know..
I miss yall like crazy though.. If I`m gone for a while

Wait. WHo you talking to Nani? Me or Pimp? lol

Heyy !
dont ignoree me heffa !

WHy What happened?

Ehhhhh lol.

Well, pimp do what yo ass gotta do... Because you can't BE MIA all the damn time.


i hate hoes who cant let go

not yall but hoes in general


Yeah I know Pimp`n..

I been shocking lately... Just a lot of uhhh.. stuff has been happening my ways, and everything else.. just been busy and all that kinda stuff aye..

Buttt.. I`m healthy and I`m emotionally stable LOL .. So I guess it`s ok lolz..

Least If I start a story I`d be on, on a regular lol

Damn Pimp, you be gone so gotdamn much.... Thought you knew. The next you come back, I'll be preggers with Ty's baby lol.

Its cool Bree
Lovee you though hun
&heart; ♥ ♥

I'll be 7mos in two wks
my bad
i thought i had told you i was lovee

Nooooooooooo, you didn`t I would have remembered.. I remember I jokes about the leg popp`n and that was it.. Nothing was confirmed..

I`m sowiieee.. Goshhhh!! Lol... Now I know though so that`s good..

FYI - You`re Important to me <3

Okay, okay I'm sorry Nani... I'm here to listen man...

I told you last timee you ccamee bck
from your hiatus Harlem
you dnt remember
&& yes you will everybodyy does

Bree . .. lovee you too
but you still never takee myy issues
seriously && you laugh at me

* Runs After you*

Aweeee, Are you actually preggors?? .. Goshh I don`t know anything shesh I been gone

* Cuddles you so you can`t run away *

You can tell me =( .. I won`t get on u about the preggors thing

I love you Nani &hearts;

Come back man... Don't run.

. . . if one moree person sayys i havee hormones
im snapping . . .

ive heard tht s*** all dayy

but w/e ill just keep myy issues to myyself
sincee Bree never takes me serious && laughs at me

*holds head down*

&& Halrem . . .i thought we were better than tht
. . . i guess not

*runs awayy to cryy*

Lol I love hash tags too. They just make everything so better....

And here we go.... Pimp is about to grace the site with another creation lol.

Pregnant women are a trip with their emotional selves lol.. #NoHate #JustSaying..

FYI - I know people get annoyed when people use hashes off twitter but I don`t give a shxt, I like em LMAOOOO


* Steps away from LeyMamaz *

I don`t feel like dealing with pregnant women at the moment lmaoooo!!


I think I wanna write a story LMAOOOOOO

Nani just having hormonal issues... Pregnant women these days be so aggy lol.


Are you sho Pimp`n??? ..

Lmaoooo ...

Why is LeyMamaz.. Uhhhh, Saying there`s an issue than?

Pimp, I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! I promise lol.

*Awkwardly looks around*

Well, I missed yall too xo

But uhhh, if it ain`t broke, then don`t fix it #JustSaying..

ayo Pimp`n, why females always says thurs an issue, kick bricks but don`t SAY what the actual issue is? *looks confused*

What`s wrong LeyMamaz? What Bree do, NOW? lmaooo

It looks fine to me... I'm just saying tho lol.

the f u c k

this s*** is broken lol