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b****es of 2012!

Lmao Sooooo..

I supposedly had two friends at school , right?
We're all Kay's. So we named ourself KKK.

Its Kay ( me ) , Kay Kay , & OhKayKayKay.

Anyways , we were suppose to be close , but I chose not to speak to them for 2 weeks cause I let my grades drop a little. b****es wanna get mad & call me fake & say some s*** under their breathe.

Does that make me fake cause I care about school more than them?

Like them & some other girl came at me reckless yesterday & I shrugged it off.
My rule is let a b**** hit you first. But Im being pushed to beat somebodies ass in a minute.

I swear! b****es are crazy to f*** with me * does the tiara *

You better ask Dany about my UFC moves , Ill brake a b**** like a fraction! FYM!


Kae. (:
Im happy again :D

They better fall the f*** back. Flat. Focus and dont lose it.!

Thank you Charm babe (:
I already did & im not doing it anymore. Them b****es better calm down.

Ugh just tell them why and if they still feel like that f*** em. they aint f***ing nor feeding you.

Do YOU BOO BOO..! ( in my kev hart voice)

and dont forget im always here for u. :)

But did you let them know WHY?

They probably felt betrayed being as how you guys are all supposed to be really close.

All they know is that you just decided to not speak to them.

I let them know like.. I wanna be to myself for a while.
They didnt say nothing & we would say something every here & there , then they just bust out with this s***!

Before you get to kicking ass..

Did you let them know before you stopped talking to them the reason why?

Or did you just stop?

* grabs my mechedie * lets go beat some b****es ass!

Im gonna start hanging out with boys only again. Period.POINT.BLANK lol

Same thing with me

I swear thats what ima bout to do!
b****es think im soft cause Im always tryna keep the peace.
Im so f***ing tired of using my therapist as an excuse not to fight.

This is why I dont f*** with b****es, they are nothing but drama.

I say you drop kick they ass.

f*** them clowns, they just a bunch of noise.
Keep handlin yo business