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I talked to him...


He just doesnt care...

And as much as itd hurt to be away from him... its something that has to be done..

I need a grown man who's gonna handle his business on an emotional level..

Dont stress cause if he really wanted it to work out he wouldve tried harded!

He's young and I get it. But I told him from the beginning what type of person I was and if he wasnt ready for that he should have said something.

So now he has all the f***ing time in the world to think because I'm done.

If he's not gonna try then why should I?

He's prob just going through a faze in his life!
And he just needs time to really think about yall and other things!

I feel like he didnt give me a choice.

He wasnt willing to fight for me. Its like he didnt care he was losing me.

Do you feel you made the right choice!

That's it. Its over. I told him how I felt. And all he said was Ily.

I told him I love you wasnt enough anymore. And I wanted him to show me before he lost me. When I asked him if he had anything to say. He said "Guess not".

So thats it. I'm tired of fighting him. I cant make him be a man.

What did he say!