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Opinions; Everyone is welcome!

I need some new books to read. Do anyone of you ladies have and suggestions?

I read anything besides wolf and vampire stuff.



hell yea but her ass get all sad
and s*** but originally you were down lol

but hell they was on s*** i never even thought like sliver balls lol

Im lost....

Ikr Ana
but still after she tried it
iwdve been likee IM DOWN
just throw them plugs OUT !

. . . <em>Vanilla Sex</em>

Man, Bree that b**** had me fcked up! Like wtf?

@bree s*** i wish hehehe lol

@nani hell yea like biiitccchhh lol but i mean i kind of
get how she felt.. sometimes!

Stop hating 'cuz you wasn't in the book lol.

Ana . . . ugh
she was making me SO mad likee
tf bxtch uk you wanna


Ana, that was you all the way... Stop playing lol.

i did too and the way she described him mmmm
ana ugh she stayed in her feelings too much

Lol.. I guess..

But I do kinda wanna read it too.

I been reading the reviews... I make sure I read those first.... like dizamnnnn lol but nothing Nani.

i agree Ana
i LOVED Christian though

What Bree lol


But anyway I wanna read it... For real...

def. more than just sex made you
want to cry fight and uhmm hump
but a very good book all in all lol


but there was more gng on in the book than se
it was less sex than wht ppl think
its just tht the sex scenes were . . .
abovee && beyond

50 shades of grey the whole series had me stuck
plus the chick name was anastasia lol

and its a sex book

Candy NOW YOU WILL be surprised. It has happened on here before.

Lol.. Bree why would she do that?

I will tell you this... After you read those books Danyell, do NOT try to steal they plot and s*** and post it on here lmao.

I've read 5o Shades

its not just sex . . .
the book has an actual plot && point

the titlee is abt the main character
who sayys himslef tht he
is <em>5o Shades F ucked Up</em>
theyre actuallyy really REALLY great books

i think you should read them !

But other opinions
<em>Power && Beauty</em>
<em>Trouble && Triumph</em>
ik Bree said no sex books but heyy lol
<em>Sisters of The APF</em>

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews is my favorite book! It actually made me cry! And the second book is called Petals on the Wind.

Now, a porn movie in words are Zane books.. That s*** is straight sex...

His have some pretty good story plots..

But I havent read for fun in years...

Nah, im kidding I had a friend who read that and I skimmed through the pages and it seemed like a porn movie in words.

I just want some really good books.

Lol.. Sooo you KNOW his stories are good..

I still havent read that.

Lol mmhm, I know about his ass....

And Dany read that damn book.... I heard it was overrated. I still haven't read it yet.

Mama Bree hush, if I want i'll read 50 shades of grey.

Lol.. It isnt JUST about sex... Its other s*** in there

No SEX books.