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Captured Moments - 01. & 02. Added

Note: This story will contain everything GOOD and everything BAD.

<strong>You know, honestly, the key to a women’s heart is <strong>“Importance”</strong> – Make her feel important, make her feel like she is the only women that exists in the world. Once she knows her importance to you, never give her a reason to doubt you. /- Harlee’</strong>

Have you ever sat there starring out into nowhere in particular, listening to music and being able to relate that song to a moment in your life?

I love to capture moments like this, mentally more than physically. Sometimes I just love being in the moment that I tend to forget to capture it with a photo or some sort of memorabilia.

You can relate every emotion, surrounding, event to a song. That`s the beautiful thing with music, it`s so versatile, so universal, so understanding.

<em>Let me play you my playlist of moments; the moments that made me feel like I live in a fairytale world. So cliché’, yet so beautiful</em>
FYI - It`s Like 1 song per add (which is why they are shorter add's than I would normally do, for now lol)

New Story, Hope you like it and the way I write it =) Please add comments and not just run it, this will help me, better myself with writing, and will be very much appreciated.


So typical, I start a story and become so busy at work, sooo sorry I haven`t run this story yet..

I will try and work on a few adds xo

BRB to read !
ive been MIA sorry

Omg that is so cruddy!!! Her friends ain't s***. I hope she's ok. And the guy who helped her. He may be her angel. I hope God can save her.

fck em all, all the main's friends
they wasn't sht no way and now the
main knows this; turning to god is
the best choice; he'll always be there
for you when no one else is

oooh him so fine! i'd definitely
open my eyes; fck an ambulance give me
cpr boo lol. but it seems as if god did
answer her prayers; hopefully she
makes it through and gets to see the
people who helped her; she seems to have
been hurt really bad; smh this makes me
really sad a group of people jumping on
one person that's some weak ass sht


nope! its gone kiki :(

*goes back to reading*

Sorry for the typos, there`s no EDIT button anymore??? ..

02. <em><strong>Walk with Me</strong></em>

The song finished as I opened my eyes and released a long, emotionally heavy breath. I shook my head; my broken feelings still a pain in my heart from the mistrust of those I thought would have my back like I had theirs.

I took a seat on the ledge of the building as I continued to look out over my city. I reached my hand over my left shoulder and felt the scar where the stitches were from the wound where one of my assaulters had hit me with a bottle. I think she was aiming for my head but missed and smashed the bottle on the top of my shoulder, which then cut down my back.

Then next song began to <a href=" ">PLAY</a>.

<em><strong>(Jesus Walks) God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks with me) The only thing that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now
(Jesus Walks) And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs
(Jesus Walks with me) I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long</strong></em>

My eyes fluttered as I tried to focus, the bright light above me made me second guess whether I was alive or dead. <em>Did the Lord answer me?</em> I thought too afraid to speak or move.

The light swayed in front of my eyes, “Is she responding?” I heard a male voice ask as <a href="">HIS</a> face appeared in front of me. <em>I don`t know this person, is he an angel</em> I wondered, “I, I think so” he said, his voice different to the first voice I heard, “The ambulance is on their way as we speak, hope they get here in time” the first voice said as the other just stared at me.

I moved a little as I felt like my body was going to explode with pain, “she moved” the guy I saw said as the light kept swaying across my vision. I didn’t know at this point whether I was happy or mad to still be alive.

I tried to stay away but I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. “Hey! Wake up! Open your eyes!”

01. <em><strong><a href=" ">Diamonds</a> Are Forever</strong></em>

I placed my ear buds into my ears and pressed play on my ipod. The bass thumped to my pulse as the beat kicked in and the music flowed throughout my entire being, I stood on the roof of my building that over looked my district from the projects to the river that ran through our city and over to the other side where the business district was located.

I came up here often to have “Me Time”, where I could go to clear my mind of all the emotions I couldn’t bare to let go of as unhealthy as it was. I closed my eyes as I bumped my head to the music, feeling the beat as the lyrics played out a memory I wish I never experienced only 2 months ago.

<strong><em>Diamonds are forever
They won`t leave in the night
Have no fear that they might
Desert me</em></strong>

I shook my head as the scenario played out.

My entire body swelled from being battered and bruised, their J’s kept stomping on every inch of my body, I laid in the foetus position with my arms and hands trying to protect my head. I didn’t know if I was lying in a puddle of muddy water from the heavy rainfall earlier in the night or my own blood.

The pain was drowned out by my concentration on the anger of my so-called friends deserting me, definitely no diamonds amongst them. I defended them and they left me for dead, was I going to die here tonight? For being a loyal diamond to my friends that were rocks, lumps of coal?

I breathed through the beating, eyes tightly closed as I tried to hold onto my positions whilst protecting my head. I always heard that when this type of assault happens you always think back to what you could have done to prevent it, regret and anger building, tears falling from unforgivable friends rather than the bruises, the blood, the results of my good nature being taken for granted.

The cracking sound of my ribs snapping surpassed my maximum pain tolerance threshold as I released an agonising scream, a scream so loud my throat burned with the high-pitched vibration.

<em>“Lord, I haven’t spoken to you in a while but I hope you can hear me, save me”</em> I spoke as a thought giving one last sigh before finally and willingly blacking out of consciousness.

Hey Harlee! Kizzie here...
I like the way you made it so personal.
I feel as though every girl on here can relate to it...
I feel like I'm the main character and s*** lol
I love it

Oh no !
Takee your timee lovee !


Also, ummm what about Ghost Sense

Sorry I haven`t added yet, ended up having to go to a funeral.. But Umm, I`ll try get it up sometime today =)

This seems real. Nd ji interestin
Wanna see these moments u tlkin about
Run it


I`m glad everyone likes it so far, thank you so much for all the kind words * Blushes * .. Pimp`n I know how you do, sall good =P

Working on the next add, if it doesn`t go up tonight, it will tomorrow :)


I'm with Soso
I LOVE when you write
your imageryy is on fcking point ALWAYS

you paint the pic
then you takee me there

Lovee !


yea harlee is going to write
you make your aunty dragon so happy lol

but i love the title and i can total feel how this person
feels about how a certain song can really bring a lot
of thoughts deep ones


Nah on the real pimp, that wasn't a comment... Just f***ing with ya lol... I'm coming back to read.

Ayeeeee me likes when you write :-)
You damn good kiki! So vividly
And picture.perfect. Simply amazing pimp.
I love the title; I can tell this gonna be
really deep and emotional
I can feel the tears on they way already
Lol.can't wait to read more

Run it


You`re lucky it`s the intro Pimp`n or I would have chased yo ass like a Rottweiler lol #Aurghhh

Run itttt

*runs outta post laughing loud af*