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New Old Life {Chapter 5...}

It was more than enough for me. Too many tears shed and way too much time spent stressing. I know my life was definitely not a movie the way things were playing out. How can you tell me you love me, give birth to OUR children and then leave us and start a new life? Our son constantly asks for his mum because he hasn’t ever seen her and he doesn’t even believe he has a sister. What more am I to tell him? I always tell him the truth. One day his mom got up, packed her stuff and our daughter’s and then told me she was leaving. It’s been so hard to date because my mind was still set on her. I just wanted her in my life. But where she was, and if we could ever get back together was a different type of story. Our son thinks I’m crazy because she is always on my mind. Day after day. It’s her I fell in love with, but I wish I could move on with my life.


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Everytime I think my life is slowing down
Something pops up out the blue
And gets me busy again
Have a paper to turn in next week
And I have barely started it
I'm trying to stay away from folks
Because I'm not in the mood for all em people
Then there is this guy
That I'm sort of liking...
Such lies...
I do like him
And he is a good friend of mine
And trying to stay away from him before my imagination sets loose
Is really difficult
Because even the days I don't wanna see him
Are the days I see him and end up chilling with him
And when I would have time to write...
Guess who is around...


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Ricky has such a big heart.!
Even after all the pain and
heartache sasha put him thru
he still is willing to do any and
everything for her...that's a
true husband right there.!!!

Run it boo.!

Run it!
Aww Ricky still loves her so much!
They Cute!
I just hope they daughter comes around!!
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I just want to apologise for not posting as much as I should.
A lot has been going on. I been living in a roller coaster lately.
Emotions flying around like a UFO tryna hurt my mentality.
So I have just had some time to sit down, think and write.

Luv yall

Chapter 4

The next day I called into the office to let them know I would be working from home for the next number of days. I just had to get all of this mess sorted out and I had to get my wife fixed up. I wanted to support her as best as possible. We were never divorced so it still makes me her husband, which means I still have to live by the vows I spoke.

“Morning.” She said groggily as she made her way into the kitchen. “Where is Jaheem?”

“Right here.” He replied. I know he wasn’t very much pleased with his mother having slept here last night. To make it worse, she slept in our room with me. But what was I to do? This is the woman I longed for. The woman I always prayed God would send back into my life. Now she is here, I will do anything to make amends and fix what was broken. I didn’t want a broken family any longer. I wanted for all four of us to be a family again.

“Can you please tell Kasheem I am sorry for the way I was toward her yesterday?” She asked as she sat next to him on the island. He looked up at her shaking his head and dismissed himself without a word. I walked over and sat next to her with my arm resting on her thigh. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes. I opened my arms inviting her to take comfort in them, which she willingly accepted.

“Everything is going to take some time; you just have to be patient.” I whispered as I held her, running my hands up and down her back.

I remembered the last time I held her like this. She had just lost our first child and depression had started to settle in. She cried for hours asking why God hated her and wouldn’t give her a child. “If children are to be blessings, then why is it that I just lost my first child?” She cried as she hit my chest. “My first daughter Ricky! Why me?” I held her as close as I could then and I was still holding her as close as I could now.

“I don’t think God wanted me to have a family Ricky.” She said as she pulled away from me.

“What do you mean?”

“He took our first child away, now look what He allowed to happen to me. It’s broken up our family that we were meant to have Ricky.”

“If we weren’t to have a family, God would have never brought you home to me. You would still be out on the streets.”

She looked into my eyes and I saw all the emotions she felt in hers. She was more fragile than I remembered, but I was willing to take everything a step at a time with her. She was my wife. She was my responsibility. She was my other half. She had my rib. I love her.

For the rest of the day, I took her shopping and I gave her some money to do her hair and her nails. The things I knew she loved best. Whilst she was at the salon, I went to get her a necklace which had love written on it. I wanted my wife to have the best of everything. I started looking around different places I thought she would be interested in getting a job. I knew she wouldn’t want those positions for long-term, but it was to be there until she got back on her feet properly.

Last night as I held her in my arms, she said she wanted to open an institute for mothers who had pre- and post-natal depression. She wanted to help them so they wouldn’t fall into the same trap that she did. She wanted to be able to give them the support they needed, but would be too scared to verbalise that they needed it. When she told me those things, I knew that all wasn’t lost with her, though it took her so many years to be able to come to terms with everything, I knew that she would be well in the end.

I got back to the car and made some phone calls to some psychologists and psychiatrists to see who would be the best for her in order for her to get some help. Before all of this happened, she too was in the whole Psychology field helping other people to get on track with their lives. I don’t know if her license would have been revoked after so many years. I wasn’t sure if she had done anything serious or if she had any problems with the authority to get her licence suspended. I would say that it didn’t matter, once she got back on her feet, I knew she would be out there opening her institute and using her previous knowledge to help these women.

Everything that happens in life is definitely there to help us progress and move forward. Learn from our past to help someone else succeed. And that is exactly what Sasha wanted to do.

Chap 4 is going up soon

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Sasha is a drugie or something that abandoned her daughter. As a result, their daughter is looking for love and attention to fill the void of not having a mom or dad, whom was taken out of the situation unwillingly.

Yuuupp !! Now s*** is going to be all ape s*** as the work on themselves as a a"family" & individuals

Sums it all up :)

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Kasheem need to chill a bit. I mean aint no
telling what her momma did to her but hey
maybe talking will make it better.!
Run it.!

So Sasha needs to calm down and she needs to sit and talk and try to make her family work.

She needs to talk to her daughter and try to make a better family.

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Chapter 3

We went back into the sitting room to see Kasheem on the phone. Her voice broke with each word she said and I felt my heart break as I listened to her. I don’t know what had happened between her and her mother, but I knew I had to find out. Unfortunately, now wasn’t the time to ask. She turned to face us with her eyes red and puffy. Her eyes threw daggers at Sasha and I could feel them stab me in the chest instead of her.

“So, I’m to accept that he is my dad?” She said in reference to me.

“Yes he is.” Sasha took a deep breath, “and I’m sorry I didn’t ever tell you about him”.

“Yeah, you didn’t tell me about him, or the fact that I had a twin brother!” Kash yelled. “What if we had started to date? What if we fell in love and were to have kids? What if we were to get married?” She continued to yell.

I looked over at Sasha who had now broken down in tears. I walked over and held her in my arms as she continued to cry. “We need to all sit down and talk this through, but now is not the time for it.” I said addressing my now reunited family. Unfortunately being reunited brought tears instead of smiles.

“I don’t want to talk about anything involving her.” Kasheem spat.

“You know what?” Sasha started to compose herself as she wiped her face from the tears that had escaped her eyes. “I’m getting the hell out of her. I can’t have this fast tailed child deal with me like this and I aint bout to get locked up for child abuse.” She tried to get away from me.

“You aint going nowhere in your state.”

“Excuse me?” She said giving me much attitude.

“Yo ass is staying here tonight. Jaheem, give Kasheem a ride to where she stay.”

“Aight pops.”

“And Kasheem, we will discuss this one day.”

She rolled her eyes after my last statement and headed to the door waiting on Jaheem. I wish I had known that she was my daughter from a long time ago. I wished she knew that I was her father. I would have been able to be there for my daughter. Our daughter.

The more I thought about having everyone together so we could discuss everything, the more I started to doubt it. What was I going to do or even say? “I’m your dad and you are going to need to follow my rules”? I knew I first needed to talk to Sasha to find out what really went down. Why our daughter hates her so much. It was so much to ask, so much to find out, but everything would have to come one step at a time.

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See now thats how she should have
acted when she first came in the
house. I kinda feel sorry for her but
thats no wau deprive your other
child of the love as well.!
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This is so sad but I know they can make it through. Sasha isn't so bad but who does she treat Kasheem like that??

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I like Sasha now!
Even though what she did wasnt right!
I understand whete she coming from!
I hope she dont leave!
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Awww ! Sasha should have just opened about her fears. But that is a big change having two ... Sigh I feel bad for her and them kids

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We all sat in the room in an uneasy kind of silence. Everything that happened was too much for us to take in. Sasha was back with our daughter. But they obviously weren’t in each other’s good book. They were here all this time and I didn’t know. It all started to sink in for me. When Jaheem had introduced me to Kasheem, I didn’t take note of her name. Maybe if I did, then this shock would have come a little softer than it had just done.

“So, you’re my moms?” Jaheem said breaking the silence.

“That’s right.” Sasha replied, got up and headed to the kitchen. It’s as though she didn’t realise what was going on. There was no love in her anymore. She just didn’t care about what was going on. “Ricky what you got in here to drink? I want something strong.”

“When did you start drinking Sasha?” I asked as I followed her into the kitchen. Her back was turned to me as she searched through the cupboards for something to eat. She wasn’t the same woman I married. Having not seen her in so many years makes it hard for me to take this all in. This her was not what I was used to. It’s not what I expected. What happened to the lawyer that left here fifteen years ago with her hair neatly tied in a bun, makeup impeccable, exceptional dress code? What happened to her?

“Sasha what the hell is going on?”

She looked at me.

“What do you mean Ricky?”

“You aint the same woman I married! What’s gotten into you?”

“Ricky, my life fell down the damn drains. Passed through the sewers. Washed with failure. My life ended!”
I wanted to hold her in my arms, but I was scared of how she would have reacted to it. But to my surprise, that’s the same thing that she wanted. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my torso. I held her small frame in my arms. It felt perfect, but I knew it wouldn’t remain for much longer.

“I missed this.” She spoke softly.

“Why did you leave it?” I whispered into her ear.

“A lot has happened over the years. I need help Ricky.” She said avoiding my question.

“You have to tell me why you left at some point.”

I heard her sigh into my chest.

“I was scared Ricky. We had two children. I wasn’t ready for two. I wanted one. I wanted a daughter. So I figured if I had left with her, then life would be easier for me.” She started to go on. “When I left I slipped into depression. I raised her until she was 13, and I couldn’t go much further after. I had to give her up to my brother. But I always went to see her.”

She paused as she collected herself. I could feel her tears soaking through my shirt.

“I used to come past her so much, I always wanted to come in, but I was scared. I used to watch you and Jaheem play ball. Y’all looked amazing.”

“You should have come in. He has always wanted to meet his mom.”

She broke our hug and went to sit around the island. I looked at her. Though she had changed, she was still beautiful.

“Dad’s right.” We turned to see Jaheem standing at the entrance to the kitchen. It’s as though his heart had been broken and still had missing pieces. I looked back at Sasha and saw the same look in her eyes just like the day she left. I prayed in my heart that she wouldn’t leave again. I wanted to be there for her. If only she had told me that she was afraid from the day she gave birth. If only I knew. I could have helped her and been the husband I was to be. Instead I let her walk out of my life. Out of our life. She was my wife and I wanted her to stay. I wasn’t ready to lose her again.

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Now you know me!
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And their daughter better not get mad at Ricky!
It would make no sense!
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And why the daughter cudnt be right. Plz dnt let her be too much of a free spirit.

Jah i hope he actually takes in his sis instead of disliking her for any reason.

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