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Death of CBW!

Where in thee fizuck is everybody? I mean damn. Lexi ass been MIA... Damn, are you alright Lexi? Are yo ass alright? lol.

And then man, Idk it's just dead af basically.

Like ughhhhhhh.

I'm hungry as f***.


Hey Bluey!!! With yo fine ass lol.

And Nani you didn't teach her s***... Stfu lol.

i saw was iigh
did yall see rih's facebook
interview i have yet to watch

i taught her tht


i still see chris :(
mm hm bluey sure is fine
i might change it to ben
next week tho lol



But he is fine.. so kudos Sneak lol.

And ehhh I like when she rolled up that diamond blunt lol

Sneak better not change her damn pic again!!!!!! Lol.

But um f u c k you Nani... I got you... Just wait lol.

im reallyy liking the Diamonds vid




now what the f u c k you gon do

You're a f u c k i n g ass h o l e lol

. . . . . ditto . . . . .


*runs out of the post*

Lol smh... Idk WTF he was thinking.

yup...that pic it always got me ctfu rofl
i remember when i first saw that pic smh.
it was in one of bree's stories; my stomach
was hurtin like hell from laughin at it

I see that now lol but mannnn... You were getting real close to saying it!


for wht
i aint sayy 'ditto' tht timee

Nani I'mma punch you in your f***ing titties lol.

Sneak that sounds like a good idea... I'll call some of his people and set that up lol.

That pic tho Sneak

Lmao . . . Ctfu

Man i havee nothing else to sayy


well then if that's the case he need to call
one of our asses up so we can be his model instead
and take us with him wherever he go so we can
promote it since we always bored; give us sumn
to do lol go a lil sumn sumn for the <a href=>laaaaaaaaaaaaadiesssss</a>

Nani... Baby... I'mma need you to stop saying ditto lol.

And yeah man... But you got to Sneak... He gotta promote that s*** but I want one of his snap backs...

chris know he be wearin the f*** outta his own clothes
i aint never seen nobody wear they own clothes like chris
has lol

. . . . . Ditto oncee again to it all


He is so damn silly man... Lol.

And he sexy... Even when his facial hair be all scruffy and s*** lol.

hell yeah man nigga just look good af!
i needa work at a radio station or sumn
lol so i can get a sneak peek of these
fine mafckas that be stoppin' through
i couldn't stop smiling either tho mann
chris know he can do sumn to our asses
with his beautiful self

Ugh, a nigga in sweatpants and a t shirt is so sexy.

OMG!!!! Thank you Sneak! That made my day :D

For real I couldn't stop laughing and smiling lol.

whassup yall i came to revive this mafcka with a lovely video of <a href=>this fool dancing lol</a>

yet again . . .ditto

He's so cute when he's being himself

dittoo Nonexistence