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Death of CBW!

Where in thee fizuck is everybody? I mean damn. Lexi ass been MIA... Damn, are you alright Lexi? Are yo ass alright? lol.

And then man, Idk it's just dead af basically.

Like ughhhhhhh.

I'm hungry as f***.


I love when he blushes... It's really cute.

ditto Dopeyy

I love Chris' laugh.

Lol I read yo damn comment. That Nigga commenting on everybody comment.

plus i lik to argue sooo pshh this is lik a light wrkout to me

hell yeah


yeah man i go hard in the paint #teambreezy nigga

lol i peeped tht

yeah lik and this dude replied to it talkin bout oh we hating and talkin s*** kus he makes us guys look bad -_____- *face palm* t(-_-)t lik all that robbing stealiing killing and rapping ya'll do dont make you look bad no no no its chris brown that makes all men look bad FOH oooo that just got me tight lol

&& Lexxii i seen yiou commented on tht pic
of Chris on fB
whn tht nigga started lol

You commented on the vid? Lol

I read the comments too. I always read them.

And yeah, that dude in the red was NOT playing lol.

& i seen that other video that was funny how u get yo ass beat lik that smhh

i read the comments on that s*** i had to speak my piece lik yyyyy is it always mainly men poppin s*** bring that ol thing back up lik damn y u mad smhh

yeah . . .


Don't roll your eyes nigga I'm just saying lol.

Yeah... I love that side of him...

And lol to the people that said they look better than him... They may look better, but they won't be as talented & driven as he is.

SWell Bree . ..
not everyonee seen it . . .
damn . . .

*rolls eyes*

im tryying nigga . . .you bring us some entertainment then


I saw that video too.

I already been on Worldstar lol

yeah i liked it too

he was likee real blunt && real

I already saw that, but I liked the interview & how honest he was being.

<a href="">You talkin too much s***</a>

<a href="">ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!</a>

for the moment

idk wht tf isgng on w/ us. . .

entertainment is needed

Man me either... on everything... UGHHH.

bored . . . .

blah bleh

i dnt feel likee dng anything tho

SNOW?! Got damn.... it's hot af over here lol.... Well, not hot af but it's really warm.

And I bet you do Nani lol...

im here now i just been so bored i hvent had anything to really tlk bout so i just been home eating n watchin tv dealing w cramps & these bad ass kids but it is deadass dead on here lik ugh!

Dead for reasons.

Lexxi said the snow fckng
up theyy internet && csble so thts where sh been

I remember death of cbw pt 1,2&&3