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Bad Form. (Short Story)

This <em>WILL</em> a short story.
"<a href="">Layne</a>, stop! That tickles!" I said shoving him away a little. He smiled and pecked my lips. "<a href="">Saf</a>, how was I so lucky to get such a gorgeous girlfriend like yourself?" I blushed. "I don't know, you tell me." I said wrapping my arms around his neck as he pushed his body closer to mine on the kitchen counter. He leaned up for a kiss as I deepened it, we were deep in our kiss that we didn't hear anyone walk in until they cleared their throat. Layne and I pulled away in embarrassment as he wiped his lips and I hopped off the counter. "Hey ma." Layne said pecking her cheek. "Hi Ms. Booker." I said adjusting my blouse. "Hey baby boy, Safiyah." She said setting down the groceries. "Will you be staying for dinner?" She questioned, I nodded. "Yes ma'am." She smiled, "good, maybe you can help me, and both you and Layne can get a taste of what oxygen tastes like." I put my head down as I blushed in embarrassment. "Layne, go ahead and bring in the rest of the groceries." He nodded and walked out as I helped her put them away. "So how's school going?" She asked as I put away some stuff in the pantry and she pulled out what she needed for tonights dinner. "It's going good. I've been passing all my classes with a breeze." She smiled as Layne walked back in with some groceries and walked out letting us know he was going to go play ball with Rob across the street. "That's great. I know it's barely your Junior year, but what do you plan on doing after highschool?" She said as he walked out, I shrugged, "sort of depends on what college I get into, but Journalism is what I plan on doing with as a career." "Ah, so I assume you and Layne will be attending the same colleges then." "I guess." I watched her get her grab some some dishes as she told me to grab some spices for her. "You know, Layne's older brother is working for his degree in sports journalism and broadcasting." "Really? What school?" "University of Chicago. I don't think you had the chance to meet him." I shook my head. "No ma'am." "He's a very great boy. Hopefully you're around to meet him." I smiled, "I hope so too. Layne speaks a lot of him. How long has he been in Chicago?" I asked. "This year will be his junior year." "Oh." I said nodding as I helped her with dinner.

Mrs. Booker and I were finishing up dinner when Layne walked into the house yelling. "Ma! Come into the livingroom real quick!" She sighed in frustration and dried her hands with her towel. "I swear that boy is something else." She said to me, I chuckled. "Boy, stop yelling like someone is chasing after you! Why in the hell---<a href="">Carter</a>!" She gasped while stopping midway in her sentence. He smiled, "Hey ma." He said arms open as Mrs. Booker ran over and embraced him in a hug. "My baby, what are you doing here?" She said pulling out of the embrace, and clutching on to his arms. "Thought i'd come home." "What about school? Carter, please tell me you did not quit---" She was starting to go off on a tangent when he cut her off. "No ma, I transfered to UCLA. I felt like I had enough of Chicago and I was just ready to come home." He said with a pearly white smile, she smiled back. "Well, i'm glad to have you back son." She said embracing him again. He held her tight as his eyes met with mine, I stared into his brown orbs before looking away. They pulled out of the embrace as I stood there awkwardly, I sniffled just a little to clear the silence. "Oh yeah, bro, this is my girlfriend Safiyah." Layne said, a smile on his face. They walked over towards me. "Saf, this is my older brother Carter." He extended his hand as I did the same. We shook hands, his eyes staring into mine and his grasp nice and tight. "Nice to meet you, Safiyah." He said licking his lips. I smiled and loosened from his grip, the way my name rolled off his tongue did something to me. "C'mon bro, let me help you carry your stuff to your room." Carter nodded and looked me over one last time before following behind Layne. I walked back into the kitchen with Mrs. Booker. "Oh lord, my son is back home. I guess the Lord did want you to meet him sooner." "I guess so."
"So when do you start your new classes?" Mr. Booker questioned Carter. He bit into his carrots, chewed, and swallowed before answering. "Next week. You know ma, I missed your cooking. It feels good to finally get a home cooked meal." She smiled at him, "I'm glad you're enjoying it, but I can't take all the credit. Safiyah helped me too." He looked over at me sipping on his juice before smiling and thanking me. After eating dinner, I helped Mrs. Booker clean up and wash the dishes. "Well, I must be getting home now." I said, Mrs. Booker smiled. "You can't walk home hun, i'll give you a ride." "I'll give her a ride." We both turned around to see Carter. "Carter, hun, you just got home. You need to stay home and relax." He shook his head, "It's fine ma, plus I thought i'd stop by Derrick's place." She smiled, "okay, but be safe. Saf, it was great having you for dinner." I nodded and thanked her for having me before going to Layne and telling him I was leaving. He pecked my lips and then I made my way out to the car where Carter was. For some odd reason my nerves were kicking in. I opened the car door and hopped in strapping myself in. "Where to?" He asked breaking the silence. "Uh, Alameda Street." He nodded and began driving.

"How long have you been with Layne?" He questioned looking over at me. "For nine months now." He nodded, "I can see why he chose you. You're gorgeous." I blushed and looked out towards the window. I didn't know whether I should take that as a compliment or something more. "Make a left, my house will be on the right." I said directing him towards my house. He did as he was told. "You know, you don't have to be nervous around me." He said placing his hand on my knee. I stiffened at his touch, "we're here." He said pulling up before my house. I unbuckled my seatbelt and got off, I could feel his eyes on me as I made my way towards my house. I looked over my shoulder before opening the door, he smiled and winked at me before pulling off.


First thing when that picture of Chris popped up
*bites lip* Lord have mercy, but this is good!!

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Run this please!!!


This is good!

Runs now!