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Ꮦhose Ꮹirls Ꭿre Ꮤild ♡

Heeeeello everybody! Welcome to; Those Girls Are Wild TV Gameshow.
I'm Kay & I'll be your honored host today as well as Christopher , I hope you girls have your game face on.

[ Score Board ]
[ 0 : 0 : 0 : 0 : 0 ]
So as you know , that is our scoreboard & you'll be playing up to 8 rounds of games in order to come down to 2 remaining people. Those 2 remaning people will compete against eachother for the winng finale round & will recieve the BIG WIN. As you know nobody leaves the show a sore loser so we have a few prizes for everyone else who doesn't make it to the finale round.

& now that thats out of the way , Chris can you go in the crowd & choose 8 random women for me?


Kay's Note: This is the part where you guys comment if you want to play. (:


I just realized your name was Teen Mermaid..

He a b**** made nigga sometimes cause he'll beat a girl ass before he does a nigga ,
depending on what size he is.

OMG , Bree I rubbed off on you! (:
Stomp his d*** in!


Lol not all Memphis hoes can fight, but I will stomp his nuts out and cut his damn hands off so he won't hot no damn body again.

Im on my way!

Im gonna stay out of this.

OMG! My lip is so swollen!
Bre; Wife — Come beat his ass ♥

@myluv4chrisbrown I know! But something in me doesnt wanna do that :''(


Cause ill come beat his ass real quick!

Hitting my wife and s***!


Bree come beat his ass! I heard memphis girls got them hands! ♥

U need somebody to kick his ass

ummm.. hell naw!!!!!

Yeh , we had an arguement & he put his finger in my face. So I put my face in his face & he muffed me.
I shoved him , he got mad & slammed me , I then kicked his nuts & he punched me in the face.

We have had many fights before , but not this crazy where im bleeding. He keeps saying he's sorry..
But f*** him , eh. -.-

He bust your lip? *Raises eyebrow*


Hold on guys , just give me like 5 or 10 minutes .

We were fighting & he bust my lip & cracked my phone O.O
Uggh he better not talk to me NEVER again!


He bust my f***ing lip!

Smh, pitful nigga.

* Pause * this is not part of the game , but im bout to breaka b**** neck real fast!
Tf? How this nigga gone get mad cause I won't give him head? Aaaaah! Boys are funny!
' I just wanna be your friend ' MY ASS! Nigga gone give me silent treatment cause I dont roll that way -.-
PAB nigga >:[

Anyways , Money was correct.

Give me a minute to unwind & we can finish the game.

Their children



Okay , the ladies have locked their answers in.

Is it Porn?
* DING *

All the ladies get the first question right.
But were not finished this round. the first few ladies to make it to 5 points goes
to the next round. Unfortunately.. Someone has to go home!

Question 2 -

Name something you think parents cant live without.
Were putting 20 seconds on the clock..

* clock starts ticking *

Naked pic of women

Blac chyna!


PORN lol

Yes Bree , I went there lol
I got kicked out the unicorn tribe (:

ROUND 1: Question Quiz -

What's something you might find in a guy's computer?