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The Nanny Affair

*(all my other stories expect 'Her Room: Make It Work' will be discontinued until further notice, i just don't know where i'm going with them)*


"i don't know about this Ana" <a href="">Maurice</a> said to his wife.
"think about it, we don't have time in the morning to take mimi to school and we don't have time to pick her up" his wife <a href="">Ana</a> spoke.
"a live in nanny though, i don't want strangers in my house" maurice spoke.
"it needs to be a live in how else do you expect them to be here early in the morning" she spoke."it's that or one us quits or gets fried for being late everyday" she said staring at him.
"fine" maurice said giving in.
"thanks, but you have to take mimi to school today, thanks, bye" ana said grabbing her bag, pecking her husband on the lips and heading out the door.

"MICHELE!! lets go!" maurice called out as their <a href="">Daughter</a> ran out the living room.
"okay lets go" he said picking her and her bag up."make sure you don't get yourself dirty, you have to look nice in your pictures" he said.
"i won't" she said
"promise?" he asked
"promise" she said giggling.

(BTW the baby i used is my little cousin :) lol)


run it

Damn. When they gone stop playing and f*** already?!?! Lol. I mean ana already creeping so Maurice might as well too. Ik two wrongs don't make a right but tht would be the best f***ing wrong to make!!! But they need to find a way to do it when Mimi is not at the house cause lil kids got the biggest mouths. Maybe when shes at school or something. Idk. Run it:)))

I aint even mad at them for giving in to there feelings. I just be glad when he discovers Ana aint being faithful to him anyway so they wont feel bad for what they doing. Lauren ats wassup, dont holdback chica. Im ready for them to smash now lol. RUN IT!!

i like them together! only a matter of time before he finds about his wife... drama!
Whatever happen to her OCD i thought she would need two kisses instead of one! lol
i like that quote "sometimes right is wrong and wrong is right that became my fb status :p
anyways run it

Run It

DO IT!! dump ana and get with lauren..ana aint worried abt yall anyway! smh

omg they are better together then him and ana
run it

that was cool i liked them both so run it girl.. they a trip an his wife real f***ed up for cheating on him like she is smh

Smh two wrongs don't make a right but Maurice should get rid of his wife her cheating ass and get with Lauren
Run it!!!!!

Loved It....
Run It....


Lauren pulled away from the kiss and looked down to the floor. Everything that was going on was wrong but it felt right, to both of them.

"i think i found my weakness" Maurice said as Lauren smiled.
"you're so cheesy" she said turning away and waiting back towards the kitchen to cook.

Maurice sits at the kitchen table and watched her as she prepared the food. Every time they gave each other eye contact they smiled at each other as if they were back in high school crushing for the first time.

"you said before you studied to become a pediatrician, how come you aren't one?" Maurice asked randomly.
"i need to go back to medical school, i dropped out to help my mom because she was sick but now i'm waiting for my acceptance later, i hope i get in" she told him.
"good luck" he said.
"thank you" she responded.

She seasoned the chicken and put it in the pan with hot oil and turned back around to face maurice.

"look like you know how to do it all huh?" he asked.
"just about" she said with a smirk.
"get your mind out the gutter" he said.
"my mind is not in the gutter for your information" she said putting the noddles in a pot of boiling water.

"then was was up with that smile" he asked.
"i was thinking about something, but it wasn't dirty" she said.
"oh yeah then what was it?" he asked.
"i'm not gonna tell YOU" she said.
"why not?" he asked."was it about me?" he added in.
"no" she said with a smile.
"i think it was" he said biting his lip.
"well you thought wrong" she said.

He got up from his seat and walked around the table to get closer to her.

"i deserve to know" he said.
"i'll never tell" she said pretending to zip her mouth shut.
"oh yeah?" he asked as he picked her up and sat her on the table in one quick movement.
"you better let me go" she said laughing.
"tell me and i'll let you go" he said with his hands on the small of her back and holding her close to him.

"it's my secret" she said to him.
"you don't want me to let you go do you?" he asked.
"and if i don't" she asked.
"then i won't" he responded as lauren looked down at him meeting his lips again.
"you know this isn't right" she said.
"some times right is wrong and wrong is right" he said.
"okay, whatever that means" she said mushing him.

His hands softly caressed the small of her back as he kissed on her neck softly.

"wait" lauren said."the chicken is going to burn" she said hopping off the table and turning off the flame under the chicken off. Maurice leaned awkwardly over the table as lauren turned to look at him strangely.

"what are you doing?"she laughed looking at him.
"i have a certain situation going on" she said looking down and it automatically clicked in laurens head.
"oh wow" she said laughing
"you think this is funny?" he asked turning around and her eyes fell on his visible erection.
"yeah it's pretty hilarious" she said.
"Karma is a b****, remember that" he said kissing her lips again before walking off.

Lauren finished cooking and made Maurice and mimi's plates and sat them on the table. She walked up stairs and got Mimi from her room and sent her down stairs.

She walked down to maurice's room down about to knock on it but the bathroom door opened and maurice walked out with a towel wrapped around his waists.

"what are you looking at?" he asked with a smirk as lauren looked him up and down.
"nothing impressive" she said about to walk away but he stopped her and put her up against the wall.
"you tryna play me?" he asked.
"no" she said lowly.
"it thought so" he said kissing her and biting her lip softly as he pulled away."karma" he said winking as he walked away.

she felt a tingle in between her thighs as maurice walked away and inside him room.

"i hate you!" she called out as she walked down stairs.

(have to right an essay for class, more tomorrow)


Ats what Im saying man, fcuk Ana. She in another country cheating anyway only worried if he paid the credit card bill, didnt even ask abou there daughter or hows hes doing. Hoe.
Now those kisses was nice, they say disney is the magic kingdom huh, looks like its magic was working on Maurice and Lauren. Get him girl. oh what will they do next???? RUN IT!!!

Woooooaaaaaahhhhhh!!! They finna get it innnnn!!!!! Lol. Run it:)))

Oh Snap!!!!


its about to get freaky! lol

oh snap.! its about to go down like pants lol LITERALLY

run it.!

maurice if u dont keep them lips to yourself! but i knew it would come eventually..i think they would be good together..they can be themselves around each otha..ANA is an absolute fool..RUN IT!


Uh oh I smell a sex scene coming up lol
Run it!!!!


The weekend came fast and Lauren and Maurice were just as excited to go to Disney Land as Mimi was. Lauren packed a backpack full of snakes and juice for them to bring with them. She walked outside to put the bags in the back of the car and then turned around to see maurice with a <a href="">Camera</a> in his hand.

"Say cheese" <a href="">Maurice</a> said as he walked towards lauren and snapped a <a href="">Picture</a> of Lauren.
"beautiful" he said showing her the picture he took.
"yeah thats nice but your daughter is growing impatient" Lauren said laughing.
"okay, okay lets go" he said putting turning off the camera and getting in the driver side of the car.

After an half an hour drive Maurice parked his car in the parking lot and then got out the car. Lauren got out the car and helped Mimi out the back. They walked into the park and showed the usher their free passes.

"what do you wanna do first mimi?" lauren asked her.
"that one" she pointed at the kiddy roller coaster wih.
"you wanna go on with her, or should i?" lauren asked.
"i'll go, come on baby girl" he said picking her up."here try and take some picture" he said handing lauren his camera and went ot get on line.

Lauren found a good spot on the other side to take pictures from and waited for them the get over and start the ride. Once they got in and the ride started lauren began to take picture. Lauren couldn't help but laugh as Maurice pretended he was on a huge roller coaster.

The did everything Mimi wanted to do, even if she wanted to do it twice or three times.

"hold up before we do anything else, we need to take a picture with mickey mouse" maurice said.
"you are such a kid" lauren laughed.
"Kids have the most fun" maurice said as he spotted the Disney characters."they they go, come on" he said picking up mimi, grabbing laurens hand and walking over towards mickey and minnie mouse.

"can you take our picture?" maurice asked a random person.
"sure" he said as lauren, maurice and mimi pose with mickey and minnie.
"thank you" he said getting he camera back and showing lauren.
"i wanna see!" mimi said as maurice said bending down and showing her the picture.

They walked over to a table and got out the sandwiches that Lauren made at the house. Maurice's phone rang a few minutes later and he looked at it to see it was Ana.

"i'll be right back" maurice said as he got up and picked up the phone."hello?" he answered.
"just calling you to make sure you paid the credit card bills" she said.
"i got it covered hows..." she cut in off.
"sorry, i don't have time to chit chat, i have to go bye" she said hanging up.

"everything okay?" lauren asked as he sat back down at the bench.
"yeah, just checking up" he said.
"okay, so what should we do next?" lauren asked.
"teacups" maurice said."and then home, someones looking tired" he said as they looked over to see mimi rubbing her eyes and yawning.

They packed up their stuff and walked over towards the Tea Cup and got in. Lauren put mimi on her lap and held her as maurice began to spin the cup.

"i think she feel asleep" lauren said laughing as she tried to look down at mimi who face buried in her chest. Maurice stopped spinning and moved to laurens side to see if she was sleeping or not.
"yeah she's knocked out" he said they waited for the ride to be over so they could go leave.

There was and awkward silence as Maurice and Lauren started at each other. Then suddenly Maurice moved in until him lips touched her. He moved away and looked down.

"i'm sorry i just wanted..." she cut him off by pulling his face to her and kissing him again.

The ride stopped as they pulled away from each other both with expressions full of shock and confusion. They got up and got off the ride. They headed towards the parking lot and got to the car.

A half an hour later they got back home and lauren but mimi in her bed and walked out closing the door. When she turned around she seen maurice standing by the stairs.

"i apologize for earlier" he said.
"i apologize as well" she said as they both stood in the same place.
"there's just something about you, i fell like myself around you" he said."i hope i didn't make things awkward around here" he said.
"no, no at all" she said as there was i silence again."i'm..i'm gonna go start dinner" she said as she began to walk pass him.

She walked down to the kitchen and ran her hands over her face before pulling out the pots she needed. She turned around to walk back up stairs to maurice but he was already at the bottom of the steps.

"this isn't right" lauren said."i'm not supposed to like you" she said putting her hands on her head."this isn't supposed to happ..." he cut her off by pressing his lips to her once more.

(UH OH! lol)

yepppp Maurice wife is cheating smh
and yay hes going with them, cant wait for the rest!


run it

Run it!

ana triflin self is in mexico smh..lauren should mention the call to maurice..i mean that is part of her job right to take messages lol.but anyone maurice knew good and well he wanted to go to disney land with them in the first place..he lovin this alone time lol.. RUN IT!

i knew ana was creeping with her nasty ass.!
im glad that nigga devin, who seems like a
a**hole, decided not to go because now I
think lauren can see a different maybe more
relaxed and kiddy side.of maurice without
having to worry about ana coming in and
acting like its wrong. ugh.! i dont like her.!!!

run it.!!!

What the hell is going on with Ana's card in Mexico. I bet that hoes cheating on Maurice, I know it. Aww Devin rejected her, that sucked. At's aight tho cause Maurice is gone take go with them, I think they'll have an interestingly good time. Ats aight Mauirce and Lauren can have them a lil nice time together. Cause secrets gone get exposed. RUN IT!!!!

I knew she was creepin around on him!!

Forget Devin!!

And awwwww Disneyland lol..RUN IT

ohh snap! it was a sign! good thing he rejected her! cuz lauren and maurice :D
oohh lets see how the play date goes...
she should have told him about Mexico!
run it