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The Nanny Affair

*(all my other stories expect 'Her Room: Make It Work' will be discontinued until further notice, i just don't know where i'm going with them)*


"i don't know about this Ana" <a href="">Maurice</a> said to his wife.
"think about it, we don't have time in the morning to take mimi to school and we don't have time to pick her up" his wife <a href="">Ana</a> spoke.
"a live in nanny though, i don't want strangers in my house" maurice spoke.
"it needs to be a live in how else do you expect them to be here early in the morning" she spoke."it's that or one us quits or gets fried for being late everyday" she said staring at him.
"fine" maurice said giving in.
"thanks, but you have to take mimi to school today, thanks, bye" ana said grabbing her bag, pecking her husband on the lips and heading out the door.

"MICHELE!! lets go!" maurice called out as their <a href="">Daughter</a> ran out the living room.
"okay lets go" he said picking her and her bag up."make sure you don't get yourself dirty, you have to look nice in your pictures" he said.
"i won't" she said
"promise?" he asked
"promise" she said giggling.

(BTW the baby i used is my little cousin :) lol)


run it

First let me start off by saying your little cousin is so adorable! I'm sorry but I wouldn't have hired her because the first thing that would have came to my mind is that something can possibly happen between her and my husband (you never know these days)

Runs runs runs runs runs!!!!

Run it!!!

Run it

Hmmmmmm -_- I don't know how to feel about this? RunIt!!

Run it:)))

Lol maurice know he bout to be creeping.!!!
Run it.!


Ooooo Maurice finna be creepinnnnn. Run it:)))

Chapter 1

Maurice and Ana sat in their living room having a conversation about the few people they just interviewed to be their Nanny. So far no one was meeting the expectations of what they wanted, although Maurice still didn't want to even have a in home nanny to begin with.

"the last guy was okay" ana said.
"listen to what you said...GUY" maurice said."i don't want some strange man to be around my daughter 24/7 he could be a pervert" he said.
"a women could be just as much as a pervert as a man" ana stated.
"hence my reason for not wanting a nanny" maurice said getting up off the couch.
"where are you going theres one more person we're waiting for" ana said.
"you can handle it, meanwhile i'm going to go take a shower" maurice said walking away and up the stairs to their bedroom.

Ana sat on the couch waiting for the last person to arrive when she head a knock on her door.

"COME IN!!" she called out as the door opened.
"Hello, I'm Lauren" <a href="">She</a> said walking in and shaking ana's hand.
"i'm ana, nice to meet you" she said as they both sat down."how old are you?" ana asked.
"22" lauren spoke.
"are you in school?" she asked.
"graduated about...2 months ago actually" lauren said smiling.
"congratulations" ana said
"thank you" lauren spoke.

"okay, well what are your qualifications, have you worked with kids before?" ana asked.
"i worked in my mom's Daycare from when i was 18 up until i turned 21, and i studied to become a pediatrician" lauren told her.
"nice, so you know alot about taking care of kids?" ana asked.
"everything from just playing with them to treating a sickness properly" Lauren said.
"great so it's like having a nanny and a nurse at the same time" ana said."you will be able to be a live in nanny, correct?" ana asked.

"yes" lauren answered.
"good, because my husband is a CEO of his Law Firm which means he works all kinds of hours and i am an actual lawyer and we need you to be here whenever we're not" ana said."when can you start?" ana asked.
"whenever, i can start today, if you needed me to" lauren said with a small laughed.
"how about tomorrow?" ana asked laughing.
"seriously!? i got the job?" lauren asked.
"yes, can you move in here by tomorrow?" ana asked
"defiantly" lauren spoke."thank you so much" she added hugging ana and walking out of their house.

Ana ran up the stairs to her bedroom to see Maurice coming out their master bathroom with nothing but a towel on.

"done" ana said throwing herself on the bed.
"done? whats done?" he asked.
"i hired our new nanny" ana said.
"without my input? ana no i.." she cut him off by put her finger on his lips.
"shhhh, relax baby i know i picked a good one" she said."let me start of by saying i did not hire a man. she's a college graduated, worked at a daycare center for 4 years and studied to become a pediatrician" ana said.

"one slip up ana and i'm firing her" maurice said."if something goes missing or my daughter ends up with a bruise, she gone" he added.
"if anything bad happens, i'll personally fire her myself" ana said hugging him and putting her head on his chest.

Lauren walked out to her where her best friend keyanna was waiting for her. She hopped in the car and started it.

"sooooooo?" keyanna asked.
"i got the job!!" lauren said excitedly.
"thats great" her friend said."but isn't going to be wired living in someone else house?" she asked.
"i guess at first yeah but i'll get used to it" lauren said pulling off down the road.
"true" keyanna agreed."how are they? are they cool people?" she asked.
"i only met the wife, she seems cool hopefully that doesn't change, but the husband is a CEO of some law firm and she is a Lawyer so you know i'm getting PAID" lauren said laughing.
"don't forget about the little people while you on this part of town" keyanna said.
"shut up, i'm not about to become a instant millionaire" lauren said.

--The Next Day, Sunday--

Lauren loaded up all her stuff from her room at her moms house in the trunk of her car.

"you sure you wanna do this?" her mom asked."you can always come back to the daycare" she added in.
"i'm sure momma, besides no disrespect but they can pay me alot more then the daycare can" lauren said.
"just be careful over there" her mom spoke.
"i'll be okay mom, if anything i'll call you" she said hugging her mom.
"you better" her mom said."i love you" she added.
"love you too momma" lauren said letting her mom go and getting in her car.

Lauren pulled off, honked the horn and waved at her mom and she drove down the road. It was about a 15 minute drive to get to Ana and Maurice's house. When she got there she parked her car in their diveway and walked towards the back of her car.

Inside the house ana walked towards the window to look out when she heard a car door shut. She saw lauren pulling boxes out her trunk and turned to face maurice who was sitting on the couch watching TV with mimi on his lap.

"she's here, our nanny is here" ana said."go help her" ana said.
"you go help her, youre the one excited that she's here" maurice said to his wife.
"Maurice, go help her now!" ana demanded.

Not watching to here her mouth any longer her sat mimi on the other side of him, sighed and got up. Opening the door to his house he walked down the lawn and onto the driveway.

"you need help?" maurice asked lauren who jumped at the sound of his voice not knowing he had walked up.
"oh, uh yeah thanks" she said.
"i'm maurice by the way, you're lauren right?" he asked pulling the heavier boxes out of her trunk.
"yuup thats me" she said closing the truck once all the boxes were out.
"nice to have you" he said picking up to boxes at a time.

Keep going I want to see where this goes!!! Run it!!!!!

Keep going I want to see where this goes!!! Run it!!!!!

Loooovvvviiiinnnnngggg this!!! I see sooooooo many different ways this story can go and I'm ready to see which path you gonna take. Kerri and Chris as a couple.... I think GREAT:))) and your lil cousin is toooooooo cute!!! Run itttt!!! <3

This is about to be all bad lol
keep the adds coming.!

Btw lil mama is adorable.!

rule number 1 never let a woman that look good
come into the house or hell man either you just cant


This seems like it could get real interesting
Run it

Keep it coming , I dig this &hearts;