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A Summer To Remeber

Classes had just let out it was time for nique and her friends to start there summer. they didnt hav to worry bout college classes for sum weeksso they planed to go to cali for there summer break. nique rissa charli and kim was all paced and ready to fly off to cail the girls had one more class before they headed to the air port.

rissa (pov)

My bae legacy should be around here sum wer i want to see him befor we leave he mit be at his dorm ima go chec and see while the girls in there last class. As i gt close to his door i hear noises like moaning so i kindly open the door and sumn dat crushed me i thought my eyes was playn tricks on me my hart droped frm the pain i was filln.

nique (pov)

my last class had jus let out wen rissa came up to me cryn dis wasnt pose to be happn we pose to be happy its summer vaction no school for almost a month we pose to be havn fun now my homei gn be down cus she caught her man bangn another b**** in his bed smh i mite say sumn to his no good ass

charli (pov)

i was in class ready to gt out of here it was taken to lng i was ready to see cali


tick tock tick tock this class taken for eva its time for me to go im tryn to be on the beach

run it?


The f*** is wrong with him, why please if he think imma spend days cryin over his ass he got me so f***ing wrong! Imma have fun in Cali while he sleeping with a b**** that probably got ST to the muthaf***ing D's! Hoes kill me these days. I'm happy now I can have Trey without keepin it a secret!
Run it!!

Drama already, I don't already like legacy he air nothing but a dirty dog ass nigga. Loving it so far,
Run this sis :D <3