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Strawberry Lies

I missssssed myy babies !!!!!!!!

Where are y'all ?!?



b****, I'm not muthaf***ing Ghetto Panda Bear. Quit playing with me ho lol.


Ghettoo PandaBear shush lol

Lol yes... doggy DOES want that kitty lol.

uhhh not i


Who twerking??

doggy want that



How has everybody been???


hey kandy

Thanks, i'm in the best mood right now.

Hey Everybody..

congrats dany lol


Guess who won the game!!!

RAGE b****ES!!!

Now all we have to do is win that southern cali tourney this weekend and it will be a good ass season :)

-_______________________________________- lmao

But I can get it you can't
You have to be the strong one Lexi
*runs around skipping*

me too ana lmfaoo

f*** f*** f*** man I need sex lol

F U C K yo name.

And F U C K Nani lol.

stop hating on my name sheesh lol but i am gonna change it wen i think of something better

F u c k y'all !!!!


Another whip.... I broke the last one on Ty's back lol

And I bought a sex swing and some lotions and potions.

lol hey what did u get anyway from the shop?

Damn! I forgot! *slaps forehead*

That wasn't me that was my twin nana
Nani looking you know she the sex police

Awww Ana I saw you at the sex shop last week..... I didn't wanna reveal my sexy toys tho lol.

I never see you trolls anywhere lol

Bye Nani....