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Engaged At 17 ⚤

My best friend just came back from the Marines today! ♥
I'm so drawn back by what happened! Like.. I cant breathe correctly!
I wanna tell you guys but details sound waaaaay better!


Drake's 'Over My Dead Body' blared over my loud speakers, as I finished some of my homework.
A knock interrupted my focus & my little cousin came running in jumping on my bed.

"Kay, your mom wants you to come downstairs."

I blow air out my lungs while grabbing his hand & dragging him to the door. "And I didn't invite you in my room either, so get the f*** out!" I yell.

"Oooo, im telling teetee!" He ran downstairs before I could react.
I slammed my door & plopped down on the bed. My day had been rough as it is, I didn't want my mom doing anything to make it worst. Just as I got back comfortable I heard my mom yell my name.

"Come downstairs! Someone's here for you!"

I sighed & made my way downstairs. "Yes moth—"

My eyes were big & I screamed. "OH MY GOD! Hey Avery!"
Jumping on him I hugged him tight as he spun me around.

Avery has been my best friend since eigth grade. We met when some girls were jumping me. Everybody else watched & he came in slamming them all on the ground. From day he's been my savior.

I call him that because in my freshman year, I went to a party that was only for juniors & seniors. A guy named Rodney who had been throwing the party was pissy drunk. Him & his friends. I gave this as my que to leave but him & his friends bumrushed me & tried to force me to do things. And just like an angel—Bam, he was there to save me.

"Hey Kray," he said using my nickname that he gave me.

"I missed you so much! I thought you would never come back!" I say smiling hard.

He smiled & shook his head. " You didn't believe my promise?"
I nodded & repsonded, "Yeah, you just stopped sending me letters thats all."

My mom butted in. "I still get a response from you either, hum? Oh! You hungry?"
He laughed & shook his head. "Im sorry mama Sykes. I promise to make it up to you. But no thanks, I was hoping if it was okay with you me & Kay could eat out?"

I shoved him playfully. "Boy Im grown!"
My mom gave me a 'Child please face'. "Yes she can go, but have her back by 10.. & not pregnant."
I rolled my eyes & grabbed his arm, dragging him up the stairs.

"Oh! & Kay!" she yelled up the stairs as we made it to room.

"Cuss in my house again & ima stick my foot in your ass."
I sighed & closed door.
"Where we going?" I asked stripping out my clothes & changing into some new ones.

"Well, I was thinking we can do the usual—Sal's Pizza & catch up on some updates on eachother." I nodded & threw on a pair of my vans. "Sounds like a plan to me, you ready?"
He nodds & I follow him downstairs.

"Mom, have some food waiting on me when I get back please?"
She threw a pillow from the couch at me. "Kiss my ass."

I laughed & left with Avery. When we got to the Pizza spot me & Avery had a really good time.
"Oooh I see you, on your grown woman aint you?" I laughed at him. "No, I just got tired of feeling like the ugly one when I got around a bunch of girls." I pretended to look around & pointed at me.

"You? Ugly? In the same sentence?" He said obviously trying to make jokes. I did laugh. But it still didn't change the way I feel. He smiled, "But fareal though, who told you that?"

I shrugged. "Nobody.." He starts giggling. "Yall women kill me with those insecurities."
I mug him. "What's that suppose to mean?"
He throws his hands up. "Nothing.. Im just saying. Your beautiful. Even if I am the only person who thinks you are. Its the truth." I smile & bite into my Pizza.

"Your the prettiest girl I have ever laid my eyes on. If I were your.. boyfriend I would prove it to you every single day."
I smile & wipe my mouth with a napkin. "So, where are you going with this?" He gets up & gets down on one knee. "Your the only person who supported me when I left for duty. You would always write me letters, call me.. You believed in me when everybody else wouldn't."

He dug in his pocket & pulled out a small case & opened it. "I used all my college savings for this. For us—I mean. I never got a chance to tell you this.. But I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. Will you marry me?"
I was froze for a minute, I just couldn't think. I said the first thing that came to my mind before he grew impatient. "YES!" He put the ring on & picked me up as he kissed me passionately. "Everybody she said yes! She wants to marry me!" Everybody joined in on the excitement clapping & congratulating us.



We have to sit down & talk about this with our parents. Im scared. What if they say no?
They are probably going to say were to young.. ♥


Awww Dany lol...

OMG OMG OMG Congrats!!!!
That was beautiful!!

Just read threw this s***. Congrats hun. As for this situation with Bree being do in September with Chris' child?! We gon have a situation!

Check your meesages.

Run it <3

Ummmm... in September lol.

You & me both!
When are you having Chris' baby? You gone be on there prego & all lol

Lol, I'mma turn into a B I T C H for the cameras.... And just be extreme af on purpose.... Whew! I can see it now.

Let me come wild out with you! Lmao Shake my ass in the camera &
Try to get this record deal (:

You best believe, I'mma wild out on camera.... Chris gon' be so embarrassed lol.

Yes! .. Tyga's taken already. You gone be on bridezilla's too right along with my mom & lexi lol

Ughhhhh. No I'm not! lol.

Awwwee thanks guys. &hearts;
Bree your getting married to Chris if it kills me! Lol

wait..HOLD THE f*** UP?!?!?!?! Here I am running it and s*** and this is real life?!?!? CONGRATS!!! As far as sitting your parents down I think you either have two options you can either hold off from telling them until you turn 18 yourself and then it really wouldn't matter or you can just tell them&&see what they have to say. You're right when you say that they will prolly say yall are too young but he's in the military so he has a career going for himself&&great benefits (free housing, health insurance, etc.) again CONGRATS!!!!!

Thats a great thing to do. Congrats lady!

Y'all young af, but I did see that you said until your junior in college lol.

So, that's cool. Congrats.

Bree whats that suppose to mean? Lol
Thanks though (:

Lmao , Thanks! I can see you on there. You gone invite me? Lol

Wait... hold tf up....

Damn, well I hope this works out.

Yeah, until my junior year in college so we can see if getting married is actually something we want to do & can handle.

lmfaoo its not a story but congrats again i guess just dnt rush it and please dnt go on bridezilla ...thats all me whenever i decide to take that step.

Are you guys gonna be engaged for awhile?

Its not a story Shelly.

Eighteen , im seventeen (:

Awwwww. Wait, how old is he?

Oh my gosh girl..I can't wait to see where this goes!! That is so sweet of him&&I can already tell she loves him but will it just fck up their friendship by getting married?? RUN IT!!