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new here

Hey everyone my name is Isaiah. I am new on here. I know that mostly girls are on here but that doesnt bother me. I love to write and I love women so thislike heaven lol. Ive never been on here beforetoday i was just browsing around and i found this site and i saw that people wrote on here. I havent had the chance to read any stories but i look forward to doing so. I hope that i will be welcomed on here and im not some creepy ass nigga looking for a girlfriemd lol i just want to write in a place where people understand.
And even though i am i guy i hope i dont make anyome feel weird. I get that a lot now a days but im honestly just here to read and write. Im in the process of begining a new story that i want to dedicate to m brother. I hope you all read it and give honest feedback.