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For thousands of years the war between Silver Fangz (Werewolves) and Blood Aristocrats (Vampires) have raged, many lives lost on both sides for control over the inner Gothic metropolis city. It wasn't until later that the bloodshed had stopped and the Silver Fangz and Blood Aristocrats made a truce; the Fangz would control downtown and the Aristocrats would control uptown on the condition that neither one would step into the controlled borders. All who were in attendance to this truce were the Ancients that sought out to keep the peace between the two groups..but all of that was about to change for the worse..

The Silver Fangz
<a href="">Uri</a>
<a href="">Reid</a>
<a href="">Zena</a>
<a href="">Ira</a>

The Blood Aristocrats
<a href="">Khino</a>
<a href="">Paos</a>
<a href="">Celestra</a>
<a href="">Nika</a>

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i like this its different
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At least he didnt kill her
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(Groans) I feel like I've been run over by a steam roller, I held my head in my hand trying to focus my surroundings. Then it just hit me that I'd been taken captive by the Fangz and I didn't know if Celestra and Khino made it out alive. My other hand was locked in an iron bracelet dead bolted to the wall so there was no chance of escaping; the door unlocked from the outside and opened letting in some light into the pitch black room. "She's awake, bring her to Uri" one of the wolve's said; another one grabbed the key from his pocket and unlocked my bracelet. Before he did I had to promise that I wouldn't try to escape, they then dragged me up to my feet leading me into the direction of where their leader was. My head darted from left to right at the peering fire coal eyes staring up at me from the darkness, "Keep it moving" the guy said pushing me hard since I was moving too slow for them. I'd recognized this as the abandoned train station when we got into the heart of their coven. We reached a door stopping in front of it, the guy jerked his head towards me and gripped me by the face; "You smell of fear Aristocrat.." "Why-why would I be afraid of a mutt?" I spat back at him. He bared his teeth, his silver fangs shining brightly in the dim light as I bared my fangs at him as well. "Reid" a voice called out, the guy let go of my face and backed away; I looked up to see what I assumed to be their leader <a href="">Uri</a> with three other wolves behind him.

"They haven't harmed you have they?" Uri said folding his hands across his chest looking up at his two wolf members. "No, but why haven't you killed me?" I said shuddering from fear. "We know why you're here but believe me when I say this..we're not the responsible ones for your Aristocrat's death" "If that's the case then why not set me free?" I asked. "We believe you might be of some use to us..come" he said extending his hand out but Nika spit dead in his face.

"I'd rather face death than help you!" Nika said with conceit; Uri let out a low rumbling growl that shook the tunnel walls and his eyes turned acid black. "..Don't test my patience Aristocrat..because I might just do that" Uri said calming back down, his eyes returned to their natural color. "I assure you that no harm will come from any of us while you're down here and anyone who does will answer to me" he said looking menancingly up at Reid. "I suggest you get some sleep, daylight's in about 25 minutes" and Uri turned on his heel and left; Reid and the other wolf pushed Nika into the room that she'd be staying in and locked it from the outside. Nika then began wandering about the room looking for some type of escape hatch

<em>"Oh and I wouldn't try escaping if I were you...sweet dreams"<em>

Nika could hear Uri's voice in her head and tried to shake it out of her thoughts; whatever they had planned Nika was not going to be apart of it. She then spotted a boarded up window and started taking off the boards one by one; the wolves outside must've heard the commotion because they were desperately trying to get the door unlocked. Nika got half of the boards down leaving enough crawling space for her and began climbing through the window. By then the wolve's were now in the empty room and Nika had escaped to the upper level of the train station, she could hear them shouting behind her and started picking up speed. Daylight would be here soon and it was a journey back to the coven should Nika make it in time before the sunrise. Her heart beated loudly in her chest and she had to quiet it before the wolves heard it; Silver Fangz had keen hearing and picked up on various sounds of their victims. She turned a corner seeing the tunnel leading out into the city; Nika then made a run for it as she'd turned back to see the wolves on her tail. Nika was nearing to freedom and almost out of the tunnel when to her horror...the sun was peeking over the horizon and slowly rising into the sky. Her skin began to sizzle and burn but there was no way that Nika would be turning back, but the pain was so unbearable to Nika that she collapsed in the middle of the street later on passing out. Uri ran to her side with a blanket covering up Nika before throwing her over her shoulder and taking her back down into the shadows where it'd be safe.

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Why didn't Elydia tell them it was an accident, s***. Now they all bout to die, and it's the Aristocrats fault for traveling down there first. If he would've obeyed them he wouldn't have been killed, swear people don't think before they do something anymore.
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*Back at the Blood Aristocrats Coven*

Paos, Khino, Celestra and the other vampires had sat down for a feast, Nika came down minutes later to take a seat near Paos just before the leader <a href="">Kraus</a> was about to propose a toast. "A toast, for 200,000 years this coven has remained strong and as we prepare for the awakening of Nehmnhad let us celebrate the still remaining pact between the beasts and us" the table laughed a little before becoming quiet. "And speaking of which, I think we should send them a message in their native tongue" Kraus said snickering a little; he began howling like a wolf making the table burst into laughter. The laughter then came to a dramatic halt when <a href="">Elydia</a> came in; Elydia was the messenger and had the power of seeing into the past and future.
"Elydia, what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Kraus said, "I'm sorry to interrupt but I must report a crime that the Silver Fangz have committed.." she said with her head low. Kraus's smile faded and he slunk back into his seat; whispers were heard around the table. "What is it Elydia?" "The Silver Fangz have killed an Aristocrat my lord.."

*Weapondry Room*
Khino, Paos, Celestra and Nika began putting on their armory; Kraus ordered them to do a complete 'kill and clean' operation. "I have a bad feeling about this boss, sh*t don't feel right" Paos said cleaning his gun. "We have orders Paos, whether it's wrong or right they attacked first" Khino said; "But what about the Ancients Khino? If they found out about this that's punishment to the coven, Kraus is about to step down from the leader's spot anyways why should we listen to him now?" Celestra argued. "I know..and it sucks but the truce has broken there's nothing we can do about it now" Khino said. Once their armor and guns were ready the four vampires sought out into the night down into the lower Gothic Metropolis underground. "Paos, take the eastern route, Celestra take Nika with you through the western route, and I'll scope out through the tunnels" Khino said as he placed his ear piece on. They split up going into the instructed paths, the smell of the water waste and garbage scrunged up their noses. "Still got a bad feeling about this boss I think we should split while we have the chance" Paos said into his ear piece. "Cut it out, everything's gonna be fine" Khino said back, Paos then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw one of the <a href="">wolves</a> staring hungrily at him. Paos eye color changed to a deep dark red and his fangs protruded out at the sight of the wolf, "Paos? Paos what's going on?" Khino said; "spotted one and he's an ugly one" Paos snickered. The wolf growled menancingly at Pao taking one step closer, Paos fired a shot missing the wolf hitting only the side of the tunnel wall. The wolf approached even closer picking up speed, Paos then started shooting off ammo when his clip emptied; Paos hurried to get his other clip into the gun but the wolf pounced on him knocking it out of his hand. Paos stared fearfully at the wolf as its jaws opened revealing it's sharp teeth as he screamed out in terror. The sounds of Paos painful screams echoed in the tunnels startling Celestra, Nika and Khino. "Paos? Paos? Sh*t, Nika we gotta go back" Celestra warned, Nika nodded her head in response and the two women took off in search of Paos. After running around mindlessly in the dark they found Paos lying bloodied in the sewers, Nika reached to find a pulse but found nothing. "Khino Paos is dead we gotta get outta here" Celestra said into her ear piece but only got static on the other end. "Khino? Khino can you hear me?" Celestra repeated. Nika's eyes widened, "Celestra I'm scared we need to get out n--" Just then they heard the echoes of a wolf howling coming in their direction. "Get back to the coven! I repeat get back to the coven!" Khino shouted out through the ear piece, the ladies then took off full speed not daring to look back at what was chasing them.
Just as they were hitting a turn Celestra was pulled into the darkness of a pathway followed by her screams and wolves growling. Nika kept running now looking back to see an entire pack of wolves chasing her; she was almost out of the tunnel but was knocked out by Reid before reaching the open entry. She fell to the ground as Reid hovered over her; the wolves stopped by the command of Reid making them turn back into the tunnel. Uri then stepped out to take a look at the trespasser himself; 'This one's still alive Uri" Reid said for assurance. "She better be Reid" Uri growled, "No..please..don't kill me" Nika said softly unable to open her eyes; Reid and Uri laughed at her begging. "Don't worry we're not gonna kill you..Reid take her back to the coven she might be of some use to us." Uri said standing back up; Reid threw a now unconscious Nika over his shoulder as they disappeared back into the dark tunnel. Meanwhile Khino who'd seen them take Nika captive ran back to the coven injured with minor scars.

After this night, the tide of anger and retribution will spill into the streets of Gothic Metropolis.

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Down in the lower part of Gothic Metropolis was the downtown slums; a kind of ghetto so to speak and also home to the Silver Fangz. They got the name because of their two front teeth that was made only out of silver; an odd trait as it's been believed that silver kills werewolves but a unique trait as that. They had little to no power and stayed mainly underground. Silver Fangz were also considered to be on the bottom of the food chain and inferior to the Blood Aristocrats because of their lack of leaders and common sense; due to that they're the only remaining pack that hasn't been killed off in G.M. They even acted like wild dogs in human form, aggressive and overpowering. To spot out a Silver Fang you had to look for the embroided birth mark on the inside of their palm in the shape of a paw print. Four of them were the protectors; Uri, Reid, Zena and Ira and a rare form of Silver Fangz. Unlike the rest of their pack, Ira, Reid, Zena and Uri were newly evolved Silver Fangz meaning that they could take form any time without the control of the moon. Ira was the youngest of the four and when he would change his fur would be a light grey with hazel eyes. Zena was the only female of the pack so life for her was always a fight to prove how tough she was; her fur color would be a brownish umber color and her eyes would be dark green. Reid was the playful one looking for a fight with anyone who dared to get in his way; his fur color would turn jet black and his eyes a golden yellow. Uri was levelheaded and had to take control over Reid whenever he got too hotheaded, he's also considered as an older brother to Ira and Zena since there was a closeness between the three. His fur color was light brown and grey eyes.

The pack laid in their secret coven hidden underneath the streets near the abandoned train station. Uri laid in his bed lost in thought while trying to read a book he'd found in the ashes one day when the pack moved in, it was called 'Our Kind.' Uri stopped mid sentence and sniffed the air using his wolf sense before saying, "Come on in Ira the door's open" he said going back to reading the book. "How'd you know it was me coming?" Ira said coming into the room; Uri pointed to his nose, "Oh." Ira said. "He still fighting?" Uri asked referring to Reid, "Yeah that's why I came down here. Reid's crazy" "And you're surprised why?" Uri said non chalantly. "He's been having talks about rising up and starting an evolution against the Blood Aristocrats Uri" Ira said. "Reid is all talk and no action so I wouldn't be worried about that, plus he knows the code of conduct; we don't invade them and they don't invade us." "....But what happens when the line's been crossed?" Ira said partially spooked; Uri closed his book looking up at Ira suspiciously. "Ira, is there something that I don't know about?"

Ira looked fearfully in Uri's eyes; he could never lie to him and he was a bad liar anyways so he kept his mouth shut. Uri's piercing eyes penetrated Ira's soul looking for some answer because Ira wasn't saying anything. "Ira...did Reid do something?" Uri asked; Zena bursted in through the door with a fearful look in her eyes. "You didn't tell him did you Ira?" Zena said looking in between him and Uri; "What's going on with you two? Is there something going on?" Uri said sternly. Zena and Ira remained silent, Uri bursted into low werewolf growls scaring them; As levelheaded as Uri was he was also a fearful killer, you wouldn't want to piss him off. "Will SOMEBODY tell me something before you piss me off even more with the silent treatment?" Uri growled, his eyes turning an acid pitch black. "Reid--Reid killed a Blood Aristocrat a few nights ago" Zena said lowly; Uri's eyes turned back to their regular color but the color in his face had been completely drained. "What?" Uri said in disbelief, "It-it it was by accident; Reid mistakened him for a human." "SH*T!" Uri knocked over papers that were on his desk sending them flying everywhere; Ira and Zena were shakened by his sudden outburst. "(Panicked Panting) Are you the only two that know about this?" Uri asked, Ira and Zena shook their heads yes, " long as the pack stays low for a few nights everything will be fine." "Why what's wrong?" Zena asked; "The Ancients will be coming back to check up on us, if word gets out that one of our kind murdered an Aristocrat..the truce is over." "What happens when the truce is over?" Ira said fearfully. "...bloodshed Ira."

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The rain was pouring hard in Gothic Metropolis, a rain that no one had ever seen before. High up above the city was the coven of the Blood Aristocrats..vampires; they controlled upper Gothic Metropolis and were invested in blood stocks from A to AB, some even had human political hands in to handle their day business. The Blood Aristocrats were also keen on their code which was keeping their numbers small; something that'd helped them survive for the past 200,000 years without human eyes watching. Also Blood Aristocrats were swift and clean killers when they wanted to be and not a trace of evidence could be left on their drained victims. Among the vampires there were four who were highly praised as they were the protectors of the coven; Khino, Paos, Celestra and Nika. Khino and Paos watched the Eastern and Western Gates and Celestra and Nika watched the Northern and Southern gates and each protector had a special ability. Celestra had the ability to control the elements; fire, water, earth and air, Paos had super sonic speed, Khino had telepathy and Nika had the ability to inflict pain on her attackers mentally. However out of the four protectors Nika was the hot headed daring of the group even going as far as to break Khino's rules about straying too far away from the coven.

In three days the Ancients would be coming back to the coven to awaken Nehmnhad, he was the oldest Ancient and the oracle of the coven. Every century one of the Aristocrats is given control over the coven by Nehmnhad's wish; not only for that reason the Ancients were coming back to celebrate the still impacted truce with the Silver Fangz. Nika gazed mindlessly through the rain plattered window just in time to see the pale white moon appear from out of the departing storm clouds. Just then she could hear the howling coming from the city below making Nika's eyes glow a golden hue; "I hear it too Nika" Khino said leaning in the open doorway. "My thoughts are never private when you're around lol" she said with a smirk; "Nothing we can do about it, they're down there and we're up here and it's gonna stay that way." Khino said looking out the window himself. "Who do you think Nehmnhad will choose?" Nika said randomnly, "Don't know, quite frankly it scares the sh*t out of me," Khino said stuffing his hands into his pockets plopping on the window sill. "Why do you say that?" Nika asked; "There's been talks around the house saying that I should take over the coven" "You should. You're basically like the main protector" "Yes but to give up my life outside of these walls? I couldn't do it; I thrive off of the thrill of action. I may be an Aristocrat but I cannot dream of being within these walls for a century without danger. Know what I mean?" Khino said.

Nika sat on the window sill staring outside the window once again trying to take in Khino's words; he knew she understood him so no words were in need. Once again the sound of howling filled the night air only this time it was followed by three more howlers. "I wonder why they do that..howl I mean" Nika said, "Ah, dangerous thinking like that will get you killed; it's never best to try to get into the mind of a Silver Fang. Besides they're nothing but vicious dogs scrambling mindlessly with no future because their only chance of survival is to kill, and in the end they always end up looking like chopped liver." Khino said.

"Maybe..maybe they're like us, trying to get through this life of peril; always looking from the bottom up because down beneath them is just pitch black darkness." Khino turned to look at Nika before standing up, "The only difference between them and us though Nika, is the power." Nika raised her head up at Khino before sitting up from the window sill; "Come on, lets join the others for dinner." Khino suggested; "No I'll stay here" Nika said taking a book from her bookshelf. He walked out and closed the bedroom door leaving Nika to her thoughts.

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