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The Cookout|*Short Story

was bored so..this plus 2-3 adds & this s*** is over i have too much of a short attention span to do anything longer so enjoy it while it last

"<a href="">Kirk</a> did you start up the grill yet you know people going to be here soon" <a href="">I</a> said from the living room putting finishing touches on <a href="">Chaos's</a> hair."i'm doing it now sheesh besides you know black people never on time"he said carrying coal out into the back yard. I rolled my eyes and sighed "your father tap dancing on my last good nerve"i said as chaos just laughed."i'm finished go get dressed"i said as i patted her head.She made her way upstairs as i walked into the backyard to see just how much he had gotten done."checking up on me?"he asked while putting burgers and franks on the grill."maybe"i said walking over to him.He turned around and wrapped his arms around me."you know i asked dany and chris to watch chaos tonight so we could have a little time together tonight"he said kissing behind my ear."mmm..that's nice"i said with my eyes closed."who knows just maybe you'll end up with my son in that belly once the night is over"he said grinning.""i said pulling his arms from around me "no more kids popping out this cooch no time soon sweet heart" i said walking away."yeah we'll see about that"he said as he winked and blew me a kiss.

I went upstairs to our room and got out my,stripped,and got in the shower i had a good hour left before anyone should show up.i closed my eyes and let the water hit my face as i heard the toilet flush."the hell?!?"i said pulling the shower curtain back just a little bit to find <a href="">Nani</a> pulling up her shorts."come on now bish"i said pulling the curtain closed."sorry i had to pee"she said laughing."whatever prego get out hoe"i said shaking my head trying to kill the images."oh please you know you liked the view"she said laughing."get out"i said as she walked out laughing even harder.I washed my ass and got dressed throwing my hair into a sloppy bun as i made my way down stairs."this b**** just don't know"i heard <a href="*1LQdEtAsnAVNYgDG1rlFLvV6XEX7lK*mVepZRZm62XrkK*LVxOkUh9fx4o/NarsModel.jpg">Bree</a> yelling.I made my way out into the back yard to find everyone outside sitting around talking."what the f*** i told you b****es 2 why you here so early"i said."hello to you too"<a href="">Ana</a> said sitting on <a href="">trey's</a> lap."b****es was hungry"<a href="">Soso</a>> said as nani nodded rubing her stomach."i guess..what your ass going off at about now"i said to bree."oh even get my started"bree said balling up her fist."shut the f*** up"<a href="">Ty</a> said."NO YOU SHUT THE f*** UP MICHEAL WAS ANYONE TALKING TO YOUR RAT ASS NO b**** NO SO f***ING MUTE IT"bree yelled as the guys laughed."yo chill with all that"ty said sucking his teeth."no you chill before i get you in a choke hold lik i had that mini mouse reject"bree said grilling him."who...what chu talking bout"<a href="">Dany</a> said."mannn"bree said.

<em>flashback: DING.DONG "bree can you get that it might be chyna with king"Ty yelled from the bathroom.Bree sucked her teeth as she got up and answer the door to find chyna standing there with king in his carseat."micheal is in the shower so i'll be taking him and you can be on your way"bree said grabbing the carseat".Chyna sucked her teeth "you need to watch the way you talk to me child"."child?!?" bree questioned."yeah..child...i dont see no woman standing here"chyna said.Bree laughed and shook her head "good day chyna"she said starting to close the door."i dont see what ty sees in you...its only a matter of time but he wises up and comes running back to all this goodness..just lik he did the other night"chyna said with a smirk on her face.In 0.1 seconds bree placed the carseat on the floor punched chyna in her face and wrapped her hand around her nappy weave a good three times and banged her head into the pavement."come on b**** get up"bree said letting go of her hair. Chyna got up and swung but missed causing bree to catch her in a choke hold."bree chill ...chill"ty said running out the houseBree let her go and backed up as chyna laid on the ground trying to regain her breath.<em>

"daaaamnnnn"everyone but ty an bree said."she lucky i didnt break her s***"bree said picking a piece of invisble lint off her clothes."so it is true"ana asked."is what true"bree said."did ty really go see her"she asked."bree sucked her teeth and said "man ask the niggah".everyone turned their head towards him as he said..............



&& yes ana i stole some of ur pics i liked them better lmaoo


run it b****es


but yea chris turned dany kid out
he pulling two bad kids at the same damn
time lol hahaha damn yall all popping out with
youngings looks like me and soso the only ones
who can keep they man d*** in his pants lol


but real s*** chyna is AT THE DOOR


*face palm* Chris officially turned my son into a mini him.
But hey, can't help that my son looks just like his father :)
Chaos, Kingston, and Tyler is the Rihanna, Chris and Karreuche triangle all over again.
We've corrupted our children.
Chaos is just like her mama, for real!
She pulled the heads off her dolls, who does that?!?
Tyler is just like her mama too!
Lmfao at Nani trying to bend over and s***.
Oh lord! Who did Mama Ty bring around?
Chyna and little king??

Run it

"f*** ya'll looking at me for"Ty said with a screwed up face."cause we waiting on you to answer nigga"<a href="">Jermaine</a> said."none of ya'll goddamn business if bree wanted to know she should have asked me before we left the house"he said.Bree just rolled her eyes and poured her self a drink."hi everybody"Chaos said skipping out the house."heyy baby"Nani said trying to bend down to kiss her."haha...auntie nani you so Santa Claus"Chaos said with a wide smile."child please"nani said waving her comment away."<a href="">Kingston</a>"Chaos shouted as she ran over to give him a hug.He just smiled and hugged her back."awww"everyone said."looks like someone's ready for a sibling"ana said nudging me."i'm getting a brother already though"Chaos said."what are you talking about"asked bree."i heard my daddy said my brother will be here once the night was over"she said with a smile.

Everyone busted out laughing as i just shook my head."why don't you run up stairs and get the barbies your aunties got for you"i said.Chaos nodded and ran off to get her toys."remind me to watch what i say around that child"<a href="">bluey</a> said still laughing."s*** aint funny"i said slapping his arm."but its true"kirk said winking at me."pssshhh yeah you would think so"i said shaking my head.Chaos came running back out with a box and handed it to Nani."what the hell is this s***"Nani yelled dumping out the box's <a href="">contents</a>.Me and kirk busted out laughing while everyone just stared at us like we were crazy."i fail to see how that's funny"sofia said holding onto bley's arm."i told you all not to get her that girly s*** she's destructive hence the nme"i said smirking."uh uh that child is a demon...the spawn of lexi watch her be psycho just like your ass"bree said shaking her head."bree i know you not tlking with <a href="">Tyler's</a> rude ass"i said."she may be rude but she don't go around pulling off doll heads and keeping them"bree said."where is she anyways"Ana said off topic."my moms dropping her off in 5 minutes"ty said taking a sip of whatever is in his cup."oh snap both yo shorties gonna be here"<a href="">Chris</a> said dapping kingston."whoa whoa whoa dont be tryna turn my son into no little player"dany said."bae chill its in his blood"chris said flashing her a smile.

"hey everyone"Tyler said coming through the backyard door."wheres yo grandma"Ty asked."out front cursing out the cab diver"she said shrugging."come over here tyler wheres my hug"ana asked.Tyler smiled and went and hugged ana."kingston"tyler said walking over to him giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek."uh um"Chaos said with her hand on her hip.Everyone sat back and watched to see how this was going to play out."hi Chaos"tyler said about to give her a hug."uh no"she said holding up her hand to stop her.Tyler screwed up her face and tilted her head to the side."lets go talk"kingston said pulling them both inside the house."yeah ...trhats a little lexi all the way i feel for yu br"trey said patting kirk's shoulder."if something happens to my mind"bree warned."b**** please you don't scare me"i said.2 minutes later kingston came out the house with tyler on his left arm and chaos on his right wth them all smiling and laughing.."what i say...player player"chris said getting hype dapping all the boys while the rest of us just shook our heads.

"food done"kirk said."Bout damn time"nani said shoving everyone out her way to get a plate."damn fat ass s*** the food not going anywhere"ty said.Nani gave him a evil glare and turned bck around to fix her plate."you kno u done did t now"jermaine said laughing and shaking his head."look who i found"<a href="">momma ty</a> said comming into the backyard with..................


Will comment !!
Not feeling good !

aw shiiit
dis gon' be gud lol

nani rude ass
we all hungry as hell
that's the only reason
you gon' see somebody
at a cookout early

ooooh ty in for it now
smh chyna should know
better than to say some
sht like that to bree

and hell yeah bree
im iz gorgeous af!

lexi im stealin that
pic you used for me

Run It

We can already tell this cookout is going to be a damn mess. Bree went ham on Chyna! She has hands for days, there aint no doubt about that. Why Ana tryna scheme? i saw that s***. Eww, Kirko and Lexi tryna get they freak on while Chris and I watch their child. I cant wait to hear what Ty says.

Run it

lol i hope kirko can cook s*** a b**** really is hungry
but damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
bree got hands for days got on that damn rat like it wasn't s***
bree i f***s with you the long wayyy homie
lowkey i was messy for that last comment
hopefully ty say he wasn't with jerry or i know it will be hell
at this cook out.

its cool btw i be recycling pics too lol

Soso is gorgeous!!!! She is killing that cut lol. That's all I got. She honestly putting the rest of the cast to shame in the looks department. And his name is <strong>Michael</strong> not Micheal.

Those parts just stuck out to me. I'll be back.