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<strong><a href="">Eden</a></strong>

I inhaled deeply, letting the aroma therapy candles do their job, while trying to ignore the knocking on my door. The door opened slowly and a woman poked her head in.
"Excuse me Eden, they're ready for you on the set."
It was Krista, Tripp's assistant.
"I don't mean to be a diva or anything Krista, but they're gonna have to wait."
She looked at me surprised.
"It's just that Tripp is here and-"
I cut her off.
"Tripp should've been here 3 hours ago. Or am I mistaken?"
"Possibly but-"
"I'm sorry but I'm not rushing now. It's nothing personal Krista. I'll just be ten more minutes."
She sighed and backed out, shutting the door behind her. I really didn't mean to make things uncomfortable for her but I was serious. I waited 3 hours for this kid, he can wait ten minutes for me.
Three minutes later I could hear arguing outside my door. This time when the door opened it was <a href="">Tripp</a>.
"Can I help you?" I asked, keeping my back to him.
"Can you help me? You forreal?"
"I thought you'd be able to sense that from the lack of sarcasm in my voice."
"You must've forgotten who I am taking to me like that."
"Wrong. I know exactly who you are. The problem is that I don't care." I got up, checked myself in the mirror and walked past him.
"Krista, who is this chick? Disrespecting me at my own video shoot. She got it twisted. Replace her."
I smiled and kept walking.
"You ain't gonna replace no one Rodney. Now let’s go before I get back in my zone and you have to wait another 30 minutes."
He was quiet. I kept walking.
"It's Tripp," he said as he caught up to me.
"Rodney Tripp Preston, right?"
"Junior. Rodney is my father not me...I go by Tripp. Always have, always will."
I looked at him and saw something change in his face. It was soft, almost vulnerable.
"But yo," he said, defenses back up. "Who do you think you are talking to me like that?"
"I'm the chick that don't give two f*cks about who you think you are. Since we're gonna be working together for the next couple of days, you need to understand something." I stopped and turned to face him; he had beautiful eyes, pictures definitely didn’t do them justice. "I'm about my business and definitely about my money. I HATE when people mess that up. Be professional Tripp."
I turned back around and continued walking.
"You got a lot of balls and a lot of attitude-" he said. "I hate that sh*t..."
"That's life baby. You can't like everyone."
We finally got to the set and the director explained the concept of the video to us.
"Don't get crazy Tripp," I said as we walked over to the bed.
"I'm an artist. I do what I need to do to make the video look good. You better not get crazy when you feel all of this on top of you."
I turned to him and grabbed his crotch.
"I've felt bigger. I think I'll be ok."
Before he could respond hair and makeup walked over to us and did some last minute fixes. I undid my robe and handed it off. Tripp smiled and rubbed his hands together as he walked around me, admiring the lingerie I was wearing.
"Oh, we're definitely gonna have a fun couple of hours."
"Look Tripp, this is business aight? Don’t get out of pocket because I certainly won’t hesitate to correct you, I don’t care how privileged you think you are.”
I crawled onto the bed and waited for the directors cue. It was gonna be a long a day.

<strong><a href="">Angel</a></strong>

I woke up to the warmness of the sun shining on my face, the cool breeze of Barbados blowing gently across my skin. Once again I was reminded of how blessed I truly am.
"Wake up <a href="">Trevor</a>," I said as I tapped my husband. "You've got your meeting today remember?"
He groaned and rolled over, wrapping his arms around me.
"But it's my birthdayyyy," he whined.
"I know it is old man, but you still have responsibilities."
He popped up.
"Old man? I wasn't old last night when I was knee deep in that p**sy giving you all this d**k, was I?"
"Pfft, you wasn't giving me nothing. Who was on top again?"
"Yeah, because you wouldn't let me flip you over."
"I was just tryna make sure you didn't blow your back out or anything, old man."
He climbed on top of me and smiled.
"Requesting permission to refute the claims brought against me by the court, your honor?"
I love when he uses lawyer talk.
"On what grounds counselor?" I asked.
"Falsehood and defamation. I believe that I have an argument strong enough to force the court to change their views, and possibly have it bedridden for the next couple of days."
"Mm...request denied."
"Please reconsider-"
"Denied counselor. Are you hard of hearing?"
"Come on Angel," he said pronouncing the g. "It's my birthday."
"Say it the right way and I might reconsider."
"Te quiero Angel," he said, this time replacing the g with an h. "Por favor."
He kissed my neck and I giggled and pushed him away.
"You gotta get ready baby. The car will be here in 30 minutes to pick you up and you still have to eat breakfast."
He sat up and lifted one of my legs over his shoulder.
"You got all the breakfast I need." He kissed up to my knee and ran his tongue down my thigh.
"Stop Trevor."
He ignored me and lifted my other leg. I crossed my ankles and squeezed my thighs around his neck, putting my high school wrestling experience to use.
"You have to get ready."
"D*mn baby, I always forget about this vice grip that you have. Aight, let me go."
"You promise to stop and go get ready?"
"Yeah yeah. Come on now, you're starting to hurt me."
I released him and he rubbed his neck.
"I'm sorry, but it had to be done."
I sat up and kissed his neck.
"You're lucky I'm dark skinned, otherwise you'd be I trouble."
"I doubt it." I kissed him and got out of the bed.
He followed me and grabbed my arm.
"Can you at least shower with me?"
"Fine. But you better not start nothing."
He smiled and picked me up.
"Scouts honor."

After our shower, he got ready and I went out onto the balcony. I opened my towel and let it drop to my feet as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I loved the way the sun in the Caribbean felt.
"You tryna start something?" he asked, turning me around and grabbing two handfuls of my behind.
"You had your fun in the shower Trev. And you're lucky I even let that happen."
"I find my wife standing on our balcony in this beautiful country, wearing nothing but the sun and I'm not supposed to try something?"
He kissed me on my lips and started working his way down. The doorbell rang and he sucked his teeth.
"Be like this when I come back." He kissed me and pulled my hair. "I'll show you just how old I am."
"See you later Gramps," I said as he walked away.


Eden better buck up and get it Cuz Tripp tried it and succeeded!
Angel, Trevor is a axshole and she do better his old axs need a wake up call!

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Eden better talk!
And Angel know she need to stop Lol!
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Lol Eden's a mess & angel is off the chain xD

Run it!!

<strong> Eden</strong>

I was finishing up my yoga routine when Angel walked outside.
"Good morning sunshine," I said as I walked over to her. "I see Trevor kept you occupied last night. You really gotta start tying up your hair girl."
"I'm sorry about that E. We just couldn't keep or hands off of each other." She laughed but it didn't seem genuine. "You wanna reschedule?"
"Don't worry about it, I'm not tripping. I was tired there anything you wanna talk about Angel?"
"What? No." She turned and walked back into the house, I followed.
"You sure?"
"Yeah. So what do you wanna do today? Ooo, we should go up to the spa at the resort."
I knew she was lying, but I decided not to push it- for now.
"That sounds good. You know I'm all about relaxing."

When we got to the spa, they told us that they had a high profile client and they weren't accepting any more appointments.
"Who is it?" Angel asked.
The receptionist looked around before leaning in close.
"Tripp, the singer!" she whispered.
"What did you say?" I asked, shocked.
"You know, the sexy one with all the tatoos."
"Oh, no. Uh uh. Come on Angel, lets go."
"You tripping E. I'm staying." She turned back to the receptionist. "Can to tell him that Eden is here?"
"Angel, stop! You don't have to do that," i said to the receptionist. "We're leaving."
"Yes you do. We're staying. Go tell him please."
The receptionist made a phone call and Angel started messing with my hair and clothes.
"Quit Angel." I swatted her hands away.
Shortly after, Tripp came out wearing one of the spa robes and holding a glass of champagne. He smiled at me and I started to blush and smile back but I caught myself.
"You just had to buy out the whole spa for the day right?"
He smiled.
"I'm Tripp baby. No hug?"
I rolled my eyes.
"Be nice to me and maybe I'll let you and your girl come in."
"We don't need any favors from you, Rodney."
"Hi, my names Angel," Angel said, playing with her hair. She hadn't stopped smiling yet. "I like sex on the beach, not the drink, being tied up and having my hair pulled."
"And you're very much married," I said.
"But I'll pretend I'm not for you baby."
She sucked her teeth.
"Ok ok. I'm kidding...partially." She winked at him and he smirked.
"Nice to meet you."
"Let's go Angel."
I turned and started to walk away.
"Eden 'Selah' Campbell," Tripp said. "Born December 24, 1990. Your favorite color is green and your allergic to corn."
I turned and looked at him.
"I come down to planet earth every now and then." He smiled. "Stay, please?"

Uh huh!
Trevor is an official jackass!
He urks my soul!
Why would he bring that up!
That's Bold!
Run it!

<strong> Angel</strong>

When we got off the boat we went straight to the house. I went to my room to change my clothes.
"Where are you going?" Trevor asked.
"With Eden."
"We need to finish our conversation."
I ignored him and he walked over and placed his hands on my shoulders.
I sighed and turned to face him.
"Everything's fine," I lied.
"You sure?"
I faked a smile; something I'd gotten too good at.
"Good." He smiled and kissed me. "So you'll stay?"
He kissed me again and backed me up to the bed. There was a knock on the door.
"Go away," Trevor said.
"Stop it Trevor," I said. "I'm coming Eden."
I rolled from under him and grabbed my sneakers.
"You're fine Trev."
"It's been a whole day. Come on, real quick."
"You can wait 'til I come back."
I was practically out the door when he hit below the belt.
"Just like your mothers mortgage could've waited right? Or her car repairs?"
I didn't respond; what was I supposed to say? He hated not getting his way and he was always willing to stoop as low as he needed to make sure he did. He was always quick to throw his financial help to my family in my face when we were fighting.
"We've discussed this Angel. You are my wife, first and foremost, and your wifely duties are priority. Now shut the door and come take care of your husband."
I shouted down the hall to Eden before shutting the door.
"I need 20 minutes E."
When I shut the door Trevor smiled and walked over to me.
"Good girl. Daddy loves you."
I looked at the ground, knowing he was waiting for me to say it back.
"Don't be like that Angel." He kissed me. "Tell me you love me."
He sucked on my neck and I melted. He always played that card after a fight like this, and it always worked. It just made me so weak.
"Don't you love me?" he asked, still concentrating on my neck.
"Say it."
"I love you too Trevor."
"Good. Now show me."

Trevor need to understand how Angel feeling!
She just don't want to f*** you constantly!
Run it!

I hope Angel can smooth things out Trevor bout be out in the cold w/ blue balls! lol


"Thank you for bringing Eden out babe," I said to Trevor.
He stroked my cheek and pulled me closer to him.
"She's family sweetie. Besides, you need someone to keep you company when I'm doing business."
"Speaking of, do I get a whole day with you tomorrow?"
"No, but you got a whole night."
He smiled and tried to kiss me but I pulled away. I'm so over this right now.
I looked away from him. He put hid arms on the railing behind me, trapping me.
"I want to go sit with Eden. Excuse me."
"Come on baby, you knew we were coming out here primarily for business. It has to come first."
I rolled my eyes; this was one of the few things we fought about and we fought about it often.
"What about me Trevor? Huh? When do I come first?"
He exhaled and clenched his jaw, looking out at the water behind me.
"Don't start this now Angel. We were having a good time."
I crossed my arms.
"Move please."
He stood up straight and released his arms, and I waited past him and back to Eden.
"Everything ok?" she asked.
"Fine," I lied.
She nodded her head and patted her leg. I laid my head in her lap and she gently stroked my head. I loved that she always seemed to know, even when I didn't speak.

<strong> Eden</strong>

I sat on the balcony eating a late breakfast with Angel, telling her about my time with Tripp.
"So you're not into him at all?" Angel asked, sipping her orange juice.
"I didn't say that...but his personality is such a turn off to me."
"As fine as he is, I would've given him my number. Hell, I would've given him anything he asked for."
"Trust me, I know you would've."
Trevor walked out and bent down next to Angel.
"They just called me for another meeting," he said, "but I'll be back in a couple hours. Shouldn't be more than two."
Angel nodded her head.
He kissed her.
They were so cute together.
"And when I come back, I'm taking y'all out onto the water. I'll call you when I'm on my way so you can be ready." He stood up. "Love you baby."
"Love you too," Angel replied.
"Love you too!" I said.
He laughed and headed inside.
"Love you too Eden," he said, frazzling my hair on his way.
"I hate when he does that," I said, trying to smooth my hair back down.
"You're like a little sister to him. You know he loves messing with you."
I checked my reflection in my butter knife and sat it back down.
"You wanna go for a run with me?" I asked.
"Girl please, you know I only workout when I'm horny or frustrated. And I've been getting the best medicine for both- I'm good."
"Fine, lazy. I'll be back in an hour." I walked inside the house.
"You need to stop playing and get you some Eden," she yelled. "The right d**k can change your life!"
Never in my life have I met anyone who was a bigger advocate for sex than Angel. When I told her that I decided to be celibate 3 years ago, she lost her mind. Nonetheless, she supported me...after a month of trying to get me to change my mind. That's my girl though.
I got ready for my run, stretched and was on my way.

Glad you guys are enjoying it so far! I'll try to add tonight.

Run it!!:)

Run it!

run it

I'm too done with Tripp's Narcissistic Arrogant Fine Axs!
lol Eden is too much of a woman for Tripp!
Angel is my kinda girl! Get it in as much as you possible can!
I love Eden and Angel relationship reminders me of me and my bestie!

Run this Lil Lady!

Run it!
Aww I like Eden and Angels Friendship!
Tripp is a trip!
Trevor need to Chill with all they sex Gosh!
Run it!

When Trevor came back from his meeting, he insisted that we pick things up from where we left off. Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex with my husband but we have all night for that. I wanted to lay on the beach and experience what Barbados had to offer. So after we christened the balcony and the shower, again, I managed to get him out. We found a nearby market and did a little bit of shopping, tried some fresh fruit, had some lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Then we went back to the house, showered and changed and headed out to celebrate his birthday with dinner and a little dancing. When we got home, we went out back and lounged by the pool.
I climbed into Trevor’s lap and smiled.
“Happy 39th birthday babe,” I said, kissing his forehead.
“Thanks baby,” he replied, smiling weakly.
“What’s wrong?”
“…I’m 39 Angel. I’ll be 40 next year.”
“I know, but that’s not a surprise…does it bother you now?”
He opened his mouth to say something but stopped.
“I’m fine.” He kissed me. “Let go to bed.”
“Talk to me Trevor. What’s going on?”
He sighed and leaned back in the chair.
“After 40 is 50, then 60…then life starts going down. I’ll start getting weaker instead of stronger, start losing my teeth-“
I giggled.
“It’s not funny Angel.”
“I’m sorry baby, I don’t mean to laugh but I can’t help it. You haven’t turned 40 yet and you’re already putting yourself in diapers and a wheelchair. Are you happy with your life?”
“Of course I am.”
“Then that’s all that matters. Worry about getting old when you start to feel old, you’re STILL too young to worry now. Besides, as someone who gets to experience your youth firsthand, I can definitely say you are nowhere near getting old. At least this morning you weren’t.” I kissed him and gently tugged his lip when I pulled away.
He smirked.
“Daddy put it on you, didn’t he?”
“Mhmm, he sure did.” I kissed him again. “And I’d like for him to do it again. Unless, of course, he needs to wait for his second wind.”
“Please, I’m ready right now.”
I went to get up and he pulled me back down.
“I love you Angel.”
I smiled and kissed his bald head.
“I love you too. Now let’s cut the lovey dovey crap and go wear a hole in the matress.”

The director yelled cut and ended our last day of shooting. Tripp was still laying on top of me.
"You can get up now Tripp."
"I will, I will." He tilted his head and continued to stare into my eyes. "You don't feel anything here?"
Yeah, I felt something trying to form between us these past couple of days but nothing that was so strong that I felt it needed to be pursued. Besides, Tripp is just too much.
"The only thing I feel is you crushing me Rodney. Please get off."
He sucked his teeth and got up. I put on my robe and headed to my dressing room, Tripp following slowly behind me.
"You wanna call me sometime?" he asked.
"No thank you."
"Cool. You can get my personal number from- wait. What?"
"I said no thank you."
"What you mean? ....I'm Tripp though."
"That still doesn't mean anything to me. I'll be in touch with your assistant on the final cut of the video. Bye Rodney."
I opened my door and was about to step in.
"Wait....can I call you then?" He sounded anxious.
"...I think I'm gonna pass."
"You serious?"
"What's my name Tripp?"
"Beautiful." He smiled.
I smirked a little but pulled it back.
"Nice try."
"I mean, I know your name...I just can't think of it right now."
I shook my head in disbelief.
"This is the narcissism that everyone is talking about Rodney. We've been working together for 5 days and you still don't know my name. Everyone else on the set knows, but you're too in love with yourself to join the rest of us down here on planet earth. This is the main reason why I don't really want anything more to do with you."
I walked into my room and shut the door behind me. He had some nerve.
I gathered up my things and headed to the airport. I had a red eye flight to meet my best friend in Barbados.

The driver put my bags down next to me and I knocked on the door. Angel opened the door, smiling ear to ear and looking a mess all at the same time.
“Hey girl!” I said, hugging her.
“Hey yourself. Come on in.”
She helped me bring my stuff in and showed me to my room upstairs.
“This house is beautiful,” I said, collapsing onto the bed.
“Wait until you see the view from the back. At sunset and sunrise it’s absolutely breath taking. How was your flight?”
“It was ok. I’m exhausted though.”
“Me too.”
“I can see that. I know it’s late but you look crazy. What’s up?”
“You know Trevor turned 39 a couple days ago. I think he’s having a mini midlife crises. Sex makes him feel young so-“
“So he’s been putting in overtime huh?” I laughed. “Tell him you need a break.”
I went into my bag and pulled out some pajamas.
“I tried Eden! But he always changes my mind…” She bit her lip. “If his pipe game wasn’t so on point girl…mmm.”
“Oh my gosh, I can’t with you.”
"If you were getting some, you'd know what I'm talking about. Speaking of, how was working with Tripp?"
I changed my clothes and climbed into my bed.
"Ugh, ridiculous. But I'll tell you about it in the morning."
“Ok. I’m sleeping in here with you,” Angel said, laying next to me. “’Cause if I go back in there, he’s gonna feel me get in the bed and wanna go again.”
“That’s fine as long as you took a shower after the last time. I don’t want y’alls sex juices marinating in my bed.”
She laughed and tapped my arm.
“I did!”
“By yourself or with him?”
“…with him-“
“Get out.” I tried to push her out of the bed but she fought back. I could never figure out where she got all that strength from.
“Before we got out, we washed up. I’m good Eden. Chill.”
We both laughed and got comfortable again. It wasn’t long before I passed out.

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I love this already!
Tripp is a handful already!
Eden is my girl!
Trevor Lil freaky self!
How old is he by the way!
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