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CBW's Random Awards. (Voting is CLOSED)

<strong>The Awards have been postponed & will continue on a later date. My sleep pattern is completely f*cked up now. I gotta get it back on track because I'm literally sleepless.</strong>


It's closed ladies! Thanks for voting!

I mean 10 not 9 smh.


Um when it's 12 here in Tennessee, it'll be 1 am in New York and VA.

I already voted but I was just asking

For you, it will close at 9 Dany.

Hol up!

Voting will be closed at 12, what if youre in a different time zone?

yea i know *spongebob voice* lol

The stickers are the best part !!!


i get a sticker i get a sticker i get a sticker hey hey hey hey

Uhhh no lol @Nani

Sure Ana lol.

I exercised my right to vote

Can we vote twice lol

yeah ... can i get a sticker once i vote :)

Time to vote!

<a href="">or this one</a>

Ana, you are so right.

ayyee lowkey dany that second one kind of look like chris
someone needs to get to talking lol

<a href="">this one</a> Lexi


Just imagine if your son came out like <a href="">this!</a>

OFF TOPIC: dany i need a pic for kingston so i can put him in story

trynna add while im still n the mood & the idea is fresh in my mind

most liekly to get your panties wet TREY

most likely to make you drip KIRK

most likely to make you cheat CHRIS

most likely to make lose your voice COLE

most likely to cause a stream in your sheets BLUEY

most likely to f*** you in public T-RAWWW

dany ... don't make me to say anything
inappropriate... *nasty thoughts* i will keep them in my head
i would love to get it tattooed lol

hmmm Ty would be most tatted/king tatted

kirk wud be hmmmmm..... most laid back or country bamma i dunno noooo....kissable lips god those lips

Most confused goes to Chris

Trey gets my vote as well lol...

Chris comes 2nd. How many hoes he f*** lol.

lmao, imagine getting treys d*** on your arm lol

future porn star..
*passes out*
ohh god i would keep that video in my damn phone computer
hell i would tattoo the images on my arm lol

True Nani

Trey does seem like a future pornstar

Best Stripper

Future Porn Star
•Trey lol

Trey for stripper