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CBW's Random Awards. (Voting is CLOSED)

<strong>The Awards have been postponed & will continue on a later date. My sleep pattern is completely f*cked up now. I gotta get it back on track because I'm literally sleepless.</strong>


i think j. cole would slap spit from some one
and chris for stripper lol

This gon be a long ass award show lmao.

But uhhhh I nominate Chris for best male stripper lol.


most likely to slap the hell out of somebody lmfaoo

most likely to become a great male stripper lol

idk stuff like that

*flips hair*
Well maybe them hoes shld stop
throwing all tht damn sun arnd lol

For the guys? Uh what would you suggest? Lol

And Nani it's true :) lol

Nani, you throw shade but in a nice way, lol

Yes Bree, you're right. Oh lord! He be going in on Rachel/Angela in that damn story

are we doing nominations for the guys too?

One more of y'all hoes call me Queen of Shade

I am a real real nice person

its between welcome to hell rachel & chris and black pyramid bree & ty
i love that violent s*** ;) ;) lol

Best Celebrity Couple:
-Amber and Wiz
-Kourtney and Scott lol

Best Unofficial Couple:
-Trey and Kelly (Swear they got something going on)

Celebrity Girl Crush:
-Kim Johansson
-Kiona Garcia

Best Celebrity Break-ups:
-Rihanna and Chris
-Chris and Rihanna

Cutest Baby of The Year:
-King Cairo

Most Annoying CBW Member:

Most Random CBW Member:

The Freakiest CBW Member:

The Best Pretend Couple:
-Cassie and Chris
-My all time favorite...Bree and Ty

The "Perfect" Couple:
-Barack and Michelle Obama

The Rudest CBW Member:

The Nicest CBW Member:

The Best Commenter:
-A few other girls

Most Faithful Reader:
Too many to think of right now.

The Shade Queen of CBW:

The Road Trip Award:

The Sweet Heart:

That's too hard

Best Sex Scene:
-Hmm, thats tough too

Now idk if y'all read Welcome To Hell but "Rachel" & Chris crazy ass get my vote lol.

yea ima go with bree and x
he beat the f*** out of her in all
the ways i like

Best sex scene
Eeeeer too many to choose from
But if we're talking recent I'd say
X && Bree in BP

hell thats hard as s*** man .... uhmmm damn..
*looks at trey*
who sex scene did you want to f*** too..

Y'all right lol.

<strong>New Category:</strong>

<Strong>Best Sex Scene</strong> <em> Reading this scene had you tingling</em>

everbody makes me laugh soooo i cnt choose

i agree w/ juicee

i agree w/ juicee

idk that s*** is tough lol

•ummm we all havee our moments

aww soso *tear*
yea i would meet you guys too
then freak up on all the men in your city
and leave lmaooo

<strong>New Category:</strong>

<strong>Funniest CBW Member</strong>

I'd meet all y'all crazy ass lol.

i accept im rude s*** im proud of it *super cheese*
and awwww you guys would come see me i feel so special :)

im a start bein mean round dis btch! lol
meee? nice? Sneak is neva dat, son nahnah
aughhh, real talk lol

lol <strong>Hottest Couple:</strong> Trey and Ana ;)

Face it Ana. You the freak lol.

The Award Ceremony will be tomorrow with surprise guests lol.

Oh nothing Nanikins lol.

What Bree

so im the freak.... yall must not heard about bree
one time i seen her up side down on a swing while ty....

see im not even going to finish that lol

Lol... These nominations tho...

Nani puhlease!!!! Lol