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Don't Judge Me

The girls and I began to get ready for the Chris Brown concert. It was my 18th birthday and I've always been a die hard Chris Brown fan even through all the bad stuff he went through and all the changes. I did the finishing touches on my hair and make up then put on my sexy baby blue dress and the silver heels. I did the accessories and checked out the ending results in my full length mirror. Just looking at myself all I could say was DAMN!! I confidently walked downstairs and all eyes landed on me. I heard my step brother's friends whispering about how sexy I looked. He snapped himself out of the lil trance he was in and hit them.

"Well damn girl just make us look like some Goodwill swap meat rejects!"

Sasha yelled out and we all laughed. I hugged my mom and step dad then my step brother and we left.

The girls and I sat front row as Chris Brown performed 'Dont Judge Me', 'Countdown', 'Biggest Fan', and a throwback 'Invented Head'. In between songs he would clown, dance, and bring on other artists. The show was coming to an end in about 15 minutes. I swear those 2 hours went by as I glanced at the time on my iPhone 5.

"Now for this last song I'm gunna need a special lady up here. Where's my special lady at?? Let me hear ya!"

The girls began screaming at the TOP of their lungs. Chris looked around the audience then his eyes landed 1 place I thought they never would. On me.

"Shawty right there. I wan you."

My girls screamed as he pointed at me. The security guards came and escorted me to the top of the stairs then Chris gently took my hand in his and brought me to a chair.

"What's ya name gorges??"
"Well Ms. Kiara I hope you don't mind this."

He said as he pulled my body close to his and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"Can I hold you like this??"

I nodded my head and bit my lip.

"What about if I do this??"

He began kissing on my neck and lightly sucking on it. I moaned a little and he smirked.

"Do you mind that??"

I shook my head no unable to speak fearing that another moan would escape. The beat to '2012' dropped and the crowd went wild. He sat me in the chair and gave me a sexy ass lapdance sneaking kisses in and sucking on my neck. After that song came on they came and took the chair then the 'Sweet Love' beat dropped and the crowd really went wild. He serenaded me as we grinded and he was shocked that I could keep up and move like this. After a lil while he laid me on the stage floor and humped me. I bit my lip and flopped him over so I was humping me. I rubbed my hand on his abs and I could feel him hardening. We stood up and he kissed me as the song ended and we disappeared under the stage.

"Damn. How old are you??"

He asked examining my body closely and biting his lip. Damn that man does things to me!

"As of today 18."

He nodded his head.

"You here alone??"
"I came with my girls."
"Well do me a favor. Let them know you're not leaving with them tonight."

I smirked and did just as he said then found him again and we left to his hotel room after he took pics with fans and signed autographs. From the time we hit the limo to the bedroom neither of us could take it anymore. Let's just said we definitely did it like it was the end of the world. ;-}

As much as I look back on that night and think about it I was not expecting the events that were to come ..


Aww I love Tyga for that but what are we going to do about Chris run it

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awee, so cute. RUN IT.

{ CHAPTER 18 }
Tyga and I made it official a month after he spent the night. We've been together for about 5 months now and everyday I'm thankful for having a man like him. Diamond and I moved about 2 houses down from Chris so she's happy she has 2 rooms plus she's still close to Chris and I'm happy I have my own space. Diamond is spending the week at Chris' house so Tyga and I are at his house playing his XBOX.

"Move bae stop blocking!!"
"I'm not you just suck."
"No that's what you were doing to this pussy last night."

His jaw dropped so I took that opportunity to make the shot and the game was over 33-29. I looked over at him and laughed then picked up his jaw and kissed his cheek.

"All net baby."

I winked at him then got up walking to the kitchen. He came in and picked me up then walked down the hall to his room and threw me on the bed tickling me.

"M..M..Mich..Ael! Bae stop!!"

I managed to get out between laughs. He laughed also then finally stopped tickling me and laid down on top of me.


I said running my fingertips up and down his back lightly.

"You'll never understand how much I love you."
"You love me??"
"More than I can express. You've changed me, stuck by me, try to get along with Chyna, love my daughter, plus you never let me leave the house hungry or horny."

We both laughed.

"I know what I feel and I can't stop it. I've never loved someone as much as I love you Kiara."

He wiped my tears away and kissed me lightly.

"Why are you crying??"
"Nobody ever told me they love me."
"Well now someone has. I mean it with every part of my body. Especially my heart. Kiara I LOVE you."
"I love you too Michael."

He kissed me then we made love for hours.

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Aww, Tyga Man! See Chris, take notes nigga!
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run..damn y couldnt trey be in this story or drake lol

tyga is so sweet. Run it.

{ CHAPTER 17 }
Eventually I went back home and everybody was in the living room playing the XBOX. Tyga left the game and walked over to me hugging me.

"Where did you go??"
"For a drive."
"I figured that. You had me worried though."

He said with his arms around my waist.

"I'm sorry. I just needed to get away."
"I understand."
"You staying over??"
"Do you want me to??"
"Do you want to??"

He laughed and kissed my forehead.

"All you have to do is tell me you want me to stay with you ma."
"I want you to stay with me."
"Aiight. Let me go get some stuff for tomorrow and I'll be back."
"Don't be gone for too long."

I said putting my arms around his neck.

"I won't."

He kissed my forehead then left. Everybody was staring at me.


Chris walked over to me and grabbed my hand pulling me upstairs to his room. He closed the door and leaned against it.

"What Chris??"
"I owe you an apology."
"I don't even want to hear it. You apologize then do the same thing."
"You're right. I don't know why I keep doing this to you."
"Neither do I. I haven't done anything to you."
"Except bless me with a beautiful little girl."
"You had a part in that."
"I know, but for 3 years I had no part in her life. I wanna thank you for allowing me to be in her life now."

I shrugged.

"She's your daughter just as much as she is mines."

I tried to leave the room, but he pulled me over to him.

"Do you really love me??"
"Just answer me."
"Yes I really do love you."
"You can't define love. You can't explain the reasons why you love someone. Excuse me."

I pulled away and headed up to my room. Tyga came back 20 minutes later and we spent the night on my level cuddled, talking, playing around, and just enjoying each others company. Yeah I'm definitely feeling him.



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Chris has issues, with his mutliple personality having ass.... Onw minute he wants Kiara the next he's calling her names and basically acting like she some type of hoe. I mean yeah she f'd him as soon as she met him, s*** he's Chris Brown I would've tpo if given the opportunity. IJS. that Dont make her a hoe.
Tygas sweet he seems to really like Kiara, I hope they do try things out and see what happens. Hes a good friend an someone to talk to. I think Chris is getting jealous because he see her moving on and it just so happens to be with one of his good friends. I cant belive he's with that hoe Kandi tho. WTF is wrong with him just nasty. SMH. Id have tooken one of his cars AND HIS CREDIT CARD if I were her, wouldve had a shopping spree on his dumb ass.
I hope things get better, maybe it wasnt a good idea for her to move in with him, I think she should get her own place not to far from Chris maybe..... RUN IT!!!!


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Posted my new story Sweet Love make sure you check it out I need feedback =]

See that s*** right there Chris, I would've slapped the s*** out of you for that one. How are you gonna disrespect the mother of your daughter, but then get mad when she on another nigga. You obviously chose the hoe over Kiara so don't act surprised when she do that s*** to you. Imma need for Mama J to come get his ass cause he is getting on my damn nerves and I don't have a lot to waste on his dumbass.
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damn chris is wrong he would hav gt the s*** slaped out of him smh run it

{ CHAPTER 16 }
I woke up and did my hygiene then chose a cute outfit and did my hair. I walked downstairs and the doorbell rang. I opened up and it was Tyga so I jumped into his arms.

"What I tell you bout that??"
"My bad Michael."
"That's better. Where you going looking all sexy??"
"I don't look sexy I look normal and I wanted to do some shopping. Diamond needs new clothes."

We heard footsteps then Chris sucked his teeth.

"Can ya do that mushy s*** some other time?? Nigga we got work to do."

Tyga sucked his teeth as I got off of him.

"Chris stop tripping man damn. Isn't that hoe coming over anyway??"

I looked at Chris.

"Forreal Chris??"
"Don't start Kiara. You with Tyga right?? So stop sweating me."
"I'm not with him we're kicking it for now. You know what?? f*** it I don't care."

I turned back to Tyga.

"How long are you gunna be working??"
"I don't know yet. We still gotta wait for Game, Wayne, and Wiz."
"New song??"
"Yeah. You should stay with me then after we can go shopping for Diamond."
"Woah slow ya road nigga. If anybody is gunna go shopping with MY baby mama for MY daughter it'll be me."

Chris said. I rolled my eyes.

"Chris you seriously need to chill. How about ya go down to the studio and I'll make some snacks for everybody."
"Aiight shawty."

Tyga kissed my forehead and once again Chris sucked his teeth. I laughed then went to the kitchen and started cooking. A lil while later the doorbell rang so I answered and Kandi was there looking like a straight up hoe.

"Where's Chris?? No need for us to act like friends anymore since I already have him."

I just laughed at her. Such a stupid hoe.


She walked by and went downstairs. I went back to cooking and a few minutes later the food was done and the doorbell rang again. I opened it and it was Game, Wayne, and Wiz.

"Damn I wish I had a bad female like that answering my door."
"Nigga you with Amber Cole and ya have a baby. Me on the other hand I'm single. What's ya name baby??"

Wayne said. I laughed.

"I'm Kiara. Chris' baby mama."
"Of course. We saw the pics of ya lil girl she's gorges. Now I see where she gets it from."
"Thank you. Please come in."

They walked in and I turned to go back to the kitchen.


They all yelled. I shook my head and laughed then I told them where the guys were at. I put the food and drinks on a tray then walked downstairs. Tyga got up and helped me then the boys attacked the food. Kandi was sitting on Chris' lap dancing on him. The b**** can't dance for s***.

"Uh you gunna let her dance on ya man like that??"

Game said sitting next to Tyga since I was sitting on the arm rest.

"Chris isn't mines he's just my baby daddy."
"You love him though."

I nodded.

"I do, but he prefers hoes over a lady."
"Oh a lady f***s a famous guy she barely knows the 1st time they meet right??"

Chris said with his hands behind his head watching Kandi dance.

"That's the only thing you can say. You don't know me Chris. Yeah I f***ed you when I barely met you. I don't regret simply because I have the most beautiful precious little girl ever. Excuse me guys."

I got up and went upstairs, grabbed the keys to 1 of Chris' cars, got my purse, and phone then left.

damn that was wrong bt honest wow run it

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Neither one of them know what they want and they f***ing around with people they're all cool with is only gone make it worse. They need to figure out what they really wasn't cuz they confusing tf outta me...

Run it!

I agree with her, she deserves so much better. Plus Chris f***ed her girl Kandi so why can't she f*** his boy Tyga. I absolutely hate how he thinks he can do this and that but tells Kiara not to. Stop being a damn hypocrite and suck a f***ing d*** Chris
Run it

No love?????

{ CHAPTER 15 }
We're back in V.A. and we did move in with him, but that's all. Diamond is happy we're all together so I'm fine. He has 3 floors to his house and I took the 3rd. There's a door at the bottom so it's really as if I'm living in my own place. Diamond and Chris have the 2nd floor, the 1st floor is the guest rooms, the basement is Chris' studio on 1 half and the other is his built in gym. He has a pool and basketball court out in the back. I have a balcony on my level over the garden and since his room is in the back he has 1 over the pool. There's 3 rooms on his floor so he made the other into Diamond's play room. On my floor he turned my bathroom into a mini hair salon so I have everything, my bedroom is huge, I have my own lounge type livingroom, plus my balcony. Chris was in the back with his boys Trey, Mijo, Shad, Kendrick, & Tyga. Diamond was spending the weekend with Tootie and I was in the indoor pool with my girls. We were laughing and having a good time when the guys walked in.

"Well damn ya look good! Especially you Kiara."

Mijo and Trey said. We laughed then they went to change and came back getting in with us. I figured Chris would come over to me, but he went over to Kandi and flirted with her. I said nothing as I sipped my drink. Tyga came and sat next to me.

"You know you don't deserve that right??"
"We're not together."
"But you wanna be and he's playing with your emotions. You deserve better."
".. Yeah I guess I do .."
"You're a beautiful lady with a good head on ya shoulders. Don't let ya feelings for Chris get you down. You could have any guy you want. Even me."

I looked at him and smiled.

"Oh you're saying all this because you want me??"
"Pshh nah man I'm just .. Well kinda .. I mean don't get me wrong I did mean all of that, but I think we would make a powerful couple."
"Didn't you just have a baby??"
"I'm not with her I just take care of my child."
"I heard she's crazy."
"A little bit."
"I don't do baby mama drama."
"You got a kid yaself-"
"What ya talking about??"

Chris said splashing us from across the pool with Kandi.

"Stop blocking Chris."

Tyga said then turned back to me continuing our convo. Eventually we got up and went to 1 of the corner hot tubs. There was 4 corners and each had a mini hot tub fit for 2 people. He helped me down the stairs then he got in. We talked, laughed, and just enjoyed each others company no matter how childish Chris was being.

"You're gunna have me all wrinkled and s***."

He said laughing. We've been in there for about 3 hours then we got out and everybody else did too. I went up to my level and showered then got dressed in shorts and a sports bra. I went downstairs and everyone was showered so we went to the shed out back that Chris had rebuilt into a theater. Tyga and I cuddled up as Chris chose a movie. Around 2 a.m. everyone decided to head home. I told Tyga to text me when he gets home he said ok then kissed my forehead and left. I went into the kitchen for a late night snack then Chris came in.

"What's up with you and Tyga??"
"Nothing. We're just kicking it."
"You feeling him??"
"Yeah. He has this vibe that I'm feeling."
"That's my nigga. You're my baby mama. That's not cool."
"Chris you can't tell me who to date. You weren't worried about me anyway. Besides I saw you and Kandi sneak off for a hour. She's nasty so I know ya f***ed."
"We did."

I just looked at him then refilled my glass with apple juice.

"I deserve better."

I simply walked out and upstairs to my level. I can admit that I love him, but he's hurting me. I'm done being hurt especially by men.

Damit she gave in too soon, I would've kept making him want me. Now he all talkng bout he dont wanna do nothing cause he knows hed still mess with other girls and doesnt wanna do her like that, uh huh whatever Chris. But fo'real Kiara just needs to focus on Diamond and raising her. If she and Chris is meant to be it'll happen. Till then she can always play the field too. Get her a lil friend, Chris'll prob get jealous lol. RUN IT!!!

Not feeling to well

Keep the runs coming & I promise I'll update when I wake up!!!!

I'm so confused right now, does Chris want her or not. I mean s*** she was bout to f*** you and then you leave. I guess I gotta look at it from his point of view too. He did do a good thing by not having sex with her.
Run it

I'm so confused right now, does Chris want her or not. I mean s*** she was bout to f*** you and then you leave. I guess I gotta look at it from his point of view too. He did do a good thing by not having sex with her.
Run it