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Scared of Beautiful

<a href="">Scared Of Beautiful</a>

<em>No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful
Scared of the good, more than the evil
Scared of the light, more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for you
I’m scared of you
Scared of beautiful</em>




I feel like I'm watching a flower blossom when it comes to there relationship. They're slowly getting to know each other. Ik they both will have a big impact on each others lifes and eventually end up having a beautiful relationship:))) run it!!!

short add due to a busy weekend. More tomorrow though! Thanks for the support guys!!!

I sat on a nearby bench as I watched Donovan chase Shai all over the park. I was surprised to see him have just as much energy as her. He was so patient and loving with her as if she was his own. It was sweet.

He looked up and caught me staring and I quickly looked away. I don’t know what made me so on edge around him; I didn’t want him to know I was having any nice thoughts in his direction.

“You’re not slick.” He snickered as he walked up to me with Shai trailing close by.

“What are you talking about?” I spat back as he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“You can’t never be real about sh*t. And just put up a front. Why is that?” He asked as he sat down next to me and reached for Shai’s bag. He pulled out her sippy cup and handed it to her, and she giddily took it from his hands.

“What’s the front? What if I just don’t like you..” I snared as he smiled.

“You’re not the sweetest rose in the dozen either sweetheart. Don’t get that confused. You just got this vendetta against me and I ain’t do sh*t to you. And personally…I don’t think it’s fair because I’d like to say that I’m a good guy.” He said placing his hand on his chest as I rolled my eyes.

“I just know your type. And don’t care for it too much.” I said simply as he looked at me intrigued.

“Tell me about myself then beautiful stranger. It’s cute you think you know so much and this is the first real conversation we’ve ever had.” He said with the attitude beginning to become clear in his voice.

“Oh, and you don’t assume the same about me? One of the first things you said to me is that you see right through me..” I responded as he grinned a little.

“Because I do. Look.. I can’t say I know specifically what you’ve been through but I can see that you live out your pain. Some dumb ass nigga hurt you and that’s obvious. So you rule off anybody that comes your way..well except..” Before he could finish I cut him off.

“F*ck that. Tell me why you’ve never had a girlfriend?” I asked as his eyes widened a little. I was tired of his ass trying to always get on me.

“Tierre told you that?” He asked me as I nodded. He shrugged slightly. “Never wanted one.”

“Who wouldn’t want someone to come home to? To emotionally connect with?” I asked him as he shook his head.

“Just don’t..” He said simply as I pressed on.

“There has to be a reason…”

“No reason. Just don’t.” He lied as I looked for the truth in his eyes. They were too blank for me to read. I didn’t know him well enough.

“Anyway, what’s up with you and that b*tch ass nigga Aaron?” He questioned changing the subject as I smacked my lips.

“Aaron is cool. Why don’t ya’ll like him?” I asked as he picked up Shai and set her on his lap.

“He’s cool. But not loyal. I don’t f*ck with that too much.” Donovan said as I watched him make goofy faces at his God-daughter.

“You love her.” I blurted out as he turned and looked at me, before looking back at Shai.

“I adore children. They’re the most innocent beings on the earth. They see the world through unfiltered lenses. I envy that at times.” He expressed as I smirked a little.

“You love her as if she was your own..” I said again, wondering if he would admit that he even loved his God child.

“Yeah. As you say.” He replied as he started tickling Shai before picking her up and carrying her off to the swing set.

Tierre was right. He couldn’t express his love, even for a baby. That was scary…yet…relatable.

run it

I like Karrie she's different from Stacy's aggravating a** l

this is really good keep it coming
run it

Run it!!

Aww I'm glad Bobbi decided to let Tierre and Aaron in her life. The fact that she keep calling him Damien>>>> Seems like Donavon is a getting a dose of his own medicine with Karrie. I like her. She keep it G and ain't expecting nothing from him. I can see that Don really be lonely and tries to play it off.I wanna see him find real love,not lust. I wanna see Bobbi become a happier person just like Aaron does. Shai is soo cute!!

hopefully they will hit it off :D

I'm loving Bobbi and Aaron's relationship

Run IT

Run it plz!

Run it:)))

lol, sadly him and Bobbi will hit it off!

Wow I like how Karrie played Don like he plays women!! Now he must know how it feels to be used. Hopefully one day Don will want a real relationship and love. Now him and Bobbi will be perfect for each other lol. They both want love and they both know it but before that they might have a nice friendship growing :) Shai is adorable and she loves her some Don! But I thought it was too cute how Don knew Bobbi wanted to go to the park with him and Shai! I feel like he could grow to understand her better than she might expect since they both have similar views on matters of the heart! I LOVE this story so much already and I can't wait to read more!! RUN IT!!!!

I like how their relationship is developing. Bow Wow daughter is a cutie!

Run it!

Ooooooo do I see a little connection between Don && Bobbi:)))
I hope that shai has an affect on them so they could get along more and could actually have a decent conversation!!!
RUN IT:)))

i was waiting on that add lol

i see Don getting a lil taste of his own medicine from he aint used to that..but for real one day he gon get tired of living that way and gon want to settle down

yay she letting aaron and tierre be her "friends"!! finally starting to open up a they finna get her druuuuunk!

lol she know she wanted to go to the park with Don..its kinda cute he watching his god daughter..he need to watch his mouth tho!..cnt wait to see how this park visit goes lol cant be too bad..RUN IT!



I looked down at her <a href="">tattoo</a> while both of her hands were planted on my chest and she grinded her hips on top of mine. <a href="">Karrie</a> was my replacement for Stacy, and she was doing just fine. For the past two weeks we had been f*ckin non-stop. She didn’t want conversation, didn’t want a relationship, just wanted the D, and I was cool with that.

I busted a nut as she did too and she climbed off top of me and collapsed on my bed.

“Sh*t.” She breathed as she spoke my words exactly. I paused for a moment before I watched her quickly stand up and begin to put her panties on.

“You wanna grab some food?” I asked her as I reached over to the night stand to grab my phone.

She looked up at me and laughed a little before she shook her head, “Uh..that kinda sounds like a date.” She said as I shrugged.

“I just looked at it as two people who were hungry after they finished f*ckin..” I said nonchalantly as she chuckled before shaking her head again.

“Now I see why you got b*tches crazy after you. In a girl’s mind, you take them out in any way shape or form, it’s a date. Regardless of what you’re trying to call it.” She said sitting on the edge of my bed and starting to put on her socks and shoes.

“Do you wanna go..or?” I asked again. I didn’t care what it sounded like. For some reason I wasn’t ready for her to leave just yet.

“Ha, no. I’m not here to get close Don. I could tell from the first day I met you, you’re not someone to get close to. I’ll go on a date with someone that sees something more than just sex.” She replied casually as she stood up and looked around for her bra.

I was slightly offended by her words, “What’s wrong with getting close to me?”

“You ask yourself that. I’m not a f*ckin therapist. One day you’ll get sick of this sh*t and you’ll meet somebody that you’ll wanna allow yourself to love. That’s not what this is, and I’m okay with that. We have good..GREAT sex. Best sex I ever had, but I know when I’m being used. Sh*t..just know you’re being used too.” She slid on her shirt and grabbed her keys and purse off my dresser.

“Call me later tonight. I gotta head to work.” She said before walking up and placing a kiss on my temple. She learned early that I don’t kiss females.

I sighed as she left. I didn’t have any appointments today at the shop and was bored as hell. I decided to make time to spend with the number one lil lady in my life instead…



“This is the corniest sh*t ever.” Aaron groaned as we were walking home from the gas station not far from my Aunties house both eating out of our pints of ice cream.

“You’re my only friend here, you have to do sh*t like this with me.” <a href="">I</a> teased as he just crossed his eyes.

Aaron and I had been hanging out frequently over the last two weeks. We decided early that this wasn’t a romantic type thing. I just wanted people around me that I felt I could trust and he, Tierre and Jay had been my support systems thus far.

“So you gonna come out with us tonight? In celebration of your first day on the job?” He asked tugging at my scrubs as I shrugged a little. I had started my shadowing for my job today and the three of them wanted to go out and do something fun.

“I told Jay we can just have something small at the house. I’m not really the clubbing type..” I said softly as Aaron chuckled.

“Yeah, but I want to get your ass drunk. Maybe even high a little bit. See who you are really.” He teased as I laughed a little. Him and Tierre had both been telling me they wanted to see me drunk.

“Man I guess. But I don’t really smoke anymore. That was just a one time thing with you.” I assured as he gave me a ‘yeah right’ look.

“I just wanna see the real Bobbi. The Bobbi two years ago before her world came crashing down. She seems dope. The one I know right now, be acting like a pussy.” He said bluntly as I smacked him in his arm. He knew I didn’t like that word.

“F*ck you!” I laughed as he grinned.

“I mean I’m just keeping it one hundred.” We approached my house and he started walking towards his car.

“Well listen B, I gotta get to work. I’ll meet ya’ll over at the spot afterwards though.” I nodded as he walked up and gave me a quick hug before heading to his car.

I sighed a little watching him drive off. Since I was only working half days at the hospital my days were long and drawn out. I decided to take a seat on my front porch and enjoy the nice fall breeze. It never felt this warm in fall where I was from.

I was enjoying my serenity when I saw an unfamiliar 2009 all black Honda accord pull up into my Aunties driveway. I smacked my lips when I saw <a href="">him</a> get out of the front seat, and then raised an eyebrow when he pulled <a href="">her</a> from the back.

He rolled his eyes when he approached the porch and saw me sitting there, “You again.” He said bitterly as I gave him a bland expression.

“I don’t care to see you either Damien.” I scoffed as he growled.

“You know my f*ckin name. Stop calling me that sh*t.” He spat back as my mouth dropped.

“You’re going to use that kind of language in front of your daughter?” I asked looking at the precious little girl in his arms.

“God-daughter. And believe me, she’s seen worse sh*t.” He assured me as I stood up and scooped a small chunk of ice cream on my spoon.

“Hi pretty,” I cooed as she smiled softly at me. I started lifting up my spoon to her lips before looking up at him. “Can she have some?”

He shrugged, “Even though I have no idea where yo mouth been.” He added as I placed the frozen treat in her mouth. I flipped him the bird as she happily swallowed.

“And just because she’s seen crazier things doesn’t mean you need to add that to her life. She’s young and she takes in everything. You’re going to have her cussing before she turns two.”

“Thought your degree was in nursing, not social work.” He said as I just rolled my eyes.

“Oh so now you know what my degree is in? You stalking me now?” I asked as he laughed and tugged at my scrubs.

“Relax. I’m just observant. Ain’t nobody pressed over your ass.” He said as I tapped in his arm. He looked at me wide eyed before I pointed to the little girl.

“I’m sorry Shai.” He said sweetly while giving her a kiss on her cheek. She giggled and pinched his cheeks while laughing, it was cute.

He looked back at me, “Jay here?”

I shook my head, “Nah. What’s with everyone just popping up over this niggas house without calling him first? Is that how it’s always been?” I asked as he smirked a little.

“Nigga ain’t always have a job. We were used to just coming over and playing 2K while moms cooked.”

“Oh. Well do you want me to tell him you stopped by?” I asked as he shook his head no.

“I’m going to take Shai to the park till he gets home.” He said turning as I began to bite my cheek. I wanted to go because I didn’t want to be alone, and Shai was a cutie. I just didn’t want his company.

“You can come you know..” He called out as he reached the bottom of the drive way without looking back in my direction. How the hell he know I wanted to come?

I huffed before I started making my way off the porch, “You don’t know me nigga..”

Thank you guys for all the support! This story will be very that's all I'll say about that. But things will start picking up soon! Just giving and intro to all the characters you're going to see.

Adding more tomorrow!

I feel like Aaron and Don need to squash the beef and become cool again and Bobbi def need to take Tierre's advice

Damn ik they relationship bout to get started. Shane done put the thought in don head and ti done told bobbi to be open when it comes to love
Run it:)))

besides the fact that i am in love with teyana taylor
i love tierre's character shes very honest n open
she seems very sincere with everything so far
(i personally think chris shoulda been with tey n real life her beautiful ass)
anyhow i can already see damien lol i mean donovan gettin some sh*t started with stacy n new boo
n bobbi opening up to aaron :) his cute ass
anyhow runs

He done already found him a replacement hoe lol how convenient!.Bobbi need to listen to what tierre said. Fresh start fresh attitude. Makes perfect sense! Can't wait to c what happens next!

Run it!!

i hope she listens to what tierre had to say cuz she was speakin that truth..if she gon stay with the same attitude she had she could have stayed home..her moving aint helpin none..she needs to have a fresh start and open up a lil bit to them.. i think her and aaron would make good friends they both stay lowkey but i think something wud work out..and as far as Don..he need to kick stacy to the curb!! that hoe crazy she i drivin him crazy lol..even tho don and bobbi dont like each otha now i think they gon start kickin it soon..maybe not get togetha but they might become friends and stacy gon have a FIT! lol RUN IT!

Ooooooooh, RUN IT!

Run it!!

If he's not mad at the 'raw doggin the love of your life' part then why is he mad at Aaron?

I'm glad Bobbi is kinda sorta opening up..

What's next??


I am loving this story so far!!! Ok Bobbi was hurt so bad by her boyfriend ms beat friend but she needs to move on. I am glad she has a fresh start in LA. She does need to open up a bit though and not be so bitter all the time! Aaron seems cool to me and he and Bobbi seem to hit it off. Ok Donovan is bitter and stubborn too so I feel like he and Bobbi would get along if thy would stop acting so rude towards each other! But with that crazy girl Stacy I don't think Bobbi and Donovan can get close if she is still in the picture so she cn just leave since Donovan doesn't want her anyway!! Jay, Shane, and Tierre all seem cool as well!! Anyway can't wait to read more!! RUN IT!!!!

Hoe Alert! Hoe Alert!

I wonder what's Don's deal with Aaron?

Run it!!