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Scared of Beautiful

<a href="">Scared Of Beautiful</a>

<em>No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful
Scared of the good, more than the evil
Scared of the light, more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for you
I’m scared of you
Scared of beautiful</em>




Happy Thanksgiving Pretty Girls!


I was sitting at the dining room table filling out applications online when I heard the doorbell ring. Auntie was at work and Jay was supposed to be on his way home, so I hopped up from the table to answer it.

I was kind of surprised to find <a href="">her</a> standing there, she was a little startled to see me too.

“Yo wassup! Bobbi right?” She asked walking in as I nodded and closed the door after she walked in.

“Yeah, Jay hasn’t gotten home from work yet.” I informed her as I sat back down at the table. She decided to join me.

“Whatcha doing?” She asked popping her gum as I looked up.

“Oh, filling out applications.” I said as she smacked her lips.

“Man Jay’s ass ain’t tell you! You’re a nurse right?!” She asked as I nodded. “I work at the hospital in West Hollywood. I’m a receptionist there. We need nurses bad. I told him to have you send me your resume and I can get you on no prallem.” She shrugged as my heart raced with excitement.

“Seriously?!” I questioned for reassurance as she nodded.

“Yeah. I got you. You fam now. Even though you come off b*tchy.” She said flatly as I sighed a little.

“I wasn’t always like this…” I admitted as she nodded.

“Yeah I know. I can see deep down you want to be yourself, but you’re not allowing yourself too. Thing is. We’re all strangers. None of us have done anything wrong to you, and we don’t rock with ill intentions. Leave whatever happened at home, back at home. If it’s going to be a fresh start, have a fresh attitude as well ya know?” She advised as I took in her words.

“I’m not saying don’t have your guard up, because if I had been through what you’ve been through, I would have mine up too. But be open minded at least. We’re good people…well most of us.” She said as my mind instantly thought to Damien and Stacy.

“What’s up with that Stacy chick?” I questioned turning my nose up. She instantly groaned at the sound of her name.

“I can’t stand that b*tch! I’ve been telling Don not to even f*ck with her crazy insecure ass.” She spat as she pulled out her phone.

“Is that his girlfriend or something?” I questioned, wondering why the hell I even cared.

“Nah. As long as I’ve known Donovan, he’s never had a girlfriend.” She said in a matter-of-fact tone as I became more intrigued.

“Why not?”

She shrugged her right shoulder a little, “I don’t know. He doesn’t get emotionally attached to people like that. He cares about me because I’m his friend. But nothing deeper than that. I’ve never even heard him tell anyone he loves them…ever.”

“I don’t blame him though. Why love? It causes nothing but pain..” I sighed as she looked up and grinned at me.

“Love is beautiful Bobbi. Your last boyfriend and your friend didn’t love you. You’ll know when someone truly does. It’ll overtake your whole being, and your whole world will consist of you wanting nothing more than to be the reason for that person’s happiness. Don’t give up on it.”



“Stacy has not stopped blowing up my damn phone!” I growled as I ignored the 20th call from her while sitting behind the register. Mondays were always slow at the <a href="">her</a> shop. Shane and I were just bullsh*ttin.

“Man what the f*ck happened? I saw Tierre kick her ass out.” Shane said as he attempted to throw his trash in the trashcan basketball style. Of course is weak ass missed.

“Nothing happened. She asked why I ain’t go with her. And I told her she’s childish and needs to grow the f*ck up, and I don’t want to f*ck with her anymore.” I explained rubbing the back of my neck.

“Bout damn time. You need to find you a real woman and quit f*ckin wit these hoes. I know your whole objective is not to catch feelings, but they always do.” Shane said sitting on one of the couches.

“These b*tches just be too bad. Stacy would be coo if she wasn’t psychotic. I won’t be surprised if I wake up and my tires are slashed tomorrow. It’s just her pussy is amazing.” Shane just looked at me and shook his head.

“I’ll tell you who’s bad. Jay’s sexy ass cousin..” He said as I turned up my nose.

“Man, f*ck her.”

“Shiiittt, I wish I could.” Shane stretched as I laughed.

“She is cute, but her attitude isn’t. I’d end up choking that b*tch.” I huffed causing Shane to laugh.

“Ya’ll seem perfect for each other. Two stubborn people stuck in their ways.” I gave him the blankest stare ever.

“Never nigga. She was talking to bum ass Aaron anyway.”

Shane started cracking up, “Nigga you still bitter from that nigga raw doggin the love of your life?!”

I smacked my lips at his comment, “I ain’t love that hoe.”

“If you didn’t then why you still mad? That sh*t happened in f*ckin high school.” Shane questioned as I just fanned him off. I had my reasons for being upset with Aaron, which he and I both knew.

“It doesn’t matter. That b*tch got 3 kids with 4 baby dads now any way.” I growled as Shane busted out laughing. I laughed too before we heard the door chime.

We looked up to see <a href="">them</a> walking in laughing. Shane and I were both in awe of how sexy they were.

“Yo.” The shorter one said as she slapped a piece of a paper on the counter. I chuckled as I eyed her up and down.

“Yo.” I responded resting on my elbows.

“I’m high. And I want this f*ckin dragon tattooed on my hand.” She said as the girl behind her started laughing. I could tell they were both high. I opened the paper and saw the poorly drawn dragon on it.

“I can draw you a better one than that.” I smirked as she looked at me and bit her lip.

“Prove it.”

I dont like Bobbi right now..

Run it!!!

lol, awww. she got his name wrong O_o
But she should have went to work on that female. RUN IT!

Omg stacy needs her ass whooped! Ugh! I would end hrr life. I like aaron. I hope he is still cool. I feel like don & bobbi wont be friends. Maybe they will seee eye to eye one day. I love ththis tho! Run it!

Well hello Aaron! :)
He is cute, he seems
like he has a thing for
Bobbi already. They
hit it off right from the
gate, I see their relationship
going far. Ugh, can Stacey's
crazy ass go somewhere?
b****, dont nobody like you.
Dumbass ho! I love how she
calls Don 'Damien', he seems
to get butt hurt over that.

Run it

I wonder if she's gonna get with Aaron, or is she gonna grown a soft spot for Donovan. Idk, ut I want to know!
Run it!!

I wonder if she's gonna get with Aaron, or is she gonna grown a soft spot for Donovan. Idk, ut I want to know!
Run it!!

wth is Bobbi calling Don Damien is what I'm trying to figure out??? lol w/her mean self!!

I wish she woulda whoop Stacy for that. That was TOO childish and lowdown I mean really??

As for her && Aaron, this could be interesting :D

Damn you got my mind roaming now!!! Is she gone get with Aaron now??? I think her and Aaron are just gonna be really close. Idk I'm anxious to find out. Run it:)))

I'm loving that this story is so many things could happen right now. Bobbi is mean af but I'm loving her attitude lol. Some females need to be like that and not so available...any ways

Run it!!

I'm loving the story so far I hope she met some cool females to be friends with or something run it

More coming later! Hope you guys are liking it so far :)


I was tired of standing against the wall watching everyone have a good time but me. There was so much familiarity with everyone and I was just foreign. An outcast. And the only person who had even attempted to talk to me was Jay’s dumb ass friend. He said he could see through me? Well I could see through him. His whole demeanor reminded me of Jo.

I quickly finished my drink and gained enough confidence to join Jay and his friends in the kitchen.

“Ayyeee!” Jay yelled all loud with his arms open as I chuckled a little from embarrassment. Being the new guy sucked.

“Shane, this is my cousin Bobbi. Bobbi, Shane.” He introduced me to his cute little short friend. He smirked at me before he extended his hand and I shook it.

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled.

The guy from earlier was being annoyed by some red head before he turned his attention towards the two of us.

“Hold the f*ck up! He gets the nice greeting with the hand shake and I get the f*ck off attitude?!” He asked placing his hand on his chest and I just gave him a straight face. The red head quickly snapped her head around and looked me up and down. She must be the girlfriend.

I turned my nose up a little before I turned to face Jay and Shane completely. The last thing I wanted was her man.

“So Bobbi, I hear you live in LA now.” Shane said taking a sip from his cup, attempting to make conversation. I thought I’d feed into it, just to piss off that arrogant ass nigga.

I nodded a little, “Yeah, needed something new ya know?”

“Well, you came to the right place. I moved here from Atlanta when I was 13. Never had any desire to go back. I love this city.” He smiled as I nodded and kept quiet. I wanted to open up more but I was still too sober.

“Where can I get another drink?” I asked looking between the two of them as Jay grabbed my cup.

“I’ll fix it for you.”

I nodded as I overheard Damien’s conversation with his red headed b*tch.

“Why the f*ck you starin so hard then for huh?!” She yelled flicking him in his forehead. He huffed before he grabbed her arm to prevent her from doing it again.

“Stacy calm the f*ck down!” He yelled at her before she snatched her arm from his grasp. She smacked her lips before she made her way near me.

As Jay handed me my drink, the b*tch bumped me in my back hard as f*ck causing me to spill the drink all down my shirt.

“Oops.” She laughed looking at the mess she caused. “My bad.”

I wanted to smack the smirk off her face and was jumping to do so before Jay was holding me back.

“You did that on purpose hoe!” I yelled still clawing for her as she laughed and stepped back.

“Let me go Jay.” I ordered as everyone in the kitchen was looking at me wide eyed. I saw Damien rush to snatch “Stacy” up and escort her out. I just shook my head and went for the first door I saw.

“I’ll be outside.” I said angrily as I looked down at my shirt which was now ruined with liquor and soda.

“Ugh, dumb b*tch!” I yelled to the air before a voice next to me caused me to jump.

“Whoa,” <a href="">He</a> said as he blew out smoke from his blunt. “What I do to deserve that?”

I chuckled a little before I calmed down, feeling embarrassed for the third time tonight.

“Sorry, not you. This red headed slut spilled my drink on me.” I sighed grabbing my shirt.

He smiled a little before he nodded, “Ah, I see you’ve met Stacy. You must intimidate her.” He said before taking another hit. He handed the blunt my way and I reluctantly took it. I hadn’t smoked weed since college, but I sure enough was going to accept his offer. I was on edge and wanted nothing more than to work with that b*tch.

“I’m Aaron.” He introduced as I inhaled the drug.

“I’m Bobbi.” I said exhaling the smoke through my nose.

“Bobbi? Is that short for something?” He asked as I smiled. He was the only person thus far who had questioned my real name.

“Yeah. I’m not telling you for what though.” I teased as I took another puff before handing it back to him.

“It’s probably ugly as f*ck then. Cuz Bobbi sure as hell ain’t cute for a chick.” He joked as I laughed a little.

“Ah, she smiles.” He noticed as I blushed a little. “I’ve been watching you low key since you walked in with Jay. You mad at the world?”

I shrugged, “You can say that. Just don’t f*ck with too many people.”

“You shouldn’t. People can’t be trusted. I’m only here because Tierre my cuzzin. But a lot of the people she f*ck wit don’t f*ck wit me. Me Don and Shane all used to be bros. But we fell out over a female.” Aaron said flatly as I was intrigued by the story.

“What happened?” I asked curiously as he looked over at me.

“I started messing with this chick that was his friend at the time. I met her through him. I thought he was throwing me the oop..I ain’t know the nigga was secretly in love with the girl. After that it was always a rivalry. Always competing to be the best. Now it’s over who’s the best tattoo artist. Just dumb sh*t.” He shrugged as he handed me back the blunt. I already liked him, just for the simple fact he didn’t f*ck with them.

“You seem to be the realest person I’ve come across since being here.” I admitted after we talked for what seemed like forever. Aaron wasn’t my type, but he would make for a cool ass friend.

“You coo as sh*t too Bobbi. I gotta show you around the city. Introduce you to some new sh*t.” He grinned.

“I would love that. Anything to get away from my cuzzin for a little bit.

He paused for a moment before he spoke again, ”You know, I was just playing about that nickname not being cute. I like it on you.” He smiled as I did too. Our moment was interrupted by Damien coming outside on the back porch.

He rolled his eyes at Aaron before looking at me.“Yo, Bobbi..I just want to apologize for Stacy’s actions.”

“It’s coo Damien…just control your hoes.” I spat with the least amount of interest shown in my expression.

He smacked his teeth before responding, “It’s Donovan.” He corrected as I shrugged.

“I know what I said.” I said flatly before standing up. “Hit me up later Aaron.” I smiled before brushing past Damien


Run it!!

Uh oh, RUN IT!!

Damn Bobbi ain't giving homeboy nooooo play:)))

Me likey!!!

I love how you talk about Riheaux! Can't stand that b**** in real life!!

i might have to use that shyt bobbi just said the next time i encounter a thirsty ass nigga in the club...: "and idgaf" lol. Loving this so far...I swear Rihanna is almost always the thirsty ass bytch in everybody's stories lol. It just seems to fit her o so well lol.

hopefully bobbi wil be able to find some new friends that aint trifilin like her x man n x bestie...I woulda beat both of they asses. f*** a mental hospital i woulda been in the county jail lmao...but

run this asaP!!!

Damn bobbi aint give my dawg NO play. Dismissed his ass!!! Why is Stacey straggly ass there?!?! Like b**** bye!!! I hope he cuss her ass out and let her know they done f***ing. Run it.

Bobbi is rude af!!
He was trying to be nice but whatever!
He needs a reality check anyway.
He thinks to highly of himself.
Jay and Shane are funny.
Everyone knows that Stacy wants his kid.
She gives off this crazy vibe.
Poor Don.
Run it

daaaang bobbi rude AF lol..i know she still huerting from wat her man and best friend and beliee that was real foul but dang 2 years have passed u aint gotta be bitter towards every person u meet is a terrible thing to lose boy.i aint lyin

and stacy is too much..she really is tryna have his baby..dom betta watch out! lol she seem like she will be one hell of a baby mama..she is too crazy like psycho crazy! smh..RUN IT

Thank you for all of the support!

“AHH! My muhfckin BROS!!” <a href="">Tierre</a> screamed when she stepped on her porch and saw Shane and I approaching.

“Hey booty.” I greeted wrapping my arm around her neck and pulling her into a forehead kiss. I let go and examined my surroundings as her and Shane greeted each other.

Tierre, Shane and I went to high school together and always remained real close. She used to have a thing for me back in the day, but she was too much of the homie for me to smash. Tierre wanted to be somebody’s girlfriend, I don’t do girlfriends. Never had a girl, never wanted one.

“Yo, we’ll be inside.” <a href="">I</a> said to her as she nodded and continued to drink out of her bottle of Hennessey. I was trying to be on her level before the night was over.

We walked in and were instantly greeted by smoke and loud music. The party was live already and I was ready to turn the f*ck up.

<em>Clique</em> was playing as Shane and I made our way to the kitchen to fix us some drinks.

“What you drinkin tonight D?” He asked me as I shrugged a little.

“Same sh*t I always drink. Crown & Sprite.” I answered as I grabbed two red cups and some ice.

As I was mixing my drink for the night, I looked towards the door and noticed my homie Jay walking in with <a href="">her</a>.

“Yo, Jay and Felicia break up?” I asked Shane looking towards the door as he followed my eyes. Shane shook his head.

“Nah, he was with her the other day. I don’t know who ol girl is.” Shane said as we both eyed the mystery woman. I wasn’t normally attracted to brown skin girls, but she was catching my eye for some reason.

I watched as Jay whispered something to her and she shrugged before posting up against the wall. He walked towards the kitchen and instantly smiled when he saw us.

“What up cuzz.” He greeted as he crip locked with both of us. I was still looking at the girl he came here with.

I nodded my head in her direction, “You creeping on Felicia?” I asked him as he quickly turned up his nose.

“Nah nigga. That’s my cousin Bobbi.” He said with annoyance as he began to fix two drinks.

“Oh word? Didn’t know you had fine ass cousins.” Shane commented taking a sip of his drink. He took the words right out my mouth.

“Aye chill. She ain’t even one to mess with.” He told us as I shot him a look.

“She gay?” I asked as he chuckled before shaking his head.

“Far from it. She’s just…different. That’s all.” He said finishing the drinks. I quickly grabbed one.

“Let me take this over to her. Introduce myself.” I offered as he gave me this worried expression.

“Go for it.” He shrugged as I grinned and made my way towards her.

She was looking around uneasily grabbing her shoulders when I approached. She looked me up and down with disgust before looking off, probably searching for Jay.

“Yo, Jay wanted me to give this to you.” I said handing her the drink. She looked at it before looking past me at Jay in the kitchen. He smiled at the two of us and raised his glass and she kissed her teeth.

“Thanks.” She said flatly nearly snatching the cup out of my hand.

“I’m Donovan.” I said extending my hand as she mugged it.

“And I don’t give a f*ck.” She spat back as I was taken aback by her aggressiveness.

“Who did it? You want me to kick his ass?!” I clowned dismissing this tough guy act she was trynna pull. I was immune to b*tchy attitudes. A small smile formed before she quickly tried to hide it. She had her story written all over her face.

“Just leave me alone..” She said trying to dismiss me once more. I was going to continue trying, but I decided to give her what she wanted.

“I see right through your bull sh*t. Know that.” I told her before turning and walking back to the kitchen. I’ve dealt with enough women to know when I’ve come across a bitter one. She was cute, but not cute enough for me to try to manipulate my way into her pants. That was too much work for one evening. I needed easy pussy.

“Yo, no disrespect, but your cuzzin a b*tch.” I said to Jay as I took a sip of my drink. He and Shane found this hilarious.

“None taken. She knows she can be one. I’m about to go try to introduce her to some more people. She’s new here and she needs some friends.”

“Well, you can take me off the list of being one of them. I got enough on my plate f*ckin with Stacy.” I swallowed the rest of the liquor in my cup as the guys followed suit.

“I don’t know why you still f*ck with that crazy ass b*tch. You know she wants to have yo baby right?” Jay said as Shane’s eyes widened before he tapped Jay’s arm.

“Bruh, I was just TELLIN him that sh*t at the shop today!” Jay looked and gave Shane a straight face.

“Nigga shut up. Ever since Joi trapped your ass you think every woman out to get pregnant.” He said as I couldn’t help but laugh.
Shane shook his head at the two of us before turning his attention towards the door. An evil smirk appeared on his face before he looked back at me.

“Well if it isn’t the devil herself.” He grinned as I turned to see Stacy making her way over to me. Sh*t.

Can't believe her bestfriend did that to her but you gotta move on and get your party on with your cuz:))) Im starting to love this story allllllready!!!GOOD JOB TIFFANY:))

I like the song.

Oh my goodness, that's really f***ed up. Reminds me of Player's Club when she found her boyfriend and her cousin in the bed. I would've beat the s*** out of "Tsshay" I think that's her name......I would have gave her the business. Especially if I came to the realization that the baby was his......They would be screaming "Free Tia" because I probably would've beat the damn baby out.......

Ok, that sounded really violent what I just said....but I' just being real.

I really feel bad for Bobbi and how she had to spend her birthday in a mental hospital and that her trust with everyone is just completely gone all because of what she witnessed.

Her cousin seems really cool though, maybe he can keep her calm and introduce her to some real friends and/or a man that will learn to truly love her for who she is and show her that all men aren't the same.

I'm sad that she doesn't like seeing her reflection, she's beautiful (no homo) and she will find out one day.

Lol I hate when people smack to, it irritates me and makes me loose my appetite. Like DAMN is it THAT good?!

I slick agree with Jay but damn, he was so blunt. But she does need to move on because sitting in the past will just make things worse. She needs to get up and out the past.....IT'S 2012!!!!! TURN UP!!! I hope she has fun at the party and meets some new, cool, and real people and I hope she doesn't come off as a b**** to them like she did with Jay.

Well lookey here!!!! Don and Stacy.........I was at a mix of emotions when I saw.......her. I was kind of happy because deep down, I love them together, but also, it's always some mess when it comes to the two. But then I slick jumped for joy when I found out that it was a sex based relationship :)

Poor Stacy lol she thought It was something special waking up with him but really, if y'all have been doing this for 6 months and nothing changed the first 2 or 3 months then what does that tell you?! You're just a f*** buddy baby girl....gotta do better....

And I'll be damned if I run back to nigga that just basically TOLD MY ASS that I was just a good, quick f*** and nothing else. Shaking my head at you Stacy.

Lol Shane.......he seems cool as hell. But seriously, I've never heard a nigga ask ANOTHER NIGGA how he looks. Lmaoo I just can't imagine them say "You look good asf'" Lol I can't deal.

At tattoo place seems cool to have especially when they're business is booming and they are making good money I assume. It also doesn't seem like a stressful job. Too bad I can't f***ing draw so it wouldn't work for me lol.

Haters everywhere we go, they ain't playing about their shop with all those locks lol I couldn't even keep up I know they locked about things. But I'm ready for this party just like everyone else!!!!

I really like this so far Nicole.

Run It

First let me say that I absolutely love FOAF so I am SO ready to read Scared of Beautiful!!!

back to my review

I am SO mad at her friend riding her man while she at work I mean really who does that?? Ol triflin hoe..she shoulda straight Left Eye their ass and set the place on fire

I hope she finds someone new in LA!!

Hmm FOAF is beast. I'm ready for more of that....and this story is coming along :) I like. You are an amazing author. Runn