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Scared of Beautiful

<a href="">Scared Of Beautiful</a>

<em>No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful
Scared of the good, more than the evil
Scared of the light, more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for you
I’m scared of you
Scared of beautiful</em>




Oooooh Snap!!..Bobbi tryin to get some lovin lol


I mean, I guess Karrie is pretty much out the picture. Sucks for her. Omg Don is really different around her. He is like super into her. And Bobbi is super digging Don no matter how much she wants to play it off. I'm glad she stepped up and stop tryna make Don chase her. Aww they are so cute!!

Aww shid lol finally Bobbi admits her feelings run it

Aw snap Bobbi bout to get her some of Chris

Holidays have been crazy! Adding as much as I can. Thanks for all the love!

“Ayyeeee, TURN UP!” <a href="">Tierre</a> yelled as she raised her shot glass, and <a href="">Jay</a> and <a href="">I</a> followed suit.

We were all at Tierre’s house bored and getting drunk with no destination. We were just trying to cheer Jay up from his recent break up with his girlfriend. I never met the girl so I didn’t really care for her.

Jay quietly took his shot before setting the glass down. Tierre and I both smacked our lips.

“Man f*ck this. We’re getting your ass out the house.” I groaned as looked from him to Tierre. If I knew the best place to go I would’ve suggested it.

“Ooh, let’s go to this one nice spot downtown. They have 90’s night tonight where they play all the best music from the nineties. Me and Donovan used to have so much f*ckin fun those nights.” She said as I smiled softly to myself thinking of him. Must be the liquor. I wouldn’t smile otherwise.

“I guess. There be b*tches?” He questioned as we both chuckled.

“If there ain’t we gon find you one. You need to stop thinking about Felicia’s weak ass. Never liked her.” Tierre shrugged as I giggled. Tierre ain’t like no f*ckin body.

We finally dragged Jay out the house and made our way to the club. When we got there Notorious BIG “One More Chance” was playing and all three of us instantly started rocking as we made our way to the bar.

“Don told me he was already on his way up here to meet with somebody. So keep your eye out for him.” Tierre told us as we nodded and took the first three empty seats to order drinks. I felt a small hint of butterflies overcome me thinking about seeing him so I decided to drink more. Maybe the more I drank, the less I would be in my feelings about the situation.

After taking a couple shots at the bar, Tierre and I dragged Jay to the dance floor to get him more in the mood to party. Even though we bickered from time to time I hated seeing him upset about anything.

T started twerking him and I was dancing behind him when I looked up and saw <a href="">them</a> dancing and laughing. I recognized her from the last time we were all out, and instantly felt a hint of jealousy.

If Don had been here, then I knew he saw me, so the fact that he wasn’t speaking irked me to no end.


“I really want to come see you after this. You’ve been dodging me.” Karrie cooed as she tugged at my waist and I gently removed her arms. She had been doing that lately, getting more affectionate and wanting to be closer to me. I knew her don’t give a f*ck attitude would soon drop when it came towards me, once she could no longer get what she wanted.

“Nah, I’ve just been chillin.” I said smoothly as we continued to rock to the music. I kept sneaking looks at Bobbi. I’m sure she had seen me by now. She looked good af tonight.

“So have I…so let’s do it together.” She flirted as she lightly tapped my d*ck and I jumped a little looking at her crazy. Ever since dealing with Bobbi, aggressiveness started to become a turn off for me.

“Why you acting all jumpy n sh*t? Damn Don, you soft now?” She teased as I laughed a little. Maybe I was getting soft. When Karrie used to do this stuff before, I would instantly want her, but now it was annoying.

As I went to take another sip of my drink I felt a small tap on my shoulder and turned to see Bobbi’s beautiful face. She was pouting at me.

“Hi Beautiful.” I greeted her as I put my arm around her, in front of Karrie. I didn’t care.

“You come and don’t speak? I know you saw me.” She said in my ear as I smirked down at her. She was finally putting forth some effort.

“Wanted you to find me this time.” I said coolly as she crossed her eyes and looked over at Karrie. She flashed her a warm smile.

“Hi. Don’s rude. I’m Bobbi.” She said giving her a small wave as Karrie gave her a fake smile before looking up at me.

“Yes he is rude. I’m Karrie. Nice meeting you.” She said giving me a salty look the whole time. My arm was still around Bobbi. I knew me showing a sign of affection towards another woman was bothering her.

“Dance with me.” Bobbi said wrapping her arms around my waist and looking up at me. I smiled as I looked down at her and nodded.

“I’ll hit you later Karrie.” I said to her before grabbing Bobbi’s hand and leading her to the dance floor over by Jay and Tierre.

Bobbi stood in front of me and wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. She missed me. I laughed.

“What?” She asked as I calmed my laughter down.

“You’re a hater.” I told her as she scrunched her nose up.

“What? How am I a hater?” She asked me as I smirked.

“You didn’t like seeing me talking to another girl huh?” I replied slyly as she tried her hardest not to smile.

“Nah I didn’t like that sh*t. And I didn’t like that you spoke to her before me.” She admitted as I grinned.

“Oh you didn’t huh? Well quit acting like you can do without me then.” I said as her face softened.

“I don’t want you to know any different.” She said quietly looking away as I sighed a little.

“Don’t be afraid of me. I want to be different with you. Hell, it scares me too, but I’m ready to at least try. You gotta meet me half way tho..” I lightly grabbed her chin forcing her to look at me.

“You are so damn pretty.” I complimented as she blushed.

“Why are you different with me? You treat everyone else like sh*t.” She chuckled as I shrugged.

“You never accepted my sh*t. Made me respect your stubborn ass.” I teased causing her to giggle. I could listen to that and watch her smile all night.

She swayed with me to the beat before she looked back into my eyes, “Can I leave with you tonight?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

oh my... these 2 are different
sort of love their relationship
strangely reminds me of me right now

They shouldn't be confused at all they're making it so unnecessary. They know they like each other so they might as well sit down and talk about and stop letting other people intervene!! RunIt!!!

ughhh . they frustrate me . pisses me the hell off . they BOTH are playing games . quit & make s*** official !

Aaron is bein a damn hater right now. And Bobbi gone let his ass be the cause of her missing out on something great and then she gone be mad as hell when don has someone else on his arm and she gone be lonely as f***.

Run it man i like this one too :-)

run it

Jay is always ruining it!! Dang lol run it!

Dang it was about to get good, but Jay ruined their special moment! Geez! Anyway, Bobbi does need to get it together. She can't listen to Aaron because all of Aaron's advice is based on the past, not the present, so what he says shouldn't even matter to Bobbi! Bobbi has to form her own opinions about Don, and not let Aaron's opinion of Don get to her! Don and Bobbi know they have feelings for each other and they both need to stop running from them and just face the truth! They might both be scared, but they have to take a chance!! I LOVE this story!! RUN IT!!!

They working my nerves they need to get it together

Snap it was gettin good lol


f***kkkk jay!!! His ass always messing some s*** up!!! But its a good thing he did interupt because then don and bobbi's relationship would've been a "wtf???" Situation. I hope Aaron was wrong ab don. Things have changed for don and tht whole thing with the other chick was a looonnnngggg time ago. Oh and tyga was looking hella fine in tht picture you put on here!!! Tht is all. Run it:)))

Aaron just made me mad like don't be putting s*** in Bobbi head and paint a portrait of Donovan as a bad dude because he has his reasons and he treats Bobbi different than his other hoes!!!!!
RUN IT:))))

damit jay always interrupting something between them! lol
run it!

don and bobbi quit wit the bull!! we wanna c where this will go! aaron stfu and mind ya biz! we dont need your opinion--esp since its prolly biased...they need to show each other this is real...i see somebody (maybe both of them) getting some tats on some dare shyt or something...

Run IT!!!

That's the beginning of so much confusion! RUN IT!

Bobbi need to stop playing games and stop believing what other people say about Don. Run it

Ima really need them to get this stuff together!! Bobbi and Don better get back on track and start communicating. Cuz this stubborn pride has got to go!! Run it!!

Oh my goodness just get together and do it already lol

These two need to quit playin games and Aaron's ass needs to fall back. I want Don and Bobbi together :)

Run It!

Please add more ASAP!!!! This story is the ish....Aaron....I don't like him at all
RUN IT!!!!!

I have a new favorite story. It's called Scared of Beautiful! Have you heard of it? It's by this fabulous writer by the name of Nicole! Man, I'm telling you that story there>>>>

Lol!! Now RUN IT!

Thanks guys!!

“So.” <a href="">Aaron</a> started as I looked across at him at the table. He had invited me out to lunch on one of our off days. “What’s all this I’m hearing about you and Don?”

I shrugged my shoulders before looking down at the menu, “It wasn’t anything serious. We went out and I haven’t even heard from him since.” I said flatly. Truth was, not hearing from him was bothering me, but I wasn’t about to budge and hit him up first.

He chuckled as he opened his menu, “That doesn’t surprise me one bit. Don is like that..”

I was intrigued to know more. Most of the people I had surrounded myself with were always praising Donovan. I wanted to know the truth about him.

“Really? Why not?” I asked as he smirked at me before lightly shrugging his right shoulder.

“He just is. That’s how me and ol girl happened back in the day. Donovan was always leading her on and then backing up when sh*t got real. She was fed up by the time he actually wanted to voice how he felt. To us, he would play it like they were just friends, and eventually she started believing the sh*t. Didn’t see any future in it. So she stopped f*ckin with him. And me and her just happened. We were talking one night, about him of course, and she came on to me. I’m a guy. I’m not going to say no. And like I said, he would put it to us like she wasn’t sh*t to him.”

Hearing this information made me feel some type of way. If Donovan was already attempting to play games, I wasn’t trying to involve myself.

“I don’t know.. I’m just not trying to get hurt in this situation.” I admitted as he gave me a look.

“Then the last person you need to be dating is Don. Don’t get me wrong, you being Jay’s cousin probably wouldn’t make him ‘dog you out’, but right now I think all he sees you as is a chase. Something new and different.” He answered bluntly as I let out a deep breath. Donovan not speaking to me after our date only confirmed what Aaron was telling me.

“Well, I guess I should let that fade to black huh?” I asked him as he hesitated before nodding.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt that’s all. I mean, I don’t talk to Don, so I can’t say I know 100 percent what’s going on. But if it’s anything like what happened with Ashley, which was the last girl I know he cared about, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


<a href=" ">I</a> walked through the nursing home doors with flowers in my hand and greeted the woman at the front desk.

“Hey Sophie.” I smiled as she looked up and smiled at me.

“Hey Donovan! I believe Dorothy is in her room right now. She’ll be happy to see you.” She greeted as I gave a half smirk before making my way down the hall to my Grandmother’s room. It was my weekly Tuesday visit with her.

I knocked on the door softly before entering and she looked up and smiled meekly at me.

“Hi MiMi.” I said as I set the flowers in her arms and kissed her cheek softly. She continued to look at me closely.

“Danielle’s mini me.” She said warmly which made my heart smile. She remembered who I was.

“I am. Look just like her.” I agreed. She looked back at the television for a few moments and then turned to look at me. She furrowed her brows this time, as if seeing me for the first time all over.

“You look like my Danielle. Did you know her?” She asked breaking my heart all over.

“Yes MiMi. I knew her…”


After leaving my visit with my Grandmother, I headed over to Jay’s to help him draw out the new sleeve he wanted to put on his arm. He had been talking about it for months and finally had the balls to get it started. I was nervous about seeing Bobbi at first but then didn’t gaf. After talking to her that day at the shop she hadn’t made any attempts to contact me or even see what was good. Tierre had told me her and Aaron had been kicking it tough lately anyway. Just happy I saw what she was on before I wasted my time catching feelings.

I pulled up to Jays and went through the garage since it was open. He was sitting at the table with Lisa. He looked up and nodded his head and Lisa smiled.

“Hey baby.” She greeted as she stood up and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “How was your visit with Dorothy?” She knew I always saw my MiMi on my off days.

“It was..hard.” I said simply before sitting down. She nodded empathetically before she placed a hand on Jay’s shoulder.

“Well, I’m about to go upstairs and catch up on Scandal. If ya’ll need anything come get me.” She told us before disappearing up the steps.

Jay and I quickly got to work coming up with ideas and drawing some things out. After about thirty minutes he carefully looked at our surroundings before he spoke.

“Yo. Why Bobbi been hanging with Aaron tough lately? I thought ya’ll was starting something..” He questioned as I looked at him.

“What you mean hanging tough?” I replied playing dumb, wanting to get Jay’s insight on the situation.

“You know..tough. Like I’ve seen this nigga everyday since ya’ll went out. Something is coming off like he on some f*ck sh*t. I think he’s getting in her head about you or something.”

I smacked my lips and shook my head, “It doesn’t matter. Bobbi ain’t checkin for me dude. I’m not going to chase someone that makes it clear they’re not ready for what all of this could mean. I’m not ready either but I try with her ass. You know me. I normally don’t give a f*ck.”

“Yeah, and I know my cousin. She likes you..”

I quickly cut him off, “I’m not going to kiss your cousin’s ass bruh. She’s cool but she wants me to prove all this sh*t. When all she’s proven to me is that she backs up when things get real. I can’t deal with someone like that. You know why.” I told him as he nodded in understanding. It was quiet for a moment.

“….where is she?” I asked still wanting to see her. Soft sh*t.

“Upstairs in her room.” He said as he looked back at the paper with his future tattoos on it. I quickly stood up and made my way upstairs knowing which room was hers. It was my old room.

I knocked on the door softly and heard some shuffling before <a href="">she</a> answered the door. She looked surprised to see me.

“Damn..” Was all I could say as she rolled her eyes and attempted to close the door before I stopped her.

“Quit playing, let me in.” I said softly as she crossed her eyes, and held up her finger signaling for me to give her a moment. I waited and she came back opening the door wearing a robe. She looked good af in that bra earlier.

“What are you doing up here?” She asked with attitude as she crossed her arms. Here comes Ms. Attitude.

“You never called me.” I said simply stepping towards her a little as she stayed put.

“Phone works both ways.” She responded as I let out a sigh in frustration.

“Why are you doing this Bobbi? What’s Aaron been telling you? Some ol dumb sh*t about me? To make you even more afraid to talk to me?” I questioned as she looked at me strangely.

“How you know I’ve been talking to Aaron?” She asked as I chuckled.

“People talk. And I’m not stupid. You rather be with that nigga now or something?” I asked as she looked at me crazy.

“No! And who even said I wanted to be with you?” She snapped back as I smirked.

“Who wouldn’t?” I teased as she groaned and looked away.

“You’re so full of yourself.” She said shaking her head so I decided to mess with her some more.

“You like it.”

“Uh..I don’t actually.” I couldn’t help but laugh in her face.

“Why are you such an ass hole to me Barbara? What I do to you?!” I chuckled causing her to let a small smile escape.

“Just quit playing these games and admit you like the kid already.” I said arrogantly as she turned her nose up at me.

“Look I don’t know who’s pussy you’ve been up in lately to have you thinkin you’re the sh*t, but you’re not.”

I laughed, “You really think I’ve been in some pussy?”

“I KNOW you have. I’m not stupid. I’m sure the girl at the shop got your number that day and the ride of her life.” She said with confidence as I just smiled at her.

“Jealous ass.” She smacked her lips.

“Far from jealous. Have all the hoes you want.” She retorted fanning me off. She tried to walk away but I quickly pulled her close to me and placed my hand firmly on her lower back. She looked up and lightly bit her lip.

“She didn’t get my number. I was too stuck on you that day.” I said looking down into her eyes as she looked up at me.

“Oh yea? What about the next day?” She asked back with sarcasm as I began back her up towards the bed.

“Nope. No hoes the next day either.”

The back of her legs were pressed against the edge of the bed and I slyly pulled at the belt holding her robe together. It opened and I admired her perfect shape and soft skin. I placed my hands on each side of her waist and leaned in to place a kiss on her lips. Ever since the first time we kissed, I couldn’t get enough of kissing this girl. I came up here to be rude af to her and here I was back weak.

She fell back onto the bed and I went right along with her as she placed her hands on the back of neck deepening the kiss. My hands were roaming her body, and I was moving them towards her center when a yell from downstairs took us both out of the trance.

“Aye yo Don! Come here!” Jay yelled as I pulled my lips from hers. She looked up at me with so much lust and desire in her eyes. I wanted to take things further, but at the same time I didn’t want to confuse her. We’d have our time where we would really rationalized this to see where this was going.

I slowly got up and she did too, tightening her robe back up. No words were exchanged. I just left.

Happy Belated Birthday, btw (: