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Scared of Beautiful

<a href="">Scared Of Beautiful</a>

<em>No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful
Scared of the good, more than the evil
Scared of the light, more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for you
I’m scared of you
Scared of beautiful</em>




Oh snap! It's about time lol
Run it!!

Ooohhhh shhhiiittttt. My nigkas catching feelings. Ut-oh!!! Ummm these side bar nigkas/bithes aint gone work. Don and bobbii gone have to drop them like flies boo. Run it:)))

they r both going to end up showing us whats behind these masks they wear...they r feeling each other tough n im loving it!! lol but trevor tho...she might have 2 snatch him up! i knw would lol.

run it!!

Awwww yes!!! I loved that add!! Even though Bobbi was drunk, I am glad her and Don shared some sort of moment. It was nice :) they both let their guards down a bit and I hope they do that more often. And they were both jealous when they saw the other with another person so that mean there are some sort of feelings there! I just hope they both can admit that one day. Can't wait to read more!! RUN IT!!!

Awww s***!! I peeped the lil connection they were making on the dance floor. They are so cute! I really need to know what happened with this girl, Don and Aaron tho. Cuz Don is def holding a grudge and some ill feelings about it as much as he tries to play it off!! They are definitely both a lil jealous doe!! Its kinda cute. Can't wait to see what happens next. run it!!

Uh oh!!

They were both Jealous because they BOTH know they feeling each other.

Is Karrie Kae?

And yes Lawd.. Trevor can get it.

Jealous? Ummm no sir. You have no right so keep it cute!

Thank you guys!!! Comment and RUN pleaaseeee


“Yo..Bobbi is COLD.” Shane said shaking his head as I looked over at him in the passenger seat. We were following Jay’s car up to club Matrix for Bobbi’s new job celebration.

I shrugged my shoulder as I adjusted my body in the seat, “She was coo.”

I could feel Shane looking at me out of the corner of my eye before he laughed, “You’re full of sh*t Don. I saw you looking at her when she wasn’t looking nigga.”

“I mean, she cute. But she mean as hell to me. And I ain’t do sh*t.” I huffed as I sped up a little.

“She prally see right through your manipulative ass. You know you treat these women like sh*t.” Shane commented as I blew him off.

“Ain’t never met a b*tch that deserved more..” I said flatly as Shane smacked his lips.

“Yeah you have. And she played your ass right after mom passed away. It ain’t Aaron’s fault tho..” Shane started as I turned up the music louder. I was looking to get turnt up and this nigga wanted to talk about sh*t that didn’t matter anymore.

I heard him sigh in defeat as he sat back in his seat and took a sip out of the Ciroc bottle that we had in the whip. I just zoned until we reached the club.

We were getting eye f*cked by hoes as we made our way inside of the packed club. I had lost Jay on the freeway so I looked around to see if I saw them anywhere.

Shane tapped me on my arm and pointed, “They over by the bar.” He said as I immediately saw Tierre’s big head urging Bobbi to take another shot. She was always trying to get somebody drunk.

“Damn, ya’ll taking shots without us?!” I complained as I walked up and put my arm around Tierre and both Jay and Bobbi smiled at us. I smiled too. When she did smile it was infectious.

Bobbi handed me one of the many shot glasses on the bar counter, “Po UP!” She screeched as my eyes widened looking at her. Shane and I both gave each other a weird glance before I turned and took the shot from her hands.

“I’ll take one witchu!” She chuckled as she reached for a shot and tapped it against my glass. We both swallowed the liquor and she quickly reached for her cup of orange juice and took a sip.

“Ugh, I hate shots.” She cringed fanning her face as I kept staring at her. She made the cutest faces sometimes.

I quickly shook my head to snap out of it. I never complimented women in a sweet manner. Plus she didn’t deserve for me to think kindly of her, not with the attitude she possessed.

Bobbi was inching to hand me another shot when Poetic Justice came on and her eyes lit up. She put the glass down and quickly grabbed my hand.

“I love this song Don!” She yelled as I allowed her to drag me to the dance floor. She pressed her butt against my pelvis and began slow grinding to the beat. Our bodies were moving together perfectly; I never felt this way dancing with a chick before. I was feeling this…<em>desire</em> for her.

“I didn’t know you could dance..” I whispered breathlessly in her ear as Drake’s verse started on the song. She smiled as she slowed her hips down and I gripped them.

“I can tell you could..that’s why I wanted to dance.” She slurred a little from the alcohol as she ran her fingers through her hair revealing her neck. I had to shoot down the burning urge to kiss it. This dance was making me want to do all kind of things to this girl.

“How could you tell?” I asked biting my lip as she turned her head and gave me this sexy ass smirk. Who was this girl? Under the influence she was calmer and more natural. This must be who she really is. Young and free.

She giggled and stood up straight as the song switched to Take it to the Head. She blushed a little looking at me and made her way back over to Tierre. I couldn’t even believe I was starting to soften for her mean ass.

As I was stepping to follow her I felt a gentle tap on my arm. I turned to look down and was taken aback by who I saw.



I was slightly embarrassed I had allowed myself to put it on Donovan. I just wanted to have fun, and show him I’m not always a b*tch. Plus Shane was too short to dance with.

Tierre snickered at me as I made my way back to her and nudged me in my shoulder.

“You sly b*tch! What was that between ya’ll? Had that nigga shook for like two seconds.” She laughed as I did too. Mostly because of all the Patron she had snuck in my system.

“I just wanted to dance. Let me livvveee.” I chuckled as she just shook her head while handing me a glass of a blue concoction.

“What’s this?” I asked while taking a sip. It was good.

“Blue mutherfcka. Drink up hoe!” She yelled as I did as I was told. This was the most relax I had felt in years.

Something in me wanted to bother Donovan again, so I searched the room for his head. A small smile formed across my lips until I saw him talking to some Asian looking girl. I suddenly remembered that judging by the red headed b*tch, and this new girl he was canoodling with, I wasn’t exactly his type.

“I wanna dance some more.” I pouted turning to face Tierre. She looked at me strangely before she looked past me and noticed the same thing I had moments prior. She rolled her eyes a little and grabbed my hand.

“We’ll find some niggas to dance wit. Don’t even worry bout dat!” She said waiving her hand in Donovan’s direction. I wasn’t worried. Just wanted a dance partner. Something about the way he moved made me feel some kind of way. A weird connection. I quickly brushed it off though.

As we were walking through the crowd I felt a small tug at my waist and looked up to see <a href="">his</a> smiling face.

“Smile beautiful.” He said sweetly causing me to blush.

“I’m Trevor.” He introduced reaching out his hand. I hesistated a little before I shook it.

“Bobbi.” I replied as we continued to stare each other down.

Tierre saw our little exchange and turned her attention towards him and his homeboy.

“Ya’ll wanna dance?”


“I peeped you making love on the floor wit ol girl.” Karrie smiled as I grinned a little and shook my head.

“Just dancing that’s all.” I told her as she put her hands up slightly.

“Aye, you ain’t gotta explain sh*t to me. I’m not ya girl. Just wanted to come say what’s up since I saw you.” She said stepping closer to me.

“What you doing after this?” I asked with a hint of seduction as I felt her wrap her arm around my waist. I didn’t make my action obvious by removing it. Public displays of affection were a negative for me.

“Coming over your place.” She replied not taking notice that her arm was now removed from my body.

“Coo..I’ll be back at the crib by three.” She continued to make small conversation with me and I pretended to listen as I searched the room for Bobbi. I couldn’t even understand why I was looking for her.

I spotted Tierre’s poufy hair first before I saw Bobbi and felt a small smile form until I saw her talking to some guy. He kept making her laugh and I noticed her playfully hitting his arm a few times. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt a hint of… <em>jealousy</em>.

What was that about?

Run it:)))

run it (:

I want don and her to get together already! Run it!

I think bobbi is scared to get close to don bc she doesn't want their relationship to be a repeat of what happend with her and Jo. She needs to stop resisting it so they can be all lovey dovey:))) I'm ready for it!!! Run it....

opposites do attract tho . if not aaron , then definitely don , even tho he's a player . stacy is so fckn jealous and insecure it's ridiculous .

They know that they're vibing, just cut it out!

Her and Donovan are going to hook up

That's sad that Don's mom passed, that could explain why he acts the way he does. Bobbi should open a bit to Don though I am telling you they have so much in common and they don't even know! They keep assuming things about each other, when they should just actually get to know each other. Wonder what's going to happen at this party...mmm....hopefully there is no drama between Don and Aaron. RUN IT!!!!

Hmm what's going to happen tonight run it

ready to see whats gonna happen at this party!!! she said her and jo were like oil and water...sounds like her and donovan right about now lol...idk if thats a good or bad thing...
sucks that donovans mom is gone..i guess thats one reason he can b such an ass...smh

run it!!

Bobbi and Donovan are soo cute with their interaction and chemistry. I want them to come to their senses. Its so sad to see Don going through so much with his family and he holds it all in!! Poor baby! I know he'll get through it. I think the connection Bobbi is looking for is closer than she thinks. I wanna know what happened between Aaron and Don!!!

man that is so sad abt wats goin on with Don's family..first his mom now his grandmom..

lol at Jays expression to Bobbi Shai and Don...idk why they be acting like they dont like each otha..its gon come out sooner or later..Aaron and Don need to get they s*** togetha..cant be fighting everytime they see each otha..that aint koo..u can act civil towards someone even tho u dnt like them..but thats messed up..they invited the WHOLE crew and left his ass smooth out lol i wud have been too mad..but they wanted a drama free evening so i can understand..but it dnt matter now since aaron aint even Don was liking what he was seeing wen Bobbi came down them stairs..they need to quit fronting! RUN IT!

Thank you!


I carried a sleepy Shai in my arms as Bobbi and I walked back in silence to their house. I had tried to make conversation but she rejected anything I tried to start. I never kept trying with people, and I didn’t understand what was making me try so hard with her.

As we walked up I smiled when I saw <a href="">Lisa</a> in the garage getting groceries out of her trunk.

“Hey, can you lay her down in the house while I help Lisa out?” I asked Bobbi as she nodded and grabbed Shai from my arms. I gave small grin as I watched her walk into the house before heading towards the garage.

“Hey Miss Lisa. Let me help you with those.” I said walking up behind her as she jumped a little.

“Ooh, Donovan you nearly scared me half to death!” She chuckled softly as she grabbed her chest. I laughed too as I began to reach for the groceries.

She placed a hand on my shoulder stopping me in my tracks, “How are you baby? How’s your grandmother?” She asked as I got a little saddened and shrugged.

“She’s as okay as she can be. Last week she knew my name, this week she doesn’t.” I said flatly as she sighed.

“I feel your pain honey. My father suffered from Alzheimer’s as well. It’s just a sad thing to watch somebody so strong become so weak and frail. And then not even know who you are when they’ve been such a crucial part of your life is heart breaking..” She said softly rubbing my back as I swallowed hard.

“Just know I’m here for you Donovan. I don’t want you shutting everybody out just because you feel like you don’t have anyone. I promised your mother the day of the funeral that I will always be here for you..” She added choking up a bit as I just shook it off. It was always stung when people reminded me that my mother was no longer here on this earth.

“Well let me get these inside..” I forced a smile as she did too and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Okay. You and Shai should stay for dinner. I’m making yalls favorite. Lasagna.” She smiled as I did too while walking in the house.

I set the groceries down on the kitchen counter and walked towards the living room to find Bobbi holding Shai on her chest and rubbing her back. She was sound asleep.

“ didn’t have to put her to sleep.” I told her as I sat down next to them on the couch. She smirked a little when she looked over at me.

“Who said you can sit here?” She questioned as I smacked my lips causing her to laugh little. It was the first time I heard her laugh, it was kinda cute.

“You smile and laugh? I’m shocked.” I responded sarcastically as she forced her smile to disappear and looked back at the TV.

A few moments later Jay walked through the door and looked at the two of us strangely. His face was funny the way he looked between Bobbi, Shai and I with question.

“Uh..what is..” He started as he waved his finger around at all three of us while walking in the living room.

“Not what it looks like. This creep was stalking you outside of the house.” Bobbi said crossing her eyes while I huffed.

“I was taking Shai to the park and stopped by to see if you wanted to come. That’s it.” I said to Jay before turning and giving Bobbi an evil stare.

Jay shook his head at the two of us and plopped down in the chair. “Work was stupid today. I’m ready to turn up tonight.” He sighed as I shot him a look.

“Turn up where?” I questioned as Jay hesitated a little to tell me.

“We going to Matrix..” Jay started before Bobbi cut him off.

“And you’re not invited.” She added in as I just blew her off and continued my focus on Jay.

“Why ain’t you want me to come?” I asked him slightly offended. Jay and I were like brothers, simply because Lisa is my God-mom, so for him to try to play me on the low pissed me off.

“Cuz Tierre is coming with Aaron and I’m just over ya’lls bullsh*t. Ya’ll act like ya’ll can’t be civil every time we’re all around each other.”

“I don’t ever bother that nigga man, and you know it. I’ve been bored all day and want something to do too..” I said to him as I heard Bobbi smack her teeth.

“Didn’t I just say you weren’t invited? Why do ya’ll keep missing that key aspect of this whole thing?” She asked looking at the two of us as we both ignored her, still.

“Man yo cry baby ass can come. Just know I ain’t breaking up sh*t between the two of ya’ll this time. Aaron cool, and you know I only f*ck with him cuz of Tierre, so if it comes down to it, I got yo back. Just don’t put me in that position man. Seriously.” Jay said sternly as I nodded. I was going to tell Shane to come anyway.

I heard Bobbi let out an irritated sigh before she gently placed Shai down on the couch and stormed out of the living room. Every time I think I’m getting decent with that girl, she reminds me that we’ve gotten nowhere. I didn’t give a f*ck regardless.


“I’m almost done. One last curl.” Tierre said as she pulled out the curling iron to finish curling my hair. She had been working hard to get me all dolled up tonight for whatever reason.

“How am I looking?” I asked innocently as she smiled at me.

“You look gorgeous. Let me take a pic of you right quick.” She smiled as she pulled out her iPhone. I stood awkwardly as I adjusted the straps on the dress before looking at her.

“Smile. Try to look sexy b*tch!” She teased causing me to laugh as she took the <a href="">picture</a> and showed me.

“Wow..that’s me?” I asked in astonishment as she smiled.

“Yep. You’re going to look so nice for Aaron tonight..” She smirked as I crossed my eyes.

“You stuck on us hooking up. We’re really just friends. He’s not my type..” I replied nonchalantly as I searched my room for lip gloss.

“Why isn’t he?” She asked as I just shrugged. Nothing in me connected with Aaron on a deeper level than just a platonic friendship. If I allowed myself to fall for anyone new, I wanted to feel a strong desire to them. That’s what had originally led me to Jo when we first met. We were like oil and water, but we clicked beyond reasons I couldn’t explain.

I saw my phone vibrate on the bed and smiled when I saw it was a text from Aaron himself. My smile quickly faded when I read the message.

<strong>Getting tied up at job number 2. Might not make it tonight shorty..</strong>

<em>it’s coo.</em>

“Welp, guess your plan for me to look good for Aaron backfired. He just hit me up saying he might not make it.” I sighed as Tierre pouted her lip.

“It’s coo. We’ll find you a nigga tonight. Trust me!” She said with confidence as I laughed and followed her out of my room and down the stairs. Shane, Jay, Auntie and Donovan were all downstairs eating and talking.

As I walked into the dining room everyone fell silent and looked at me with widened eyes. I looked around awkwardly before I locked eyes with Donovan. We both looked away.

slowly but surely getting somewhere..both of them have been thru something that has affected them to where they are puttng up guards and shutting ppl out of their lives..we know what bobbi's problem is we jus need to get Dom to speak up abt his!..i really hope they can help each other out..i feel that they might begin to become kool once they relize that they are both so similar lol i love how he interacts with his god daughter its so cute! he is so messed up that he cant even use the word LOVE not even towards a child..these two got some issues and im ready to find out what happens next lol RUN IT!!!!!!!!

That's crazy man I gotta know more about why Don is like this when it comes to love

They both want to get to know eachother, so why fight the blossoming of what could be a beautiful friendship. They should just let it be. I could see a great friendship happening.

Run it

Awww this is a nice start to Bobbi and Don's relationship! They are more alike than they think and I hope they discover that soon!! RUN IT!!!!!

they are finally getting somewhere. They just think they know the other so well based on what they've seen so far. And for the most part they are right. Bobbi is emotionally damaged, while Don is emotionally unavailable. hahaha FWB movie. Lol But it true lol I think Don needs to open his heart, but I feel like the one time he started to do that, Aaron had something to do with it. And Bobbi has this wall up because she's been hurt. Hopefully they can break out of that.

There finally getting somewhere by talking but you can still see irritation when Bobbi talks to him and Don really is unemotional when it comes to love and expressing his feelings about someone!!!
RUN IT:)))