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Red flames engrossed my eyes sight while black smoke filled my lungs. The dry coughs that came from my mouth begged for clean oxygen. But my heart begged for Taylor. I glanced up at the burning ceiling. How could I let this happen? I promised her nothing would happen. I raced down the hall and found her lifeless body stuck under a burning board. I did my best to get it off from her not caring if I injured myself in the process. The only pain I felt was knowing that she was hurt. I heard voices. I didn’t care. I picked up her body bridal style and carried her out of the burning house. My ears where ringing because of the explosion. I looked at my crew, my family, they were covered in soot and making sure one another was okay. I don’t give a damn about them. All I need is her. I laid her on the ground away from the shattered glass and debris. I heard the voices but I couldn’t focus on just one. I caused this girl hell. I killed her mother, I kidnaped her and her siblings and made her feel like s***. But im in love with her. If i ever got the chance to tell her after this I will. I will worship the ground she walks on and pray to every God that human knows thanking them for letting her live. My life is a battlefield. She is my holy ground. My sanctuary. My everything.