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My BestFriends Dad (11–23–12) Chapter Three is up!


I sat there watching his every move. How he would jump slightly everytime he would make a kill, I laughed at him quietly not trying to make known. "<a href="">Bre'Na</a> come on" <a href="">Rissa</a> said breaking my looks at her father, I turned and looked at her funny. "What" I asked scratching my neck a little bit.

Rissa has been my bestfriend since pre–k days, she's my ride or die. "What do you wanna do this weekend. You know since your spending the weekend with me" She said smiling and i smiled also. I'm pretty sure we was smiling for diff reasons but hell she doesn't know.

" <a href="">Daaad</a> . Can you take us to the store" She yelled as if he wasn't sitting Three feet away from us. He looked over at us after pausing his game. "Get yall s***. And come on" He said rising from his seat, I laughed. Chris was always cussing around us; I guess because he still conciders himself our age still, it's funny to me.

We made our way to his 2012 Range, and piled in. It wasn't my first time i'd been in it but for some reason he told Rissa to let me sit in the front seat. "So. Bre'Na, how's school" He asked as he pulled out of the driveway. I rolled my eyes at his question, but still answered it. "Fine. Im just ready to be done with it" I said looking out the window.

It's me and Rissa's Senior year and trust me im ready to go. "That's nice. When I was your age I was feeling the same way" He said as we pulled up at the liquor store. "Ill go in just give me the money" Rissa said as Chris passed her the money and she went into the store. It was somewhat of an akward silence until i felt a hand grip my thigh. I looked down to see Chris's hand firmly on my thigh. "Umm. Chris" I said reffering to his hand. He gave me a dimpled smile. "You like it. Just like I like you" He whispered in my ear. I wanted to feel nervouse but he was right.
I liked my bestfriends dad.




ayyyyy if my bf dad looked like that
homie would have been gotten touched lol
a little weird now her bf has to call her
step mom haha jk jk


Uh noo!!
Bre you cannot have my dad!
I forbid it!
Run it

run it,

Uh hell no.
Her daddy?
Is you serious?
But hey if my bestfriends dad
looked like that it would be on
and poppin.

Run it

Oooh! I like this its different!
you never make stories with me in them though , grrrr &hearts;

Im updating The Prom Dates today , cause I had a 400 point essay yesterday (: