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I want to know how to post pics on here. Qui Qui deleted the little http thingy now I forgot how to post them.

P.S. What would you do if you were in the country and your car broke down and it was night, but Chris Brown's house was the only one out there? lol


Of course I'll buy my baby some apple sauce.

And whateverrrrrr.

lol if i was there with a broken car id ask can i use one of his rooms and tell him to call ty or bow

He said hey & can you buy him some apple sauce while you come spend the night with him.

Nothing. Gheeesh. * whistles *

Awww poor baby...

And wtf that mean? WTF you hear?

He was in the hospital , he might be a little crippled for a few days. But he still a boss.
Emhm , I heard about you and tyga * rolls eyes * you two need help!

Uh huh... he BETTER not be...

And she is the same... STILL the same.

Lmao when is he ever bad? Dont mistake him for King badass!
How is she anyway?

ask to spend the night ;) ;) lmaoo
nah im joking kirk would beat my ass

I'm busy man... He better act right lol.

Throw a rock at his window instead of knocking at the door, then ask for his keys to his lambo or I'll rip his face in two.

Yo bree! Erm, Can you babysit Levi for me? :D

tramicia check messages

Ugh. Don't mention tomorrow. -_- My mother is making all the food she KNOW'S I can't stand and her bipolar self done uninvited all our guest so it's going to be a lonely and good-food-less (yes....I just made that a word) for moi. :( lol

And being alone in the dark is different from being in the dark with Chris. I'll take the latter of the two. ;) haha

I can't complain, ready for tomorrow so I can stuff my damn face, hbu? And I'm scared of the dark too, but think though you might just end of in the dark with him....but I don't mind.

That boy ain't gon' hurt you... He'd probably flirt innocently lol.

Lol. Hey back, soooo how are you? ha.

And Chris be as freaky as he wants...I'm still going in....I'm scared of the dark. :/ lol


Hey :)

I don't know how to post links or coding on here without it showing up wrong, but if you go to google and type in tutorialsandmore. She has a link on there that says basic codes, click that and then click see all. And it's on there.

Oh, and you best believe I would be ringing his doorbell like I had lost my damn mind. lol

Lol Idk I'd be scared to be alone with him. You know he's a super freak.

Ummm... go to Chris house... point. blank. lol.