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| Bree! Ana! Dany! Lexi! Come entertain me! ^.^ |

- While your doing so go look at this pathetic s***!


I don't care either b****..... I BEEN saw her. That's my mama... not yours.

I don't care Bree. My son and I are going to see her tomorrow.

Hey Bre baby (:

Aaawee I wanted to make thanksgiving dinner this year :P

I'm not a demon... lol.

And no one cares! I already saw Joyce yesterday Dany! lol.

Hey Everybody!!

He's napping, gotta get that sleep for when we go see Chris's fam tomorrow.

Aaaawee how sweet (:
Im on it , where's my baby Kicks ( Kingston )? lol

Oh, Kay, your son is in my short story.
Go read it :)

I knew you were a devil lmao where's.. Chris? :D

Hey DANY! (:

Ugh, i am to lazy to copy and paste that s***

Me & Satan is tight.. so I'm sleeping in a warm room while y'all sleeping in hot ass rooms lol.

& if you bury me your coming to! We can burn in hell together eating hunny bunns with gasoline draws on lol

Lmao... "Y'ALL LET HIM TAKE MY s***!" That boy will FOREVER go in history.

And if you EVER touch ANY of my food, I'll bury you lol.

Eeh? Nooo , give him his own name. :D

tj awww bree named my baby

Lmao ole dude was like "He stole my noodles & I stole 'em back" lmao!
Bree if you ever eat one of my hunny bunns like that , I will kick your balls lol

He called all them some b****es lol... Now they wanna be like, "Whoa... calm down." But the fat nigga been cussing for 1 minute straight... But now that he called everybody in the house a b**** y'all wanna intervene. He remind me of my cousin lol.

Lmao shoooot I woulda shot a b**** , but crying? Naaah dawg lol

Oooooo yayy! Levi's gonna have a new playground buddy (:


I can't right now
I'm trying to make a baby

Oh and.... POW.


Lmao I been saw this s***... That boy should be ashamed... Crying over some gotdamn noodles. It wasn't that serious.

Here you go (:

Yeahhhh whatever.

Well.. Hold on angry bird ♥