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Bad Boys & Bad Boys Do Bad Things

Chapter 1

The Journey Begins
<ahref="">I</a> watched as the customer came in and out of Olive Garden. The restuarant was filled with families and friends, the usual. I guess they thought our job was easy and we ain't sitting here working like slaves, smh.
Ummm excuse me miss but I didn't order this. I sighed at this womans attitude. I kept hearing the same s*** every damn day. I sighed and took the plate to the back and gave them the correct order. I walked back over to her table and slammed it down.
Enjoy ma'am. This certaintly isn't a dream job. I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, hopefully one day that will come true. working here I know exactly where I put myself...into a dead beat job. But unusually today was different, very different. I just felt my womans intuition kicking in. Like something was about to happen that would change my life forever. My boss walked up to me. I hated this b****.
Hi Mrs. Clitoris, is there something I can do for you? I said plastering a fake smile on my face. I was trying so hard not to laugh, many teased her about her last name. She said that's one of the reasons she got teased in school.
Yes, why is that your just sitting here on your ass and not waiting the tables!
I didn't notice any new cus- Before I could even finish her stank ass breath was in my face.
LOOK I DON'T PAY YOU TO SIT AOUND! GO WAIT THE TABLES! I covered my nose the entire time she talked. Her breath makes my soul want to commit suicide! How the hell you brush your teeth with crest but your breath smell more like crust? I searched around the place to see if there were any new customers. I spotted this group of men sitting at the table looking like straight up jailbirds. I was shaking a little because I knew their faces. They were wanted in Las Vegas for robbing the biggest casino they had there. The reporters said they stole more than 2 billion dollars! Just imagine what kind of drug business their running with that money. but one caught my eye. He was a brown skin man, pink juicy lips, and a seductive smile. I think they called him ummmm....Chris I think it is. I shook out of my thoughts and walked over nervously and cautiously.
H H H Hi my name is ummmm....what would you like to ummmm....drink....sir...sirs? I said as I shook taking out my notepad. I didn't want them to see my fear but it was hard as hell. I mean they just looked like they would bite your head off if you said something wrong. Dios Mio I'm starting to sweat! What should I do? Should I call the police? Should I run and hide? He finally looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes.
Well for one I'd like to know how you fit all that ass in them jeans. His collegs laughed as if what he said was funny. I rolled my eys and slammed my notepad down. Criminal or not he don't know who he f***ing with.
Look here are you gonna order or what? I have tables to tend to!
I don't know if you've looked around but its dead in here. I looked around and sure enough it was as empty as ever. I was a bit embarrassed, I picked my notepad back up and lookes at him.
What can I get ya'll? I said with attitude. I was close to pushing the alarm button on the wall. He smirked and was reaching into his pocket. I ran over to the button and pressed it. But nothing happened. Damn f***ed up alarm system! I felt something c**k behind my head. I slowly turned around to see a gun pointed to my head.
That's very rude of you. Haven't you ever heard of the gold rule. No matter how rediculous the requst, the customer deserves the best. I deserve some sort of respect girl. I closed my eyes as tears began to fall. Then I felt this warm liquid running down my leg. Oh my God, please tell me I'm not peeing on myself.
I bet your wondering why nothing happened. Well lets just say its amazing how I learned the wires of them, I control them, its fascinating really. I became extremely scared. I thought this was the end of my life and I'm only 17. I wasn't prepared for these type of situations. I mean come on who would plan to rob a restaurant? I mean seriously I understand a casino, bank maybe even a amusement park but not here.
W w w w what do you want??? I asked willing to give him my damn birth certificate if he needed it. He licked his lips while looking me up and down.
I'm not so sure anymore...get on the floor! He demanded rudely. I slowly got on my knees with my hands in the air. All of a sudden people started coming in as if I wasn't in danger. Then there was a shot fired into the air POW!
GET ON THE FLOOR NOW!!! Everyone started screaming and running around. But they couldn't escape because the doors were locked and had a bomb strapped to it. His men started pulling out all types of damn amo. I mean AK47's, Shotguns, Revolvers, Grenades, Silencers(guns that shoot but make no sound), L55 calibers even damn machetes. They were trynna commit a masacre not robbery. Some poeple weren't listening and I heard gun shots, screams, banging and more screams. I covered my ears because it was loud and chaotic. They took their eyes off of me and I began to crawl over to the door that lead to the back. But my co-worker Stephanie grabbed my leg.
No girl they will kill you!!!!
We need to get out of here girl! This is no jke, their not planning on robbing us. Let's go! Come on!
No I heard these guys are crazy!
How crazy? I heard that voice say. I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> standing over us with a gold silencer.
Come here. He motioned with his finger. I slowly rose not wanting to be killed. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. He grabbed my arm tight and dragged me in the center pinting the gun to my head.
Aye ya'll mothaf***as listen up, this is a robbery. Now it can go one or two ways. One you do what the f*** I say or two bodies WILL hit this floor in 2.5 seconds. There are no second chanes, do what your told the first time! I could hear sirens in the distance. Lord I pray they get here in time before anyone else dies. See I'm scared of two things for sure: dead bodies and the dark. Let's just say my childhood was somewhat dark.
Today's the best day ever, I'm so excited. Wouldn't you agree pumpkin? he said smiling a bright smile. Something was seriously wrong with this guy. I had to do my best not to set him off like a bomb. Who knows what will happen when he does.
SO! What's your name again?
Its...its...its....I looked down but my name tag wasn't there. It must've fell off..
So your name is Mrs. Its, that's unique.....what's your name? He asked again but this time a little bit more calm.
............Danyell....but everyone calls me Dany. I can't believe I said that without crying.
Your very beautiful Dany. He I say thank you to a guy that's no doubt armed?
Aren't you gonna say thank you, I mean that is the proper thing to do. I said weakly. How rude of me, I'm Christopher by the way but everyone calls me Chris for short, but you can call me daddy. This guy was bipolarm, I had to make note of that. I wanted to roll my eyes but he'd probably slap the hell out of me. He did have some pretty big hands.
Now all of the workers, I want you all to start fillings bags. My guys will assist you .If you try anything, your dead. But you are all smart people, you'll make the right choices. His guys split up some went over to the people demanded they fill the bags and the others were in the breakroom. All of a sudden I heard a BOOM sound go off. I nkow it was a bomb. He handcuffed me and we went in the back. We walked in to see half of the wall gone. But what shocked me the most was the fact that behind these walls was a big silver safe door. What the f*** was Mrs. Clit into? They strapped a bomb to the safe and the door exploded. Inside was a lil room filled with nothing but diamonds and rubies. And I mean the rare diamonds too. Diamonds you wouldn't find nowhere in the U.S. They grabbed bags and bags of diamonds and walked back out. We walked back into the main room and I was sitted in a chair.
WE HAVE YOU SURROUND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!An officer said. I looked at Chris to see him smilng, what the f***.
They might have me surround but when one door closes another opens. He snatched me up.
Now heres the fun part guys, we have a lil shawty we taken back with us. They all laughed and licked their lips. Lord please let this be a dream, they weren't seriously about to take me with them. I had to think of something quick!
They forgot the managers room! I said hoping this would work.
Lead the way. Chris said pushing me forward to this guy he called Trey. This guy was a bit darker than him and had had tattoos over his arms. I could tell he had some on his chest cause his shirt was buttoned half way down.
Where is it? His voice was way calmer than Chris's and I must admit he was sexy. I led him to a random door in the back It was empty but I'm guessing this guy wasn't hired fo r his brains cause he went in first. I slowly shut the door and locked it. I ran into the breakroom and saw the emergency door. I ran for it but was quickly knocked off my feet. Pain shot through my back. I groaned in pain. I looked up to see Trey standing there.
That was cute but it didn't work seetheart. He said smirking.
I'm sorry p p p p please don't hurt me.
Gees Dany that sounds pretty tempting. He grabbed a piece of my hair and twirled it around his finger.
Hearing you scream. This what is he was gonna rape me.

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Chapter 4 comin up in a few :D

run it!!!!! i love it already!!

There seriously.something wrong with this.dude like he beyond bipolar and Wtf I would.stab his ass with the thing she had in her hand and took off running ups mamma

Ana, get your man!
He wants to rape me!
Now as for Chris, there
really must be something wrong
with him. One minute he angry
and the nest he's sweet. I like
his aggressiveness though. That's
kind of a turn on. So he's a smart
bad guy huh? How did he even find
me? Was anyone not thinking about
the chances of me getting caught by
him again because as you can see
the nigga still found me. Funny thing
is i'm inly seventeen, what does he want
with a girl my age?

Run it

Run it!
Chris seems so sexy when he act like that!!
Aww Dany kindnapped!
Run it Boo!!

I really like this
Run it!!

Chapter 3

Its time! Chris said with a smile on his face.
Get into position! Trey yelled and they took out their guns and untied everybody.

Now when they come busting through those doors you guys run out to safety okay. Chris came over to me and untied me.

Your coming with me. He spoke pulling me towards the back.

If I wanted to escape now would be the time. As soon as they burst through the doors the automatic guns went off as bodies immediately hit the floor. I went crazy cause that was one of my phobias. I hated seeing things like this. I started to sweat really badly and I felt light headed. Everybody started running out, now was my chance. I kicked Chris in the balls and started running. I saw the light and couldn't be any happier.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So let me get this straight, the guy was trying to kidnap you? The officer interrogating me asked.

Yes sir, h h h he seemed very off, like a lunatic. He kept smiling and then he was angry. I'm just out of it right now officer I don't know what to do at this point. He nodded his head and wrote down some notes.

Alright well if you can think of anything else, please don't hesitate to call.

I nodded and got down off the ambulance truck and just like that I was free. I got out my keys and started walking over to my car which was on the other side of the building. I began to get a little paranoid. What is he came looking for me? What if he's watching my every move right now? I finally got to the side of the building but came to a halt when it looked like somebody was in the backseat of my car. Oh hell naw, I'm not about to be one of those stupid hoes you see in the movies. I slowly backed up and ran back to the front where the officers were. I walked back over to one of the officers I was talking to.

Ummm, I'm sorry sir to bother you again but could you please drop me off home? I'm scared to drive mine, I would really appreciate it.

Of course sweetheart you've had a long day. I smiled feeling relief, I got into the front seat of his car and told him the directions. Once pulling up into my front yard my mother ran out and I jumped out the car.

Oh my baby. She said holding me tight as I cried in here arms. My dad came out to see what all the commotion one, but when he saw me he leaped off the steps and came running. I let my mother go and held onto my dad.

Oh papa, it was so scary. I thought I was gonna die.
Well I'm glad your back home. I'm glad your in safe arms. From now on out, I'm driving you to work okay?

Yes sir. I turned to the officer to see him smiling.
Thank you so much, I hope you catch him. We walked inside and I didn't dare look back at the events of today.

My parents had left for awhile to go get some security cameras, flashlights, mace, tasers you name it. Anything to protect me. I decided to take a long hot bubble bath which was well needed. I was still a bit shooken but I knew they couldn't have been after me anymore. I had to go downstairs to get some more soap out of the utility closet. I stood at the top of the steps looking down at the pitch black room. I sighed knowing that I was scared of the dark. I went back into my room and grabbed the syringe just in case I started to have breathing problems.

You see I became so scared of the dark that I have to take meds for it. Don't ask why I'm so scared I just am. I didn't bother to turn the lights on so I started feeling on the walls to find my way. I finally made it to the bottom of the steps when I was suddenly grabbed and thrown against the wall.

You know running away from me is just so rude. His voice sent chills down my spine. I got adjusted to the dark and could see some of his face.

How'd you find me? I said now crying again as if I was about to start hyperventilate.

More importantly why did you run baby? We were having so much fun.

I HATE YOU!!!! I said as he tightened his grip on my throat.
Good. He said looking at me menacingly.

Now be a good girl and read this. He handed me a piece of paper and turned on the lights.

I am now your property. I said reading the first sentence. You can't be serious? This guy is serious. He pointed a gun to my head. I think he just liked to see me cry. I began reading again with tears falling down.

F f f f f from now on, I I I I belong to you C C C Christopher M M M M Maurice B B B Brown. I I I I will d d d d d do my b b b best even the most r r r ridiculous r r requests.

I cried even hard as I was about to finish the last sentence. I dropped to my knees still holding the paper.

I am now-I couldn't continue to read the rest. I was just so beyond scared at this point.

Did I say stop? He said with a confused look.

N N N noooooooo. I said balling up on the floor like a baby.

We will work on it okay baby, because I don't want you hurting. I really like you. But I see you want to sit here and throw a tantrum. Your a very lucky girl Dany. I mean I could've just killed you but I didn't. I see potential in you girl. Your gonna be wifey soon...really soon.
GO PACK YOUR CLOTHES.........I love you. Your moving in with me today. Isn't that exciting baby?

He said wrapping his arms around my waist. I slowly walked into my bedroom wishing this was just a dream. I began to pack, and thought about how my life was going to change from here on out. I finished packing and walked downstairs with his gun aimed at my back.

Get ready cause your about to enter the amazing world of Chris Brown.

We walked out to the car and he threw my bags in. I got in the car first, then Chris. I scooted closer to the window trying not to touch that bastard. The car slowly pulled off and onto the highway. This was not going to end like this. I had to try and escape again. I was going to get the freedom I so rightly deserve. This Chris guy didn't know what he had on his hands. I had a strange feeling this was going to be one hell of a ride.

I know its a lil weak but it gets better.

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P.S.This isn't gonna be your typical story just so ya'll know xD.

Chapter 3*

Chapter 2 will be up in a few :)

Chapter 2

He continued to twirl my hair and twirl it til he grabbed me by my hair and pulled.

I'd love to sit here and admire you, but there's a restaurant to rob. I know you pulled that little stunt just so we could be alone, so I could f*** you senseless. I shook my head frantically hoping that wasn't the impression he got.

But don't worry I will in due time. But as of right now, I need to focus on the task at hand. He let go of my hair and grabbed my arm dragging me back into the main room.

Oh and if you try running again, I'll beat the s*** out of you. He said this so calmly, sorta like that Chris guy. As if it wasn't a threat but a promise.

Your gonna let us go right? After you get what you want? I asked hoping the answer was a yes. He smiled at me as if he were amused by my question.

Us? Of course I'm letting the others go. He replied as he skipped around happily. What the f***? What kind of drug is this guy on?

What about me? I was scared to hear his response.

What about you? He asked stopping in midstride and turning towards me. At this point I didn't know what to say.

What's g g g gonna happen to me? I asked tearing up at the thought. I already knew that dying or getting gang raped were two of his possibilities. He walked over and started smiling like a chestcat.

Why are you so scared baby? Don't worry I'll take good care of you. I'll treat you like a woman is suppose to be treated. Anything to make sure that pretty smile of yours stays on your face. I might rape you a few times, but have no fear, it will be fun. My lie is just one big game! He was insane!!!

Grab a chair and bring it to me. Chris ordered, to one of his guys, he quickly grabbed a chair and brought it over. Everyone was being tied up and sat on the floor in a big circle.

Just in case you try to jump stupid. He snatched me up and threw me in the chair and pulled my arms behind my back. I could already feel the pain of the tight handcuffs cutting off the circulation of my wrists.

Alright Bow do what you do bro, let's get this party started! Bow got out this huge bag and began to put together what looked like a grenade.....a huge grenade.

Alright listen up, I'm only saying this once. Everyone will strip and get into these little black suits right here okay. No questions asked, if you refuse your dead. Everyone started scrambling to put the suits on. One guy looked at the suit unapprovingly. Chris got up and walked towards him.

Is there a problem sir? He asked now chewing on some gum.

Yes, this fabric is not fabulous honey. I mean seriously look at the stetching on this, its terrible. And the color is just so dark and dull. Almost gothic, I prefer pink rhinestones and-Before he could finish half of his face was splattered on the wall.

I screamed out in shock. OMG did I really just see that. He didn't deserve to die. No one did in this place. They just came here to eat and look where it brought them.

What about her? One of the workers asked gesturing towards me.

She's mine. Chris simply replied. Why couldn't someone else's be his. I threw my head back crying hysterically. One of the phones rang and Chris picked it up, he couldn;t hear because of all my crying. He nodded towards one of his men and they came over and slapped the hell out of me.

I looked at this <ahref=",r:34,s:100,i:106">guy</a> like he was crazy. My face was stinging like hell. He looked at me and smirked. After he talked for what seemed like a few minutes he hung up.

Alright Bow get the vents and figure out where Boss is. Tyga carry the money back to postion. And Trey go talk to the security guards. Alright, let's move out!!

He walked back over to me and instead of untying me, he broke the chair and started dragging me along the floor. He brought me to the managers room and sat me in a chair. He got on top of the desk and sat infront of me.

So what's up with you princess? He said smiling the brightest smile. How did you become a waiter? It must be fascinating.

Not knowing what I want in life. I said getting quite annoyed with this prick. Why did you become such an a**hole? I said becoming a little bold. That was quickly shot down when he pulled out his gun and put it to my head.

I don't think I like your tone. When your like me, its hard for society to accept you. Getting a diploma, a job, starting a family. You know the American Dream. WELL IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ALL OF US!!! I can't do that because I see things differently than the world. Why go to school when you can learn on your own? Why waste your time starting a family when all they do is get tooken away right? Being a rebel isn't something I chose to do, its in my DNA. I'm not changing anything because some twat made up the "American Dream".

With that being said he jumped off the table and walked out. He wasn't your average criminal. He was a criminal with brains. I see why his little followers looked up to him. But that don't mean s*** in my book, I gotta get the hell up outta here. if my name.was that like hell no lol and Chris ass is crazy as f*** first he flirting then he.want to kill u Smh lol run it

working at a mother f***ing restaurant with rude ass people
whould have pushed me to my limit too like what the f*** you
mean this aint what you ordered it is food aint it .. eat up b****

but hell ms. clitoris HA dumb b**** that make me not even want to
work there how the hell i'm supposed to eat when you got a name
like that eww nasty

chris uhmm he turned me all the way on
threating while being sweet thats the type of dude i like haha
trey he gon kill dany watch..

dany i loved you shorty

in love


Chapter will be up tomorrow XD Chris is a lil bipolar xD

First and foremost, Chris is
one bi-polar ass nigga! Like
how you gon commit a damn
robbery and at the same damn
time threaten me and then call
me sweet names. Like what is
wrong with you! Then there's the fact
that he made me piss myself! That is just
nasty on my part. Look at me trying
to fool Trey. Now he's gunna rape me
and i'm going to die.

Run it

OMG that was so good and OMG clitoris? Really?!?! xD Lol u bettah write some more!
*trey songz* you can't pull one on Treeey Heey! Baa!

Run it sis!
Chris is just to fine!

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