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Inside My Love.

<a href=>I</a> pulled up in front of the large building, adorned with dark LED lights. The parking lot was being swept by a young boy in Jordan's. He couldn't have been much older than me. I tightened the strap on my purse and walked towards the door apprehensively. It had come down to this. I didn't have another option. I knocked softly on the door at first... only for it not to be answered. The boy that was sweeping approached and hit the door loudly with his hand flat. I jumped, startled and looked at him. He tossed me a smirk and went back to sweeping. The door opened and <a href=>he</a> stood there, looking me up and down.

"...Who referred you?" He asked.

I put my hair behind my ear and parted my lips to say something but nothing came out. I shrugged. He studied me once more and looked me dead in the eye.

"Name?" He asked.

"Veronica... I go by Ronnie." I said softly.

He opened the door wider for me to come in, so I did. I hadn't ever been to one of these places, I'd only heard about them... saw them in movies. I looked around wondrously, and heard the giggles of females arriving and leaving, all of them carrying gym bags. I studied their curves and looked down at myself.

"What you here for..." He asked, dismissively. His eyes didn't dance in my direction, as he strolled casually beside me, checking out everything on the floor - making sure nothing was out of place.

He stopped suddenly and I did too.

"...I need a job," I said, searching his face.

He snickered. "So go to the mall and fill out applications, sweetheart. This isn't something for your resume,"

"I understand that," I said, shaking my head. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to be. I need a job," I said, pleading with my eyes.

He scratched his face, as he ruminated. He pointed to the bar. "You start there," He said, before he began to walk.

"I was hoping to dance!" I called after him.

He shook his head, "We'll see,"

I exhaled, and dropped my bag on the floor before the DJ put on some music. I looked around and sat down on one of the bar stools. Well... at least I had a job.


Wearing the dress that he'd bought, we rode in the back of a black truck, headed to Aubrey's album release party. <a href=>He</a> grabbed my hand and kissed it. I looked over at him.

"You look beautiful," He said softly.

My lips curled into a smile and we pulled up in front of the red carpet. His publicist looked at me from the front seat.

"Don't say anything. Don't answer any questions." She said. "And they're gonna ask questions."

I nodded, nervous. Aubrey squeezed my hand and we got out of the car. He lead the way onto the red carpet and I followed his lead, stopping when he did to take pictures. There were a lot of girlfriend questions being yelled from the crowd. Aubrey didn't respond to any of the questions, he just smiled and waved. Once inside, we both relaxed a little and I hung close to him for most of the night. He didn't let me go too far. I'd be off talking to someone and he'd be within a few feet or headed in my direction. We were up in VIP and he was vibing to his music. He put his hand on my lower back and brought his lips close to my ear.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" He asked.

"I'm enjoying you," I responded, smiling.

He smiled and pecked my lips, before he poured himself another glass of champagne. Tyga came up and said hello, as well as Nicki, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. He introduced me as his "lady" to everyone that we came into contact with. Wayne didn't come, and I could see that it bothered him but he didn't let it affect him too much. He continued enjoying the album. He made a final toast and then we were on our way to a hotel. He was really tired...and really drunk on the way back. He lied his head on my lap and I stroked his cheek. When we got to the hotel, I opened the door and his body guard got out of the truck behind us and helped him out of the car. He laughed.

"Dude I can walk." He said.

We went and got on the special elevator that would take us to the penthouse. Aubrey couldn't keep his hands off of me. The door to the elevator opened and Aubrey was focusing really hard on keeping his hands on my hips. I saw rose petals leading from the elevator. I looked at Aubrey.

"What are these?" I asked, stepping off of the elevator.

"s***," He said. "I forgot about this."

His hands were still on my hips, but his mouth was open and his eyes wide.

"Let's see where they go. I don't remember." He said.

I fell out into laughter and took off my shoes. I grabbed his hands and we followed the petals to the bedroom. There were candles.

"You were about to set me up," I said, turning around and looking up at him.

"Maybe," He said, smiling and kissing my neck.

"We had a good night. I figured we know." He said, smiling and kissing my lips.

He sat down on the bed and I went to unzip my dress.

"There's something for you in the bathroom. I remember that." He said.

I walked to the bathroom to find undies and a bra. I picked them up and admired them, before I put them on and hung up the dress that I'd worn. I opened the door to the room to see Aubrey curled up on the bed, asleep. I smiled and shook my head, before I went and took off his shoes. I got in the bed and went to sleep. The next morning, I ordered room service for us. When I came wheeling the tray back into the room in my bra and panties, his eyes widened.

"Man what?" He mumbled.

I laughed, "Morning sunshine," I said, walking towards him and pecking his lips.

"Nuh uh, come here." He said, holding onto me.

"You missed out last night, 'cause you went to sleep." I said.

"That's not fair!" He said.

"Tell me about it." I said, standing up and bringing him his plate.

He sat up and I sat the tray down for him.

"You take care of me." He said.

I brought my food over and we sat and ate. When I finished mine, I took a piece of his pancake and his jaw fell open.

"Ronnie I had 3 pieces left! Now I got 2!" He shrieked.

"Shut up fatty," I said, smiling.

"This coming from the one who inhaled her damn food." He said laughing.

"Thank you for this weekend, babe." I said, smiling over at him.

"Graduation next weekend?" He asked, kissing my forehead.

I nodded, "If you can come."

"If I can't...know that I'm so proud of you..and that I wish I could be there." He said.

Aubrey's album was droppin Tuesday, so he'd be traveling all over the world to promote his album. This would be our last time together for a while. He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.

"Aubrey," I said.

"Yeah." He responded.

"At your show...when you called me sai-"

"I think I love this girl." He responded, cutting me off.

I nodded my head and looked straight ahead, "....did you mean it?" I whispered.

"I don't wanna scare you." He said. "But I fall easy.." He said softly.

"I'm not afraid," I responded.

I'm so happy for them both...they deserve each other...he does deserve someone that sees past the rapper and loves the person...and she deserves someone that's willing to love her the right way.

Dammit Aubrey why you gotta be so sweet. Im trying to not fall for it but he makes it so hard not to lol. Cayden and Ronnie kickin it at his spot while he attended to business/Nickis party. Shows he trust them, Loved when Ronnie woke up in his arms awww. I was wondering where he was planning to take her. That didnt involve Cayden, who loves him obviously. He took her to his show and gave her all access VIP treatment and shouted her out in the crowd that was too cute. "I think I love this girl" Really Aubrey... and Im glad Tae likes her and can see she means more then what all the other girls he brought around did. They're gettin there. Aubs dont mess this up ugh. RUN IT!!!

I held Aubrey's hand as we walked quickly though the tunnels of the Staples Arena. He was on the phone and we were surrounded by security and Aubrey's entourage. When we got to his dressing room, I stood back and watched him in this environment. He was a lot different. He checked everything to make sure it was exactly how he'd requested it. He gave his nod of approval and sat down in one of the chairs. I stood on the wall as he got lined up. He looked over at me out the side of his eye.

"Love you want anything?" He asked.

I shook my head quickly, my lips shut tight. He smiled and looked at himself in the mirror. His entourage pretended that I wasn't there. Only a few of them had introduced themselves to me. I wondered if Aubrey brought girls around often. He went over to the rack of clothes that his stylist had brought up. They were going back and forth over a jacket.

"Ronnie what you think?" He asked, looking over at me.

His stylist pleaded with her eyes and I smiled between the two of them.

"Wear the jacket. It's cold." I said, admiring it.

"Alright," He responded.

"Oh so when she says it, you do it!" The stylist exclaimed. "And this is my job," She said, smiling at me.

"I trust her more than you." He said, kissing my forehead.

She smiled at the two of us and looked back at the rack.

"There are some goodies for you in the room adjacent to his one," He said, looking over at me.

I smiled and kissed his cheek before I walked next door to find a basket with an OVO sweatshirt and beanie, a bottle of Ace of Spades and a watch. I put on the sweatshirt and beanie and went back next door to see him adjusting his clothes. The IT people were putting on his in-ears and making sure that things were comfortable for him to move around in. I stood quietly near the door and watched. He looked over his shoulder at me and smirked.

"3 minutes to show time," Someone said, peaking into the room.

Aubrey turned and headed to the door, but before he went, he grabbed my hand. I walked alongside him with a sense of pride. We had to part ways and he turned and kissed my forehead before he walked up the steps. "Over My Dead Body" started and the crowd went crazy. It sounded like a billion voices, all singing in unison. His manager took me out onto the floor and we stood off to the side. I watched him in his element for the first time. It was eyeopening. The song started to change and I could feel the atmosphere shift. I looked around at the crowd around me, all of their eyes fixed on him, when I looked back up at him, "Good Ones Go" had started.

<em>"But the good ones go, the good ones go, if you wait too long. But the good ones go, the good ones go, if you wait too long. So you should go, you should go, before you stay too long."</em>

He moved into his favorite part of the show, where he called out his fans in the crowd. It made their day to know that he saw them and acknowledged it in front of everyone. He shouted out a few people in front of him and conversed with one girl before he headed to the side of the stage where I was standing. He shouted out the people in the mid to top section and worked his way down before he stopped on me and smiled. I looked up at him, frozen.

"Girl in the OVO sweatshirt, I see you. I think I love this girl," He said, smiling. "Yeah she's a keeper." He mumbled into the mic as he headed to the middle of the stage.

The band kicked it up and the crowd went crazy. The spotlight tried to find me and I hid my face, embarrassed and shy. The song changed to "Pop That" by French Montana. Aubrey started jumping up and down, and let the fans feel it for a minute, before he went into his verse. I rapped along. I stayed there for the entire show and when it was over, I was exhausted! I went to the back and into his dressing room, where his stylist was zipping clothes up. She looked over at me and smiled.

"At first, when he had me come by to get you fitted for a dress, I figured you were...just one of his <em>girls</em>. Aubrey is always bringing somebody around. But you're a <strong>woman</strong>, Ronnie. The first woman he's brought. with you differently." She said, looking over at me. "I'm still trying to put my finger on it but, the affectionate names, shoutouts at the show, gifts waiting for you. I'm about 99% sure that you'll be at the next show and...that makes me feel good." She said, smiling.

I looked at her from the couch, "...why's that?" I asked.

"He needs somebody." She said, looking over at me. "Somebody steady, who sees past all of this and wants Aubrey for Aubrey. Not Aubrey for Drake. There's a difference."

The door opened revealing Aubrey's face. He was high off of life, I could tell. He was shirtless and sweaty. He plopped down and exhaled.

"Tired." He said. "But we partyin tonight. Ronnie you rollin?" He asked.

I shrugged, "I'm wherever you are." I said.

He nodded, "Solid. Tae what you do with that shirt I wanted earlier?" He asked, standing up.

Tae, his stylist, scowled at him. "Aubrey, I zipped up everything!" She said.

"Forget it." He responded, "I'll find something."

She rolled her eyes and unzipped the first bag. "You're lucky I love you," She said.

Hmmm I wonder what and where it could be he's taking her

I sat on the bed and watched as Aubrey put on his shirt. He pulled the jacket off of the hanger and went to put it on, his eyes focused on me in the mirror. I pulled my knees close to me and smiled.

"Have fun tonight," I said.

"You gon be okay here?" He asked.

Aubrey had to make an appearance at Nicki Minaj's birthday party, and I had come over to see him, but I decided to stay while he went to the party. Cayden was in the guest room asleep already, with October. I nodded.

"I'll find something to do in this...paradise," I said, smiling.

He turned around and walked towards me, standing in between my legs. He cupped my face with his hands and just stayed there, looking me in the eyes. I smiled and put my hands over his, before I puckered my lips. He pecked my lips.

"I'll be back by 2." He said. "I promise."

I nodded, "Have a good time. I'll see you when you get back." I said.

He pecked my lips again and went and grabbed his car keys.

"Bye babe." He said, leaving the room.

"Bye!" I responded.

I lied back on the bed and took a deep breath, before I stood up, walking across the plush carpet and going through the movie collection. I pulled something I hadn't ever seen before and opened the entertainment system in his room, popping the movie in. I crawled onto the bed and got beneath the covers, allowing them to swallow me. After I got halfway through the movie, I got thirsty, so I hopped off of the bed and went out into the quiet hallway. I opened all of the doors, looking into each of the rooms, before I made it to the steps. I walked down the steps and went to the kitchen. I poured myself some juice and went back upstairs. I passed out before the movie ended.

The next morning, I woke up to find Aubrey's arms around me. I turned around and kissed his forehead, holding my lips there. He stirred, his arms still around me.

"Morning," He mumbled, his eyes still closed.

"How was the party?" I asked softly, kissing his cheek.

"Typical." He responded, yawning and placing a sloppy kiss on my lips.

"Ewww," I said, laughing. "Morning breath,"

"Morning deeeeez." He said, tightening his grip on me. "In all seriousness... do you think that you could find someone to babysit Cayden for the weekend?" He asked.

"...Why?" I asked.

"I got plans for you and me." He responded, searching my face. "...if that's okay."

I nodded, "I'll ask D." I responded. "Or my Mom."

"Cool. My stylist is coming over at 12 to get you fitted for a dress," He said, burying his face in my chest.

"Dress for what?" I asked.

"Something we have to do. Don't worry about it." He said.

I grabbed his face, "Where you taking me?" I asked.

He didn't respond, and simply pecked my lips.

I understand her moms concerns but she came off mad rude and disrespectful tho. Aubreys a cool dude abd Cayden and Veronica seem to like being around him, he's made them both alot happier too. If her mom wasnt so butter she'd see it. Ronnies grown now its time she let her live her life. Its nice seeing them all together and happy. Glad Drake was still polite to her mom, even though she wasnt. RUN IT!!!

Adding more now! Wasn't finished earlier

Lawd I swear her mom acts just like my dad smh she was wrong for how she tried to get info out of a little child instead of going to Ronnie

Aubrey or Drizzy is soo sweet. I like him for Ronnie!! I think he's good for them. Ronnie's mom was so rude to him tho. That was not necessary. I hope Ronnie's words got to through to her about how to go about things. Run it!!

Ooooh, RUN IT!

Cayden was at the dining room table doing homework, I was sprawled out on the floor studying and Aubrey was on the couch, with his headphones on, doing something on his laptop. A knock at the door made all of us look up. I shut my book and stood up, walking to the door. I pulled it open to see my mother standing there.

"Hey Ma, is everything okay?" I asked.

She nodded and brushed past me softly, walking into the apartment. Aubrey took off his headphones and tensed up. A nervous smile fell on his face and he stood up to shake her hand.

"Hey I'm Aubrey," He said, his hand extended.

"Nicole," She responded, studying him before she looked at Cayden who was smiling at her from the table.

"Hey Grandma," She said. "Come look at my homework." Cayden said.

My mother walked towards her and I folded my arms and looked at Aubrey. He cracked a smile.

"I'm gonna run home and get some clothes. I'll be back in a little," He said, before he kissed my forehead and shut his laptop, leaving it on the table.

"It was nice meeting you Ms. Nicole," He said.

Cayden looked up, like she was about to cry.

"Are you coming back?" She asked, getting out of her chair and walking towards him.

"Yeah I'll be back, Buttons." He said, rubbing her head.

"Okay. Mommy can he bring October?" She asked, looking up at me.

My mother watched closely from the table. I nodded and looked at Aubrey.

"If you want," I said.

"Alright," He responded, before he kissed my cheek and left the apartment.

I went down the hall to the laundry room and pulled the clothes out of the dryer when I heard my mom talking to Cayden in the living room.

"Who is that?" She asked.

"Mommy's boyfriend Aubrey." Cayden said.

"Is he nice?" She asked.

"Yeah! He helps me with my homework, he's nice to mommy and me. He wants us to travel with him and stuff." Cayden responded.

"He ever hurt you?" She asked.

"No!" Cayden exclaimed. "He's the bestest."

Furious, I slammed the dryer shut and walked out into the living room.

"Cayden baby go to your room for a second." I said.

She stood up and went to her room obediently. I looked at my mother.

"Don't ask my child about Aubrey. If you wanna know about Aubrey, ask ME." I said, my voice slightly raised.

"Cayden's my granddaughter and I was concerned about this strange MAN you have sitting on your couch when I get here! I wasn't aware that he'd made a life with you two," She said. "You don't tell me anything anymore."

"Because you act like THIS, Ma. Aubrey's great...for the both of us. He's opening Cayden's eyes to things I can't give her, Ma. I'm handling this the best way that I know how right now. I need you to me unless you have a reason not to. And since you were literally in the man's presence for 20 seconds, you don't have a reason not to right now." I said.

She folded her arms. "Fine...All I ask, for once Veronica, is that you make a place for me in you and Cayden's life again. I feel like everything's set up and so fragile and that if I walk too heavy or turn the wrong way, I'm doing more harm than good. I just wanna be your mother and Cayden's grandmother...but I don't know how right now." She said softly.

I walked towards the table and sat down next to her, "We want you here. Both of us do. Just try to be more positive. Only intervene when it's absolutely necessary. I'm a woman now, momma. And I'm a mother. You've gotta let me live. If I want your advice, I'll ask for it." I said.

She nodded, "...I'll try my best." She said softly.

Damn Aubrey, just like that! He said it straight forward too. Their about to have a great time. I love Aubrey and Donnie, I hope they stay together until the end. Even though I might be devastated if it does.
Run it

run ittttt

Awwww that is so sweet Aubrey saying on national television that he isn't single!!! That was just too nice!! I love Aubrey with Ronnie and Aubrey and Cayden have such a nice relationship too! Ronnie's background picture on her phone is absolutely adorable! I'm so happy they are official!! Hopefully Aubrey's profession won't cause too much strain in their relationship. Can't wait for more!! RUN IT!!!!

i'm in love <3

Im loving Ronnie's background pic awww. Somebodys feeling some kinda way... Cayden is such a smart kid, can't believe they want her to skip a grade.I wonder whats up with Kaite tho? Why was her mom crying? Damn Mr. Dixon's fine ass... Gone have a chick messed up lol.

Aww theyre "not single" lol. So it's official. Cayden adores him. Now that Aubreys had there passports made, Im wondering if he's about to fulfill what he told Bow in the 106 interview. He wants to show his girl the world huh, wonder where he's taking them? He's seriously winning my heart for'real.
Cant wait to read more.

YaY!!! I am very glad your back...I missed your stories, with you being one of my fav authors on here!

I miss your other storys...twice, the one with Jay, Selena, Charity, Shane, and the twins! Oh and the one on Brooklyn! But I still will say I am glad your back!

Awe, I loved Cayden, she is the cutest and the sweetest! She remind me of my baby girl Avi! Although i mean i felt so hurt for her, when her dad just dipped out of her life like that! He was so wrong, I would have whopped his no good momma's tity sucking, momma's boy ass for that, it's one thing to dip out on me and leave me to take care of her on my own, but it's another to fill her head with pipe dreams and leave my child! Like that is an ass whopping!

Okay, so now my thing with Drake is, it would be hard for me to trust him with my daughter, she just had one man, her own father walk out on her, and I don't want it to look like I just have men coming in and out of her life. I feel like she still need time to adjust with just her and her daughter! And just like with the others, I already feel bad for Drake, he always ends up with the short end of the stick, always the one who get's hurt! But at least he trying to make this commitment work!

Her momma need to chill, like get off her back, she trying her best! Although I am glad her mom suggest to get tested that way she still be arund 4 Cay!
RUN IT!!!!

Awww their official:))))
I wonder if Chris is gonna pop up any time soon????
RUN IT!!!!

Done effing deal!...I'm sooo in love with Aubrey for Ronnie and Cayden.....just...*sigh*

Awww, I love them!!!!

Lol Cayden is too cute...I love their relationship

Finally together :)


So they not single huh? Lol.

That 106 appearance was cute he was blushing and what not...

Awww he took them to get passports so that they could travel with him.

Cayden is sooo smart. I think she'd do well in the 2nd grade.

Yu cant just stop there run it

I woke up to the sound of Aubrey's voice, mixed with Cayden's. I sat up and looked at the clock, before I tossed the covers back and walked out of the room. Aubrey was on the couch, watching TV and Cayden was up, on the floor.

"Go shower," I said to her.

She stood up and ran to me, puckering her lips. I leaned down and pecked her lips before I looked at Aubrey. He smiled a little from the couch.

"Did she open the door for you? She's outta control." I said, walking over to the couch and sitting down on my knees, pecking his lips repeatedly.

He pulled me onto his lap and I straddled him. He kissed my neck softly and held his face there. I pulled back and looked him in the face.

"How was New York?" I asked.

"It was okay. I stayed in my room for real. Me & 40 just sent music back and forth." He said.

I nodded and he rubbed my lower back and slid his hands into the band of my shorts. He tugged at my bottom lip and I smiled.

" about 106. You aren't single?" I asked, searching his face.

He shook his head, "Nuh uh." He said, pecking my lips and holding his lips there. "Are you single?" He asked softly.

I shook my head, "Nuh uh." I responded, our eyes locked.

There was a silent agreement that we made, as we exchanged glances.

"I need to take you and Cayden somewhere today." He said.

"Where?" I asked.

"Just go get dressed. I'll be right here. Grab y'all birth certificates and stuff." He said, before he grabbed my phone.

He went to slide it open and smiled, turning the phone to me.

"Oh I'm on your phone now?" He asked.

I blushed and stood up, "I'll be ready in 30 minutes. Cay did you pick out some clothes?" I yelled.

When Cayden and I were dressed, we walked out into the living room and Aubrey turned off the TV and stood up. He grabbed his car keys and I opened the door as we trickled out of the apartment. Aubrey shut the door and Cayden grabbed his hand and skipped alongside him. We went outside and got in his car. Cayden buckled her seatbelt in the back and I got in, thinking that I had to adjust the seat, but it was the same way that it was from the last time. It curled around me like it was supposed to. He started the car and sped out of the parking garage. We hopped on the freeway and Aubrey and I held hands as we headed to this secret destination. We pulled up in front of a government building and I looked at Aubrey funny.

"You got what I told you to bring?" He asked.

I nodded and we got out of the car. We walked up to the door, only to find that it was a passport office. Cayden held onto my hand and we walked inside and went straight to the front. The place was empty. I had to fill out the application for Cayden and I, as well as give them our birth certificates and social security cards. The price came up to $300, and Aubrey handed them his card without flinching. Cayden went to take her picture first and Aubrey helped her adjust the stool that she was on. He stood back and watched, before it was my turn to take my picture. I adjusted my hair and Aubrey smiled, as Cayden stood next to him. When we left, Cayden hopped down the parking lot, asking questions.

"Why did we have to go there?" She asked curiously.

"So that we can travel." Aubrey said, popping the locks.

"Where we goin?" She asked.

"Wherever you wanna go." He responded.

"Madagascar!" She said. "I like to move it move it!" She said, giggling.

He opened the back door and smiled. She slid into the car and buckled her seatbelt. I got into the front seat and looked back at Cayden.

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

She nodded and I looked at Aubrey. "Okay." He said, kissing my forehead.

He pulled out of the parking lot and we headed to get some food.

I changed my lock screen to <a href=>this</a> and smiled. My two favorite people. Cayden came into the room carrying her backpack. She sat down on the floor and pulled out her notebook, flipping through the pages.

"Hey Cay, I had a conference with Ms. Frasier today...she thinks you could skip to the second grade in January." I said.

Cayden looked up from her notebook, her thumb in her mouth.

"Ew get your thumb out of your mouth. Since when do you do that?" I asked...remembering that Katie does.

She removed it and tapped her pencil, "Can Katie come too?" She asked.

I shook my head, "Just you." I said softly.

Cayden nodded and sat back on her knees, "Okay." She said, shrugging.

I smiled. Well, that was easy. Aubrey was scheduled to be on 106 & Park this evening, so I turned the TV on and smiled at the sight of <a href=>him</a>. Things had been great since that night that he came over after London. He'd spend most of his time with us...well the time that he had. He and Cayden's relationship was evolving daily, as was ours. We still didn't have a title, but I didn't want to rush anything. I was still feeling my way around.

He sat down on the couch, waving at everyone. Bow Wow sat down on the couch next to him and they dapped up.

"What's going on man? We ain't heard much from you." Bow said.

"Yeah I know man. Just been spending time with loved ones and working on this new project." Aubrey responded.

"Right, the new project. When is that set to release?" Bow asked.

"We're looking at the end of December," Aubrey said, with the crowd screaming and clapping. He smiled and my heart warmed.

"So we had some of your fans on twitter send some questions. If you're at home right now, hash tag Ask Drake! Happening now." Bow said, standing up and walking to the big twitter feed that they had.

Aubrey stood up next to him, one hand in his pocket, the other holding the mic.

"Alright, OVOBarbie wants to know, will we see any YM features on this album?" Bow asked.

Aubrey nodded, "Yeah of course. Always." He responded.

"Sunny_Delight wants to know, what is your dream date?" Bow asked.

Aubrey stood there for a moment thinking before he said, "This is definitely a dream...but, I'd like to take my girl all over the world for real. Just hop in a jet, spin the globe, stop on a place and fly there."

Bow nodded, "Alright last one. ForeverYours wants to know, are you single?" Bow asked, giving Aubrey a face.

The audience fell out into a mix of screams, awws and laughter. I froze, afraid of what he'd say.

"It's a little more complicated than a yes or a no." He said, blushing.

"But if you had to say yes or no, which would it be?" Bow asked.

"...No I'm not single." He responded softly.

"There it is!" Bow said, tossing his arms up and running to the camera. "Drake ain't single and you heard it here first!"

Cayden looked over at me and smiled, "Is he talking about youuuu?!" She asked, her eyes wide.

"Cayden finish your homework," I said, smiling.

I pulled out my phone and sent him a text. <strong>Great interview :)</strong>

<em>Can't wait to get home :*</em>

<strong>2 Months Later</strong>

I walked into the school building, going through my purse frantically looking for my phone when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see Mr. Dixon.

"We've gotta stop meeting like this," He said, smiling.

"I'm so sorry. Crazy day. How's everything?" I asked.

"Great." He responded, smiling. "Is Cayden enjoying her year?" He asked.

I nodded, "She loves it here. Ms. Frasier's doing a great job with her. Seeing a lot of improvement." I said.

"That's good to hear. You here for parent conferences?" He asked.

I nodded, "Okay, I'll walk you." He responded.

I smiled a little and we headed down the hall toward Cayden's class. When we got there, he said his goodbyes and went down the hall to greet some more parents. I walked into the class to see Ms. Frasier finishing up with Katie's mom. Katie's mother looked like she wanted to cry. Ms. Frasier put her hand on her shoulder. I gripped my purse tighter. They stood up and I smiled a little at Katie's mom. She waved a little and left the room. I went and sat down and Ms. Frasier pulled out a folder, revealing Cayden's work.

"Cayden is doing...phenomenally well." She said, flipping through the work. "I'm very pleased. She's respectful. She helps the other kids. I usually give her leadership roles in the classroom. For example, she's responsible for making sure that everything is tidy after afternoon play. She's one of the best line leaders that we have," She said.

I smiled, my heart racing. I loved hearing these things about Cayden...because I simply didn't know.

"Wow...That's great. Thank you." I said.

"No thank're doing a beautiful job with your daughter. Everything that she does in here is a reflection of you." She said. "I did concern." She said, flipping to the back of the folder, revealing some test scores. "I had Cayden take one of the state tests for second graders and off of the chart."

I knew it. I knew that Cayden could skip a grade.

"What do you recommend?" I asked.

Ms. Frasier shut the folder, "Kids that skip grades...can be extremely successful or the opposite, simply because developmentally, they're in a different place than the older kids. While they're the same academically, socially they're completely different."

I nodded, understanding the risks. But I didn't want Cayden to be bored. I wanted to challenge her. I'd be there to help with everything else.

"Do you think that Cayden would do okay?" I asked, wanting her honest opinion.

She nodded, "She already knows a few girls from the second grade. When we have joint recess, she and Katie talks to a lot of them. She's very social and that'll work in her favor."

"Okay. So what's the timeline?" I asked.

"Well, I'll have to talk it over with Mr. Dixon and a few members from the board. I'll show them her work and then we'll see what they think by January." She said.

"She'd skip this year?" I asked, my eyes wide.

"Yes this year. I don't want to risk putting her into third grade next year, if she'll miss the second half of second grade. She's passed the first part of second grade with flying colors, but she should have the second part because it'll prepare her for third." She said.

I nodded. I'd talk to Cayden later. "Okay. Well thank you. You've given me a lot to think about." I said.

Dear Aubrey, I love you. Thatis all lol.

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