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Over the Counter Use of Plan B

There are many people who think that the emergency contraceptive Plan B one step should not be sold over-the-counter. A lot of people feel this way because Plan B is often confused for being an abortive pill; which it is not. Many also feel that with the drug being able to be accessed over-the-counter young girls can gain access to it and irresponsibly use the drug as a regular form of birth control. One of the biggest topics that fueled the way people view the over-the counter sale of Plan B is political arguments that aren’t supported with scientific evidence. A court ruling found that the FDA’s initial decision to restrict access to the drug was based on politics, not science (Stacey). Research supports that the emergency contraceptive should in fact be allowed to be obtained over-the-counter. Due to the way the pill works, the proven effectiveness plus age regulations, and the fact that the drug isn’t an abortive pill but an alternative method to prevent unplanned pregnancies; Plan B should remain to be allowed to be sold over-the-counter instead of having to get a prescription to obtain it.

A sad fact is many people who are against Plan B being sold over-the-counter don’t even know what it is or how it works. They assume that it is an early method of abortion; but in fact Plan B is a pill that has a higher dosage of levonogestrel; which is a hormone found in many birth controls that health care providers have been prescribing for several decades (Richter). Its main function is stopping the release of the egg from the ovary (Stacey). Women have up to seventy-two hours to take the pill after intercourse for it to work if their regular method of birth control has failed (Stacey). Due to that short time frame it is imperative that women have access to the pill as quickly as possible. That is why it should remain to be assessable over-the-counter instead of having a doctor writing a prescription.
One of the ways advocates can argue against political arguments that state false claims about Plan B is by showing the scientific evidence that proves the emergency contraceptive to be effective. A clinical double blind study was conducted and showed that Plan B has a ratio of preventing seven out of eight pregnancies in women (Richter). Statistics also show that if Plan B is taken in within twenty-four hours it has ninety-five% success rate if taken within seventy-two hours there is an eighty-nine% success rate if used correctly ("Women's Health."). The drug is highly preventative in stopping unplanned pregnancies but a key factor in the success rate is woman taking the drug in a timely fashion and only using it as a back-up method not a regular form of birth control. The FDAs regulation that the over-the-counter availability to Plan B is only available to consumers 17 and older is a way to ensure younger girls don’t misuse the drug (“Drugs”).

There are sources many that show the drug Plan B and abortive pills work differently and there is no medical evidence that Plan B would harm a developing baby (Richter). RU486 which works by causing a fertilized egg to not remain attached to the lining of the uterus; it also must be followed up with another drug called misoprostol (Stacey). The drug is only approved for women who are up to seven weeks pregnant which is completely different from the duration given to take Plan B. If a woman is pregnant and tries to take plan B it will not work which contradicts claims that the Plan B is an abortive pill.

In conclusion Plan B being sold over the counter has more benefits than it does risk. The argument stemming from politics doesn’t give any evidence supporting why the drug shouldn't be sold over-the- counter. The 17 or older age restriction to purchase it over the counter; prevents younger girls from being able to irresponsibly use the drug. When taken in the allotted time frame the drug can in fact prevent pregnancy which lowers the abortion rate.

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