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Chris DELETES Twitter

OmG... I am so mad that chris deleted his twitter because a sour b**** got mad jealous and started somethin so stupid. This girl is nothin but some s*** on the side walk. Chris, teambreezy loves you and if you want your privacy, then we will make sure you get it.
Like chris said#iWin


Chris I dont think U should of deleted ur twitter because of an ignorant a** person... People are going to hate and some are going to show LOVE... The one that hate want to see u go off and get mad but dont give them that satisfaction.. Despite what ANYBODY says about U I always going be part of TEAM BREEZY.. So F**K the rest that dont like it.

Newbie.... why are you on this site..... took the time to register and everything, just to show hate??? with so much time on your hands to hate and spread negativity, i'm sure you will be getting raped in prison before anyone else.

He didn't delete Twitter. He got banned for being a punk as b****. You have to be able to beat up a man to be a man. Punching out a 100 pound woman is the sign of a b**** begging to be prison raped.