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OMG I'M IN LOVE!!! :D !!!

I officially wanna marry rihanna now lmaoo im in love with unapologetic
my favs are:
Lost In Paraside
Nobody's Business
Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
Love Song
Pour It Up
No Love Allowed
Get It Over With
What Now <---- My Odee Fav Of Them All Thou
&& of course Diamonds

couldnt hear phresh out the runway kus youtube started acting stupid -,- but yeah :)


Kingston does agree.

Kingston doesn't agree.

Nope. I have to have this mentality

Nope. It'll get your uterus kicked out of you & it'll make it come through your mouth.

No, having my mentality will bring me success.

Lmao.... I can't wait to tell Nani!!!!!!

Having that type of mentality Dany will get you killed or hurt.

you & nani
win i gave in i had sex today lmfaoo

he forced me kinda thou s*** felt lik it went all the way through to my back i had tears rollin door my cheeks lmaoo

Hey Ana!

Bree, i'll do what I want.

Lexi, please just spit it out.

No sex in two days?! *Passes out like you* lol.

Lexi you said you had announcement... What is it?


oh that reminds me lik i was saying
i have a annoucement

lexi you can't shoot me cause
I ain't have sex in like 2 days
I can't go out like that

hey bree...
why would you cry?

Finished its short but oh well

Ana go read my s*** before i shoot your ass too -_-

i'm on my bang bang city s*** tonight finger stay ready on the trigger #thuglife

OMG Ana here. I'm about to cry lol.


*Pushes you off me* Cut it out lol.

Dany, now it's time for you to chill Tf out. I know you passionate about sports but enough is enough lol.

What? I'll hump your leg too! * humps your leg * The stars at bight are big and bright! Deep in the heart of texas :D

*smacks Kay's ass* Get it girl!

Lmao Bree, i see you adding that invisible n. Yup, I sure do like chris' d***.

Ughhh! Kay you're disgusting!

Awww Dan(n)y lol... Suck it up like you suck up Chris long ass d***.

lmfaooo tf?!? @ bree

* Carrie White moms voice * Their all gonna laugh at you!
Its ridiculious how they treated that poor powergetic brain beauty. throwing tampons at her
though? Eeeeh!

* humps danys bad leg * Oh Dany your so fine! Your so fine you blow my mind! Hey Dany! Hey! Hey! Hey Dany (:

Sure *hands you sharpie*

6 weeks with this stupid thing and then I can slowly start playing again.

No thanks. She don't wanna get your cooties you slutacious worm.

awwww dany lol can i sign it lmao

yea yea yea you whore

I do. And it sucks -___-

b**** I know what yo name is but I call you WTF I want!

And you do Dany! You do! Lol.

Guess who has crutches!!

im about to start writing now kus i bored and my fb newsfeed mad dry -.-

its All In The Family soso

lexi whats the name of it so i can
try to start readin sumn lol