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Sneak && Lexii

what were the stories i needed to read???


Haha! Lol

Lexxii you were a lost cause
from the beginning . . . you give up/in too easy

Aner hey babee !

Yeah, I understand... Im thankful that Ive never been physically hurt but I do have Asthma and a heart condition.

Kandy, sucks, especially when playing the game is your dedication

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO =/ *tip toes out post*


You are a LIE!

Uhhh, Pretty sure I was talking to you.

And that sucks Dany. I remember a friend of mine popped her knee out of place at basketball conditioning.

*grabs a seat and some popcorn*

YES I DID! lol


wait you didn't tell nani did you LMAOOOO

Naw you ARE wild whorette! I heard about what you did this weekend! *side eye* lol.

Awwe that sucks hun

Lol they are pretty wild Bree

bree u the only thing "wiid" in here

I broke my ankle yesterday when I went to soccer conditioning.
s*** sucks.

You welcome. You know I got yo back against these wild pack of hoes lol.

Awwwee im sorry to hear tht Dany
Wht happen ?

Sneak . . . Lexxii
I will try to have them read by Friday
Dont run me over
&& imy2 lex :)

Thank you Bree ♥

Who tf is KandyKane talking to?

No, you don't.

Lmao I DO give a f*** about my life!

Not you Sneak... Lexi weak, froggy ass lol.

i do it cause you mutha f***as act lik ya'll dnt understand please & s*** lol

but copy cool ima go read it

i wud threathen bree but s*** she dnt give a f*** about her life lmfaoo

I'm good, just got a dumbass cast on my foot now -___-

i was just lettin her know man

She didn't say she was officially coming back!

Damn! Let my baby chill for a minute! GOD! lol

lexi you stay threatning mafckas lol
yo ass is in Murder She Wrote so go
read that sht son

nani you in there too and you in What
Now, but i'm puttin that story on hold
right quick

Nani mi amor
i missed u on here
these b****es been driving me crazy

now go read my s*** before i run you over -_-

Hey Breeski

Hey Candy

Hey Danyhun
Im alright better && you
I missed you too hun

Nani, how are you love?
I missed you.

*gives you a big hug and multiple kissed on your cheek*