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welcome to Magic City (Rated M)

Working a Nine to Five wasn't for me. I was that girl that always wanted the money, the cars, the niggas, the house. That's the life I wanted, and needed, I finally got it ! Btw why way my name is <a href="">kira</a> but I'm mainly known as "BabyKakes" and im from Atlanta, NO im not a porn star i am a stripper, i have some standards now aha. I know a stripper life is kinda on the edge and some of you may be thinking what the hell but i was comfortable with this life and im glad to be where i am and i don't plan on going back to where i was...maybe


FLASH BACK (age Nine Years Old)

"KIRA BRING YOUR ASS HERE!". I put down my book and slowly made my way down the Smokey, loud and crowded hall way and made my way to the living room where my so called mom was. "KIRA BABY COME HERE", i made my way to here as niggas and her female friends stared at me. And guess what they were strippers, i finally made it to where sge was seated as she pulled me in her lap. "kira i want you to meet Travis", she said as she smirked and as looked up at him while he bit his lips,"hey lil mama". My heart vegan to beat fast as a tear ran down my eye. "Kira go give him a lap dance for mommy", "but mo-", "KIRA SHUTUP AND GO DO IT!!". He grabbed my hand tightly as he placed some drugs in her hand and threw me over his shoulders as he took me down the hall into the empty room. I screamed and kicked as he slammed me on the bed and slapped the hell out of me. He then climbed between my legs and as a shocking pain hit me down below. All i could do was gasp in pain. "Damn b**** you tight", he trusted even harder and harder. I laid there as he took my life away from me, how could someone do this to me, i didn't deserve this. He finally finishes as i laid lifeless , he stood up and pulled his pants back as he laughed and walked out. BANG BANG BANG, gun shoots rung in my ear, as i tried to gather my thoughts and hide, but i couldn't because the pain was getting worse. My door busy wide open and there he stood a man...dark skin, tall and built, "damn! Aye someone come help me".

I heard more footsteps come down the hall, as another guy came in he was brown skin and average height. "Damn boss she's bleeding, she's worthless to me", "man she was me get her up". They both wrapped a blanket around me and carried me down the hall, as i laid my head on his shoulder as they carried me through the shot up house i saw my mom...dead...i didn't care she deserved it. My eye began to close as they put me the car, i was knocked out.



"kira wake up", i slowly opened my eyes and saw my friend sitting in front of me eyes wide opened. "girl if you don't get out my face", she smacked her lips and got up, "Come on! We gotta go". "look i don't have to go no where plu-", "oh yeahh you gotta get a day so from Quincyyyy". If you didn't know, "<a href="">Quincy</a>" is the guy who saved my life and the person who i love....I know it sounds weird but i love him...ALOT. "Quincy has no say so of whatever...hes my boss" (lies). "A boss you loves his employee". Sge laughed and walked out of my room. I looked at my phone and saw 17 missed calls from him. "s***"..


Run it

run it!!!

Run It....

Chris POV

I as starting to fall for her more and more , but I didn't want to get caught up with Quincy, first off the nigga is crazy, he basically runs Atlanta and not only that he already had a ht on me, over her. I had to get rid of him before he can get rid of me. First things first, I need an insight on things alittle bit more and I had to get his connect to flake on him and turn on him.

"CHRIS ARE YOU OUT YOR f***ING MIND!?! YOU REALLY WANT ME TO DO SOME s*** LIKE THAT?!", Kira yelled as she was standing up in my face ad I puffed from my blunt.

I stood up moving close to her, "look want me to take this nigga out right?! WELL LISTEN TO ME THEN"

"Fine", she say down on the couch and crossed her leg biting her lip, damn she looked sexy when she was mad.

I smiled alittle and sat infront if her, "you need to get him back....back as in, you love him and want to be more than just his girl, and once you do that , you'll have mind control over in, I'll be able to partake in his drug activities"

"Ok....I just don't feel comfortable doing that....hell find out, just like when he find out about me and you Chris"

I looked up at her and saw how he was concerned, but it was the only thing we had to do . We had to take control of him, and control of this city.

Adding more soon been busy with getting my stuff ready for college and graduation, but ill update soon!


Run it

she know she loooooove her some chris!..but they need to make some moves and fast cuz quincy already makin his RUN IT

i like this


Run it

Run it

Really?! This nigga done lost his muthaf***ing mind! But, he is gonna get what's coming for him.
Run it

I walked up the steps to my place and kicked off my heels as I walked through the door. I sat down on the couch having thoughts I i debated on if I should kill this nigga right now or just play the game and play my part. I went through my phone and contacted people and set up some shot that I couldn't wait to go down.

that's when Quincy came through the door I quickly put my book under the bed in a case and slid down slowly in the sheet. He walked in slowly placing a black bag doen and began to take off his clothes and walked into the bathroom closing and locking the door. I opened one eye and slid closer tp the bag and saw cocaine plus the little black book again. I climbed back im bed just before he could walk back in the bed room.

He slid up behind me and pulled me close to him breathing doen my neck, I really wanted to kill him....but the time was coming.

Morning came and he was gone again and the bag was gone too. I sat up and wiped by eyes as my phone began to rang, it was Chris.


He sighed heavily, "hello beautiful, how is your morning?"

"its far, look he came in with a black bag with cocoane and that same black book, this nigga is really up to something Chris"

He sighed again, "I know....they came by my place last night....they trashed everything"

"what the hell Chris!?!?! Why didn't you call me!!"

"and what the hell was ypu gonna do girl??, huh??? Handle him?? , look just sit tight and ill be over later"

"nah ill meet you, this nigga got this place surrounded and im not about to loose someone I lov...", I caught myself before i knew it, was i falling in love with Chris???

"were you about to say you love me Kira??", i could hear him smiling as he talked.

" i was saying i would hate to lose someone who is likely to me..."

"Kira...that doesn't make sense", we both laughed as he caught me in a lie

Yeah im feeling him...

Wat Happen 2 This Story...
Run It...


run it

Adding more tonight.

ughh quincy has got to go! run it!!

Run It!!!

run it

The nigga is a b**** nigga. I like Chris, and Quincy is a f***ing retard. That's it, I'm done.
Run it

run it!

I headed out the door and into the back alley where Kira was. She pecked me on the lips and got in the car as we drove off. I mind was racing because of the things i saw and i was really getting more pissed. I began to drive faster faster.

"Babe..slow down", Kira placed her hand on my shoulder as she pecked my check. I sighed and got more comfortable in my seat and slowed down. "Kira...hes gonna kill you...and yes he did kill your mother". It was silence until i looked at her face and could feel the hurt in her eyes....she really did love him...she really. She leaned back in her seat and placed her head on the window. I clenched my jaw and sped up some more.

We made it back to her place, it was silence, she finally kissedme and got out the car. She didnt say one word, I sighed and pulled off.


sorry i know REAL short.


its about to go down lol run it

Run it...

lol wait..this is too much..quincy is doing the most! and he cant get mad at kira for cheating when he cheating with her best friend..i hope chris dont get caught in that office tho! RUN IT !!!!!!!!!

Im with Sunnye, Quincy needs to sit his old ass down before he break a goddamn hip. Oh s*** they on some Takers s***!! Kira better get it.
Run it

wtf...this nigga a hitman drug addict pimp??? lol too much going on right now! i need more!

run it!

Chapter 3: Let the Games Begin

I began gathering my thoughts...maybe it was my fault....maybe i should just chill and let it ride?....nah i cant. I thought as i cleaned up through the house, i needed to know what he was doing....Quincy was up to something.

I as soon as i finished cleaning up, i went up to the bedroom and began looking around the room. Yeah its my house but i barely know whats in here, i mean this is his place...he MUST have some things in here.I looked under the bed, didn't see anything. I looked through the draws i didn't see any thing, that's when something told me to go in the closet. I backed away slowly and enter the walk in closet, i looked down on his side and saw a box on the jewelry stand. I began to tough around it and felt something on the back, i began feeling around it and a strange thing happened....a secret door appear in the closet. I moved closer to it and began pushing at the finally opened, i walked inside and saw a desk. I walked towards it and began looking at it...all i saw was pictures of me....he was following me around town...and i saw pictures of Chris. I gasp as i picked up it wasnt was him and Jullie. I tear fell down my eye as i began to shake, i couldnt believe what i was him and her hugged up kissing....thats why jullie wouldnt speak to me anymore. I wiped my face and placed it at the same spot it was in. I open his draws and saw money,cocaine, a black book. I picked it up and saw address...i guess it was his hit book, i scrolled down through the pages and saw Chris name, "damn". I put it back and quickly closed it back and went out the closet because i heard a thump.

I quickly went back down stares and saw it was him coming in. I dried my face and sat on the couch as he walked inside, he came in with roses and chocolates. I rolled my eyes and flicked on the TV as he stood infront of me grinning, expecting me to take it. "Here baby...i-im sorry ok?", I nodded my head in silence and got up from the couch. "see you later Quincy", i grabbed my purse, keys and left out the door, leaving him there looking all mad and crazy in the face. He knew i was over him, he knew i wanted something else, he knew i wanted out, but i had to play it cool....

I drove around town until i could gather my thoughts. I thought and thought of what to do, thats when chris called me. "hey chris", "hey kira...what happened to last night???". It was silence in the phone, i took a deep breath, "um me on Old national the big parking lot", "iight". We both hung up. I made my way on the other side of town and saw him leaning up against the car. I stepped out as he cold air hit my face, he moved closer to me and looked me in my eyes. "Did he hurt you Kira??", i nodded my head, i couldnt talk when i came around Chris for some reason...he did something to me, "what did he do???". I began to look around gathering my thoughts again as he began to read my face, "he...he wants you dead Chris", "WHAT..W-WHAT DO YOU MEAN DEAD?", "chris...i found a secret room in the house...he has pictures of you and me....he also has this black book...he has your name in it with a red line through it....". He clenched his jaw as he began to lean back on he car..."and not only that...hes messing with my bestfriend....Quincy has been playing me from the start...every since i was 9".

Chris began to looked confused, "what do you mean since you was 9??", i sighed and began to explain everything to him, all he could do was shake his head, "do you think he was dealing with your mother back then?", i shrugged my shoulders. "Chris he probably was...and im just that dumb to think he was a nice guy...looking out for me", "kira...youre not dumb..stop it, look im here now, he wont h-", "CHRIS THIS MAN I-IS PURE EVIL...IVE SEEN HIM DO THINGS BUT NOT LIKE WHAT IVE SAW IN THAT ROOM...ALL THOSE PICTURES AND THAT BOOK...COCAINE...EVERYTHING CHRIS....I DONT WANT HIM TO HURT YOU!!". Chris pulled me closer as he kissed my forehead, "ill think of something...i-", "no...i want to help...i want somebody to kill this nigga off".


A mont later me and Chris began setting up s***. I also began to meet some of his home boys, one of them was <a href="">Rocky</a>, it was one his homeboys who was known for stealing..smuggling, ALL THE ABOVE. One night we all decided to go to Magic City, even though i did work there. I went on head worked the club as Chris and Rocky looke around trying to find things.I tried my best to keep Quincy busy and keeping his attention on me.

I finally got done doing my show and went to the dressing room and saw Jullie. She couldnt even look me in the eye,i chuckled as i sat down at the dresser,"hi Jullie", "hi....kira". I got up and walked towards her, she smirked and folded her arms, "how are things with you and Quincy?", "things are alright i are you and..OH nevermind you dont have a man, sorry". I began to laugh as i walked off, "OMG KIRA...WE ALL KNOW QUINCY DOESNT WANT YOU", i stopped walking and turned around, then clapped, "FINALLY! i get the truth.. maybe he wants you eh?, oh nah maybe you already are seeing him Jullie, thats what you didnt want to see me or hear from me, youre a jealous b****." She squinted her eyes and smacked her lips, "your damn right...and im loving every single minute of it". I smiled and raisedmy eyebrow, "enjoy!". I walked out the room leaving her dumbfounded, i guess she thought i was mad, but im great, its all in the plan.



I walked around the club looking around hoping to find something. As soon as Rocky distracted the security guards on the other side of the room, I made my way up the stair and into his office. I rambled around in his desk and found a book, i looked through it and saw all the names of people he killed off. I went back to date 1993 and he had Kira's mother name in it. My eye began to get big as i began reading what it said....Kira was right...he was planning this from the jump. I called kira hoping she would pick up, "kira...i got some bad news"