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Bright Lights

You know what I love?
The fact that Chris is supporting Kae with her clothing line.
That is what's up!

How's everyone's day going?
Theres supposed to be a storm here, but as of right now, it's just continuously pouring rain.


damn i see a lot of thug lifee action
in here

niiiiceeee lol

Oh. Stand up for what you believe Christopher.

Lol let that ho out on me... SEE what happen to her lol.

my bad bree. but
i almost let chyna loose on yo
ass playin' round like that.

dany he wrote
'f*** niggaz stay out my comments...
broke niggas talk way to much not be
sucessful. grind instead of grinding
ya teeth b**** niggaz!!!

I'm about to finish this update for `Red Stains.
You NIGGAS better support me lol.

I bet they both wrote that s*** together when they were high, damn potheads! Smh

No, purple

Awww..... nice... I wouldn't mind doing ad-libs for him tho lol.

yes me too Bree
loves it

I'm listening now..... I still wanna have sex to this song... I can't help it lol... I like different type songs like this lol.

No its like an Disturbia type song
in my opinion but i likee it


okay lol.

Pink Dany ???? :)

the song sound like Rih wrote it
or helped him write it
it might just be me but i can see both of them
likee sitting there singing it as its being written
ya knw ??

Naaaah that's okay Sneak... f*** YOU jk lol but I might listen tonight... I GOT FAITH in mah baby lol.

But let me check this WTFMLA song out... Is it an ass shaker type song?

*Where The f*** Is My Lighter (WTFIML)

Soso, i dont have instagram.

Nani, eh, its alright. Changed the color on my cast tho

lol why you nervous bree?

Soo... Sneak gon' ignore me tho lol...

I'm about to go listen to the song tho lol.

i listened to 187
its pretty str8 i havee to listen to it a few moree
times tho

i listened to it its NIIIICEEEE
good job Breezy

Dany im alright
hows your ankle ??

dany its on chris instagram

nana i like the song its decent

Soso I downloaded it but I ain't listened to it yet. Kinda nervous lol.

Im good Nani, how about yourself?

What comment?

aw nahh man im blastin this 187
lemme go to you tube right quick

I haven't...

Chris just be going off these days lol.

ayee yall heard "W.T.F.M.L.A" ?
(Where The f*** My Lighter At)


lmao i just saw it Sneak
he told those HATING ASX HOES !

its funny the main ones talking abt
they <strong>LOVE</strong> "Don't Judge Me"
but stay judging && commenting onhow this nigga
choose to livee

stay tf off his shxt && get a life
then we will ALL be A LOT happier !

*said with a smile* lol

Lol now that IS true... But maaaan kinda harsh lol.

what comment . . im confused Sneak

how im mean Bree lol
ijs hers is liiiike debbiee cakes
as compared to someone who shall remain nameless
with them dry asx sahara desert cakes
*does dry cough && powder comes out* see likee tht lol

on instagram