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You know what I love?
The fact that Chris is supporting Kae with her clothing line.
That is what's up!

How's everyone's day going?
Theres supposed to be a storm here, but as of right now, it's just continuously pouring rain.


What comment??? lol

lmao that snapshot of chris' comment tho

And whooaaaa. You're mean lil' mama lol.

I still see TaMuppet...

But when I clicked on your profile, I saw Chrianna lol.

good good lol
shes far from rice cakes

. . . yuuup i went there lol

what pic yall see ??

Lol naw... You not.. Other people was saying the same s***...

And you in Italy? That's cool. We not that far from each other lol.

whew i THOUGHT i was the onlyy onee

oan im in Italy now
catch me if you can :)

YEEES! I had to double take at that ass lmao...

Ooooh yes . . .yes i did
i had to ;)

ik this is prolly not the BEST time to sayy this
BUT it is a <strong>STATEMENT</strong> NOT a <em>CONVERSATION STARTER</em>
in tht pic of them on Instagram Rih got a fat asx
likee i never reallyy thought it was all tht big
or big at allfor tht matter
but in the pic it looks big

do NOT judge me likee hoes be judging Chris !

OMG! You're still in Ireland? I then traveled to France... Sorry lol.

You smiled at me first lol.

Smiley leftovers Bree ???

How are you Danyy ??

Alright Sneak im ON it !

GOD! Dammit... Dany get on yo job with Zay before somebody snatch him up. lol.

Tuhhh 'Dany(y)' got my smiley leftovers lol.

yesss zay was the first person
i thought of when i seen that

Hey Nani love : )

I love "Yo Highness"! That s*** is Zamir %100!!! lol

Ummm... hello Nanica... lol.

What Now and Murder She Wrote
but i dont even think im a continue
writing on What Now tho

but i do like that new 'yo highness,
king kong kush, and p1' designs lol

Heyy Danyy !

Hello Breeskii <strong>:)</strong>

Sneak . . . baaabee . . .what stories was i supposed to be reading??

Awww Sneak lol. I like the B. Pyramid lady with the brain lol.

That what i like about bp tho. The weird ass designs

THUGGIE! sup :)

lol i like the baseball tees

i dont like them designs on the
bp clothes man they creep me out
i'd have to buy everything that
don't got no weird sht on int

Exactly. Tyga is reasonable lol.

Chris lost his mind.

Ty knows that niggas are broke. Thats why his tees are cheaper

Sneak !

I don't like the baseball tees. Maybe 'cuz I don't really like baseball.

I like all his stuff too... And some of the shirts $10,$ 15, $20, and $25. I like that. Chris s*** just high for no reason lol.

I like the lk baseball tees