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You know what I love?
The fact that Chris is supporting Kae with her clothing line.
That is what's up!

How's everyone's day going?
Theres supposed to be a storm here, but as of right now, it's just continuously pouring rain.


i want that blue gold box crewneck from lk
if i walked upon a duffle bag of money i would
buy lk out i like all his stuff except for
the camouflage clothes

Trey conceited af... I said the same thing lol.

And yeah LK & BP will do it for me...

I visited Draya's site too lol but her s*** ain't released yet...

Ugh, i'm going to have to go pay a visit to my bank of dad.

hell yeah i didnt like that either
the only things i would realy get is
the slash and shine pullover hoodie
and the shorts set. other than that
i'm back to lk n bp lol
trey got his face on damn near errthang!

I'm on the website now man. I don't like that "Property of Songz" s*** tho... That's too much for me lol. But like Nani said, Ana might love that s*** tho lol.

lol trey got snuggies nsht

lol mostly fan apparel but yuuup

Trey got clothes? OMG!!!!!! Man, I'mma go BROKE lol

i can kinda get with trey's apparel
tho his prices are somewhat decent

Your LOCATION IS THE GOTDAMN TRUTH!!!! I am definitely in that gang with yo ass lol.

s***... I ain't got no job. I'm spending my Christmas money on this s*** lol.

Yes! I want the cheetah strapback so that's $75. Then I want the LK snakeskin strapback. Another $75... Whew. I'm going crazy here. That's $150... is the shipping free? lol

so...i guess i'm a have to find a way
to get $75x2=$150 for the lk&bp cheetah
strapbacks plus $40 for the bp sweats
=$190 damn near $200 for three items...

y'all im about to take chyna's spot at
the House of Diamonds i can't live broke
no mo lol

And Tyga's beanies are higher too! Smh lol.

aw hell lk sweats higher than bp's!
these niggas...are on some bullsht

I do want one of his beanies too. I would like to support him & Chris... But I can't at the same time with these prices lol.

I want Ty's 187 beanie

Animal skin is high I'm assuming because Tyga's snakeskin strapback is $75 too... Maaan and I want it smh.

Swear his prices be high as f***. Like nigga you make all that money and you still cant sell your clothes for cheap.

Me too Dany. I like the green one for some reason lol.

Like do he be high af coming up with these prices? lol.

I guess I'mma borrow Rih's lol.

I want the windbreaker.

lawd jesus tf he be thinkin!
i want that cheetah hat too and i
wanted some chains but i said fck that
sht. ugh chris whyyyyyy lol


SNEAK! I want that Cheetah hat from his ass lol. And them booty shorts! That s*** $30 lol.

im doing good. hope you're safe

but um...if kae sht cheaper than
chris' sht i just might get sumn
until then im savin up to get me
them bp purple sweats lol fckn $40
for some damn sweats. wth man.
chris lucky i love his ass to try
and buy his clothes

I saw pics of both... and The shirts are plain and basic as hell... I'm not tryna judge the line as a whole off of that because if I did, I would say it was basic as hell.

I've seen pics of her beanies. And I saw Chris with the t-shirt that had the logo, so thats what I want

I'm going to wait to see what her s*** looks like first. I didn't like the promotional s***. But I'm gonna wait to judge it.

For real -___-

On some real s*** tho, i'm going to buy one of her tees and beanies

Naw with that MONEY!

eewwww d is so nastyy lol